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    Beeman RX2 air rifle powerhouse - AGR Episode #54

    4.940000057220459(55,383 views)

    lol he says a ...
    Mon Sep 08 03:50:00 EDT 2014

    lol he says a spring will take a set if left cocked for like a month or so . who leaves one cocked that long? and have you ever seen how fast and suddenly the gas pistons that hold your car hatch or hood goes out? i'll stick with the spring thank you very much.
    By roy votava

    is it true that the ...
    Mon Jul 14 14:12:08 EDT 2014

    is it true that the gas-rams of the rx2/hw90 rifles leak ocasionally ?
    By Μαριος Ζ.

    benjamin taril .22 ...
    Thu May 01 06:37:18 EDT 2014

    benjamin taril .22 review please .. =)
    By jdave hunter

    @megalizardfreak ...
    Sun Nov 21 19:24:56 EST 2010

    @megalizardfreak hey ill hopefully have a reviw of the gun this week. but dont get it in 22. the .25 has more energy. for example with the pba pellets it shoots 1150 fps with 32-36fpe. i have taken coyote small game and hogs with that gun. get the .25
    By dirtrox72

    can you do a review ...
    Fri Nov 19 17:36:44 EST 2010

    can you do a review of the benjamin trail np xl .22? please
    By BENJItrailNPxL1100

    @pyramydair np
    Tue Aug 23 14:03:53 EDT 2011

    @pyramydair np
    By megalizardfreak

    what gun do you ...
    Sat Aug 13 22:01:14 EDT 2011

    what gun do you recomend the stoger x20 .22 or the crosman nitro venom .22
    By Corey Pierce

    Cock for hours! ...
    Thu Aug 16 23:59:01 EDT 2012

    Cock for hours! Hell yea!
    By Kevin Saefong

    What is stronger? ...
    Fri Jul 15 04:59:42 EDT 2011

    What is stronger? This or the Walther Falcon Hunter .25 w/ spring?
    By lambchops1493

    all that epicness ...
    Fri Nov 19 06:34:29 EST 2010

    all that epicness for a little--- psst
    By A Rim

    @waseem1173 the rx2 ...
    Fri Nov 19 21:40:15 EST 2010

    @waseem1173 the rx2 costs around 900 bucks or if u want a 25 cal air gun u can get the walther falcon hunter it has the same volocitys and is only 250 im getting the falcon for cristmas.
    By megalizardfreak

    @waseem1173 cant ...
    Thu Oct 20 20:07:14 EDT 2011

    @waseem1173 cant shoot them in town
    By Steve S

    @pyramydair The ...
    Sat Mar 05 03:27:55 EST 2011

    @pyramydair The Straight Shooters' site tested this same gun with the exact same pellet and got drastically lower velocity results: with the 26+ grain pellets they got fps of 583. Do you think the one you tested performed unusually? Do you have access to the Weihrauch HW90 for review (and test)?
    By OverYunder

    @MrKillermeatball ...
    Fri Dec 03 16:43:14 EST 2010

    @MrKillermeatball dude some people love springers, and alothough i own a few PCPs i understand why, it takes more skill to effectively take game, and the RX2 is up there in power for springers as well as looks.
    By Austin Lind

    dude thats awsome ...
    Fri Jan 28 19:06:47 EST 2011

    dude thats awsome my last name is beeman
    By SKBluvsMUSIC

    Every source I can ...
    Thu Feb 24 02:39:42 EST 2011

    Every source I can find on the web says that the Beeman RX-2 and the Weihrauch HW90 are the same gun; the Beeman simply has a different stock, does not have 'iron' sights, and, of course, has the Beeman name on it. However, the FPE you report for the .25 Beeman appears to be much higher than that I see reported for the Weihrauch HW90 in .25 (19 FPE at the muzzle being the most reported number for the HW90). Do you know why this is the case? Is the Beeman also altered to be more powerful?
    By Warrosquyoake

    The euro version is ...
    Tue Jan 04 20:27:17 EST 2011

    The euro version is the HW90 and HW90K - the beeman version has a nicer laminate stock but the UK/EU karbine version comes with a shorter screw cut barrel and the weihrauch High Efficiency silencer making it a lot quiter to shoot
    By ThePanzerfist44

    paul can u plz ...
    Tue Aug 23 13:57:36 EDT 2011

    paul can u plz review the walther falcon hunter in .25
    By megalizardfreak

    hahaahahaha i just ...
    Mon Jun 18 20:25:41 EDT 2012

    hahaahahaha i just noticed
    By generalqwer

    @lambchops1493 b ...
    Tue Aug 23 14:00:13 EDT 2011

    @lambchops1493 b there about the same.. i own the falcon and love it
    By megalizardfreak

    so if you leaved ...
    Fri Dec 02 17:28:42 EST 2011

    so if you leaved this gun cocked for and entire month it would shoot the exact same after?
    By alex rodriguez

    Maybe 46 pounds to ...
    Fri Aug 09 08:07:34 EDT 2013

    Maybe 46 pounds to cock? But it's worth it.
    By Eric Deplata

    Really? Ear muffs. ...
    Fri Aug 17 00:01:08 EDT 2012

    Really? Ear muffs. Haha
    By Kevin Saefong

    What dose mean ...
    Sat Nov 24 19:33:50 EST 2012

    What dose mean pellet fasy ?

    The FPE of this ...
    Sat Sep 21 00:30:32 EDT 2013

    The FPE of this rifle in .25 delivers the same as my Hatsan 125TH in .177. So what is the thrill?
    By whiff1962

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