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    Game Face Mayhem Airsoft Review by RFR - episode 15

    • 5   ( 19,250 views )

    • how long does one ...
      Sun Sep 04 16:08:04 EDT 2011

      how long does one c02 cartridge last

    • @MegaPyromaniacs ...
      Mon Sep 26 03:48:27 EDT 2011

      @MegaPyromaniacs Depending on the material of the pistol's lower frame and the amount of room inside the gun for the screws, you may be able to attach a small picatinny rail underneath the frame, in front of the trigger guard to mount a small tac light or laser.

    • this thing just ...
      Sat Apr 30 06:02:02 EDT 2011

      this thing just looks low quality

    • @pyramydairsoft ...
      Sun Oct 02 11:24:25 EDT 2011

      @pyramydairsoft Thanks

    • Would you guys ...
      Thu Jul 19 15:14:09 EDT 2012

      Would you guys recommend this over the Aftermath CZ75D CO2 Blowback?

    • @italianstallian17 ...
      Tue Feb 08 14:49:18 EST 2011

      @italianstallian17 Thanks man! We have about 3 more reviews coming out very soon this month, including another workbench episode! Thanks for watching, Pyramyd Air Team

    • @InsertSomeName ...
      Mon Aug 29 10:21:46 EDT 2011

      @InsertSomeName Unfortunately, according to the manufacturer, magazines for the Game Face Mayhem are not yet available. Keep checking back on Pyramyd Air's website or contact our customer support for updates! Thanks for watching, Pyramyd Air Team

    • @wack909 I'm not ...
      Mon Mar 21 16:52:11 EDT 2011

      @wack909 I'm not exactly sure if I am understanding your question correctly, but let me know if this helps! 1.) We do not recommended leaving a non-empty co2 cartridge in the guns. It is not safe and it will damage the airsoft gun. 2.) You cannot remove a partially used co2 cartridge and place it into another airsoft co2 gun, as all of the c02 would leak out. Thank you, Pyramyd Air Team

    • @AIsoft90 thanks ...
      Sat Jun 11 13:20:57 EDT 2011

      @AIsoft90 thanks for the reply.

    • @yoyoskater902 Very ...
      Wed May 11 11:27:12 EDT 2011

      @yoyoskater902 Very good question! Blow back pistols have moving parts, this does not mean they are unreliable. As with all airsoft guns, electric or gas, regular maintenance will increase the length that they will remain in good working condition. I hope this answers your question. If you have additional questions, please be sure to contact our customer service department at (888) 262-4867, they will be happy to help! Thanks for watching! Pyramyd Air Team

    • @deckftech The ...
      Tue Jul 26 14:36:41 EDT 2011

      @deckftech The safety marking is printed on this airsoft pistol - it is not a sticker. If you click the URL within the video description, you will be able to see zoomed images of this pistol and the safety printing. Thanks for watching! Pyramyd Air Team

    • @momolooooo I have ...
      Sun May 22 12:22:04 EDT 2011

      @momolooooo I have this gun and I would recommend it it's great holds lots of ammo and only about 60 bucks

    • Such a POS gun...
      Mon Mar 21 17:29:13 EDT 2011

      Such a POS gun...

    • @ ...
      Mon Feb 14 09:31:27 EST 2011

      @Xx1337ProductionsxX It may depend on the type of pistol you are looking for... for instance if you are looking for a WWII replica - I would suggest the Walther P38 green gas airsoft pistol. If you just need any ol' airsoft pistol, check out our airsoft products and choose gas / co2 airsoft guns - each product will specify if it is a blowback. If you need more help - our customer service will be able to point you in the write direction! 888-262-4867 Thanks, Pyramyd Air Team

    • @2011airsoftfreak ...
      Fri Aug 26 11:29:30 EDT 2011

      @2011airsoftfreak did u breathe in alot?

    • @SuperAirsoftman123 ...
      Tue Jan 18 20:04:36 EST 2011

      @SuperAirsoftman123 Hey dude gameface have make a g36 just informed you
      BySt-Laurent Louis

    • Also one other ...
      Sun Apr 03 10:36:23 EDT 2011

      Also one other question: When I disassemble it, it's really hard to take off and put back on. I just now noticed this and it's been about 2 months since I got the gun. I was taking a closer look at it, and it appears that the guide rail that the slide slides on to is bent slightly. Is there a way to fix that?

      Tue Jan 03 23:15:54 EST 2012


    • @ScarYoungGun54 ...
      Mon Nov 14 14:17:50 EST 2011

      @ScarYoungGun54 Ummm, how about Pyramyd Air? - Pyramyd Air Team

    • Have you guys ...
      Thu Aug 11 12:14:47 EDT 2011

      Have you guys experienced any problems with the mayhem gbb?

    • @pyramidairsoft is ...
      Tue Feb 15 21:28:41 EST 2011

      @pyramidairsoft is this pistal a good secondary?

    • @teamBABF It could ...
      Wed Feb 16 12:03:28 EST 2011

      @teamBABF It could - depending on the role you hold in your team and fps range that is allowed. Even though the Mayhem has blowback, it is still pretty efficient on co2 and the sights allow for easy removal from a holster.

    • where can i buy ...
      Sun Nov 06 22:22:52 EST 2011

      where can i buy exxtra mags?

    • will it be ok if ...
      Sat Dec 31 03:11:16 EST 2011

      will it be ok if you spay paint it

    • how do you clean ...
      Thu Oct 13 17:30:46 EDT 2011

      how do you clean this gun and what do you use?

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