TSD Sport - M1911 CO2 Airsoft Gun Review - RFR Episode 19

Sat Feb 15 18:25:08 EST 2014

By Bryan McClure

How much?
Tue Sep 03 19:43:53 EDT 2013

How much?
By Dilly Pickle

Excellent Reviews! ...
Tue Mar 29 01:55:42 EDT 2011

Excellent Reviews! Looking into the gun though, they have velocities tested by the number of shots. In result getting more shots out of lower FPS's. Does this mean you can change the FPS of the gun?
By blahblahwatchstuff

is this gun made of ...
Tue Apr 19 12:30:42 EDT 2011

is this gun made of all metal?
By ihaveawesomevids

Could u use 6 mm ...
Sat Jun 30 00:26:18 EDT 2012

Could u use 6 mm bullets
By Dwesser1997

Get chrome or black?
Mon Jun 04 02:04:35 EDT 2012

Get chrome or black?
By Alex Rehorst

Isn't 450 fps a ...
Mon Jan 02 13:39:08 EST 2012

Isn't 450 fps a little too hot? Like most CQB places wouldn't let you use it, right?
By SeshMastaFlex

How many inches is ...
Thu Dec 22 16:57:02 EST 2011

How many inches is this? it doesn't look like the size of an average 1911
By ItzVinCinity

Hey everyone come ...
Tue Mar 13 16:15:05 EDT 2012

Hey everyone come check out me and my friend shooting test on this gun at a target and then at me with a vest on then with only a shirt on
By Kevin Berze

@jjaws101 To see ...
Tue May 03 16:32:36 EDT 2011

@jjaws101 To see what the silver pistol looks like - click the link that is within the video description above. To the left side of the screen you will see an "overview" table, that will list "see also" pistols. Or you can go to Pyramyd Air's website and search for "PY-2288". We offer zoomed images so you can see the gun up close. The full metal -silver edition of this pistol is NICE! Thanks for watching! Pyramyd Air Team
By pyramydairsoft

Is this the same as ...
Wed May 01 21:44:55 EDT 2013

Is this the same as the tsd sports sdgp304bh
By Night Hawk

Safetey rules
Thu Jul 19 10:49:14 EDT 2012

Safetey rules
By Sperayomiar

the m1911 is da ...
Tue Feb 22 15:23:06 EST 2011

the m1911 is da shieet
By ArmoredZimpa

@33jeffhardyrocks ...
Mon Nov 14 15:32:39 EST 2011

@33jeffhardyrocks No, it does not come with CO2. They last until you run out of CO2, which could be anywhere from 40-80 shots, depending on various factors. - Pyramyd Air Team
By pyramydairsoft

thanks i am ...
Wed Jun 26 15:15:47 EDT 2013

thanks i am considering getting this gun but am wandering how long the co2 cartridge will last. i live in the UK and the average temperature that i would be using it at would be 8 degrees. how many shots would i get out of a single co2 cartridge? please reply, i am a subscriber
By Peter Baker

Hey everyone, come ...
Wed Mar 07 21:56:24 EST 2012

Hey everyone, come check out our review of this gun please!
By TryhardAirsoft

Does anyone know ...
Mon May 02 20:29:22 EDT 2011

Does anyone know what the silver one looks like?
By jjaws101

Interesting gun & ...
Tue Feb 22 19:58:46 EST 2011

Interesting gun & might just get under the FPS limit of 400 w/.25s we have. I have a similar version made by WG and they rock. Only con might be the internal BB system. Once you are out, loading in the filed might be tough under fire.
By NepaAirsoft

what did you say ...
Wed Sep 14 17:16:16 EDT 2011

what did you say after put in the co2 small end first twist it till u see what?? thanks
By Christian Caruso

Hi Peter, It all ...
Thu Aug 08 13:20:46 EDT 2013

Hi Peter, It all depends on your gun and as always, with lower temperatures there will be less shots. If you google "Maintenance for CO2 guns - Airgun Academy Episode 28" You will find a very helpful video to explain this. Thanks, Pyramyd Airsoft Team
By pyramydairsoft

@ihaveawesomevids ...
Tue Apr 19 15:51:15 EDT 2011

@ihaveawesomevids This airsoft pistol is considered to be full metal. If you click the link within the video description, you will be to not only see zoomed images of the gun, but you will also see a full list of specifications and customer reviews of this product! Thanks for watching, Pyramyd Air Team
By pyramydairsoft

@SeshMastaFlex the ...
Tue Feb 14 21:25:52 EST 2012

@SeshMastaFlex the thing is 450 on a fresh c02, before going into a game shoot 3 or 4 clips at the most to drop the c02 to 360fps and under.try not to dry fire though, just use 12 grams
By ItzVinCinity

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