Sig Sauer 556 AEG - RFR Episode 9

Thinking of buying ...
Fri Jan 23 11:09:07 EST 2015

Thinking of buying this gun! can some oof you who have used or own this gun tell me the pros and cons?
By DJTorresandTheCrew

Good Review! ...
Sun Oct 12 11:16:59 EDT 2014

Good Review! Disregard all the haters out there. Keep up to good work!
By ApocalypseGaming

30ft is a hell of a ...
Fri Jul 04 14:35:56 EDT 2014

30ft is a hell of a distance to be making an accuracy test. maybe try more like 100ft.
By OvershotNick12

Let's go ahead and ...
Sat Aug 23 02:47:16 EDT 2014

Let's go ahead and be as misleading as possible and put the target like 10 ft away because I'm a fatass and cannot sell this gun. Hmmm some final thoughts.... fuck no lol how about you start a real review channel like my ten year old...... fucktard!
By John Hassell

can you add a ...
Fri Aug 10 19:19:46 EDT 2012

can you add a silencer to this gun?
By 000280630

Hey, Great review! ...
Fri Apr 27 15:25:57 EDT 2012

Hey, Great review! I am minutes away from buying this rifle, but I need to know whether or not you can fit a 9.6v stick battery into it. It's jsut one more cell larger but it looked pretty compact in that battery compartment. Thank you in advance and thank you for the review!
By kirkish001

Here are a few ...
Tue Aug 20 11:39:39 EDT 2013

Here are a few items that you can use to upgrade your airsoft gun: Tacitcal laser: PY-A-4233 Dot sight: PY-A-651 Scope: PY-A-4295 Just simply search for these PY numbers on our site. Thanks, Pyramyd Airsoft
By pyramydairsoft

why the hell would ...
Fri Jun 29 18:10:43 EDT 2012

why the hell would you put a grip on the top rail
By Mrpanda

Yeah you guys seem ...
Fri Jun 25 20:42:50 EDT 2010

Yeah you guys seem pretty awesome. I was introduced to you guys through CQB Radio, keep up the good work. And just saying, Sigs are really nice, my favorite are this 556 and the P226.

fun vid, but it ...
Thu Aug 05 19:42:11 EDT 2010

fun vid, but it would be nice if you would put airsoft in the title! also... why do they fall down when the pellets hit them?
By Thewestcoastshooter

Lol, 2:00, put a ...
Wed Oct 19 23:14:49 EDT 2011

Lol, 2:00, put a grip on the top rail of a gun?
By email7321

One of the hardest ...
Mon Sep 23 17:09:42 EDT 2013

One of the hardest guns got put batteries in.
By darkheart1721

I have bought this ...
Sat Apr 27 07:52:47 EDT 2013

I have bought this gun a few months ago and im thinking of upgrading the gun soon what should i do?
By TheBboy2cool

Can you use .12 ...
Mon Jun 13 17:19:48 EDT 2011

Can you use .12 BB's with it?
By jordan n

Do you guys know ...
Tue Jun 19 02:58:05 EDT 2012

Do you guys know what tight bores are compatible with this weapon?
By Dustin Dunn

@XxBlu3D3m0nxX Yes, ...
Tue Jun 14 09:54:51 EDT 2011

@XxBlu3D3m0nxX Yes, you can use .12 BBs with this airsoft rifle. The measured velocity we received in-house with .12g bbs was 467 fps. Thanks for watching! Pyramyd Air Team
By pyramydairsoft

@alexhan123a I'm ...
Tue Sep 06 17:15:01 EDT 2011

@alexhan123a I'm not sure what you are asking, can you please clarify your question? Thank you, Pyramyd Air Team
By pyramydairsoft

my favorite gun:)
Sat Jul 31 17:37:33 EDT 2010

my favorite gun:)
By TheAllmexicanReject

@email7321 Yea, not ...
Mon Nov 14 15:47:01 EST 2011

@email7321 Yea, not sure what that remark was all about. My guess is that Jeff was so mezmorized by how awesome the gun is, he wasn't able to coherently form a rational thought. - Pyramyd Air Team
By pyramydairsoft

@alexhan123a its ...
Tue Mar 06 11:33:26 EST 2012

@alexhan123a its got mad range
By ironmac wade

Give the poor man a ...
Wed Apr 11 16:13:43 EDT 2012

Give the poor man a script... lol
By madman2u

@pyramydairsoft ...
Wed Jan 04 19:08:21 EST 2012

@pyramydairsoft what is the effective range of the gun
By Robert Trujillo

a grip on the top ...
Tue May 01 19:00:36 EDT 2012

a grip on the top rail ?
By 123789jakem

Excellent Review! I ...
Sat Apr 14 21:03:44 EDT 2012

Excellent Review! I really like how you guys show the targets. Ive made my decision on whether or not to buy! Thanks so much, keep em coming:D
By rockersg22

Actually, I also ...
Fri Apr 19 20:51:01 EDT 2013

Actually, I also have this weapon, and it has issues with retaining magazines as well. This is standard due to the size of the mag well. Still working out a solution, but I know a lot of people will recommend attaching a piece of velcro. Also, ensure the seam of the plastic hasn't been split, or the mag well may widen.
By Kyle Nguyen

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