H&K MP7 airsoft GBB - RFR Episode 4

How many bbs on the ...
Sat Jul 21 00:05:40 EDT 2012

How many bbs on the mag?
By Sperayomiar

Hey I was just ...
Sun Mar 13 18:49:59 EDT 2011

Hey I was just wondering if Pyramydair ships to Canada. Also I was interested in buying this gun until I realized it was powered by gas. I could only find a clear plastic AEG version of this gun on your site. If I can make a suggestion for you to pass up to whoevers in charge of inventory, you guys need more MP7 AEG's or maybe some Mac11 or UZI models.
By daJuiceisLooose

That things amazing ...
Wed Jun 06 14:53:25 EDT 2012

That things amazing in the cold
By SuperCod141

@ ...
Tue Jun 07 12:14:19 EDT 2011

@sniperwarfare97d2nd An affordable gas smg (better on price than the MP7 shown here) would be the TSD HFC SD203 ($110.95 new or $94.31 used). You can find this product by going to Pyramyd Air's website and searching for "PY-843-1605". However, if you are considering a co2 smg, I would suggest the Tactical Force TF11. Only $79.95, has a slightly higher capacity, blowback action, and 1000 rpm! You can find this by searching for "PY-1421-2498" on Pyramyd Air's site. Thanks! Pyramyd Air Team
By pyramydairsoft

@DiscoDude82 Thanks ...
Mon Jan 24 13:39:30 EST 2011

@DiscoDude82 Thanks for the suggestion! We will definitely try to include this for future reviews. Thank you, Pyramyd Air Team
By pyramydairsoft

Yes! I finally find ...
Fri Jul 20 23:57:40 EDT 2012

Yes! I finally find a small smg that u cover
By Sperayomiar

actually KSC taiwan ...
Wed May 19 17:24:35 EDT 2010

actually KSC taiwan version gets 400+ FPS @AMPBackWoodsStudios
By cj simangan

These videos seem ...
Mon Jan 17 02:27:05 EST 2011

These videos seem to be more like advertisements rather than reviews. There are only positives, no negatives or compare/ contrast.
By DiscoDude82

How much does the ...
Sat Apr 07 06:50:53 EDT 2012

How much does the mp7 cost, where do you get it and is it worth it?????
By lol

which gas do you u ...
Tue Oct 18 12:34:43 EDT 2011

which gas do you u us at the video?
By Nuukiboy

How much does this ...
Thu Jul 15 12:26:45 EDT 2010

How much does this cost?
By Stormed Wolf

@CerealIsDaBomb The ...
Tue Jul 27 01:21:05 EDT 2010

@CerealIsDaBomb The most likely reason is because these videos are pretty long, the counter only goes up when you view the whole video. Most other videos are less informative and are very short, and as such get more "views". Thank you Pyramyd Air Team
By pyramydairsoft

good job guys.... ...
Wed May 19 17:31:34 EDT 2010

good job guys.... Im from canada and cold weather affects gas guns
By cj simangan

@Nuukiboy Green gas ...
Mon Nov 14 15:50:27 EST 2011

@Nuukiboy Green gas. - Pyramyd Air Team
By pyramydairsoft

wow what a shitty ...
Tue Sep 07 02:27:08 EDT 2010

wow what a shitty video silence hammer with a full beard
By Shazee083

@XxprechtlxX Green ...
Mon Jan 24 13:37:46 EST 2011

@XxprechtlxX Green Gas - if you go to Pyramyd Air's site and search for: HK-2279020 You will find full specifications. Thanks! Pyramyd Air Team
By pyramydairsoft

Mon Oct 08 13:36:28 EDT 2012

By Chris Bach

@DrPepperDrinkers ...
Mon Aug 22 13:16:58 EDT 2011

@DrPepperDrinkers On the MP7, you do not need to pull the bolt back before inserting the mag. Thank you, Pyramyd Air Team
By pyramydairsoft

what is the ...
Tue Jun 07 04:37:04 EDT 2011

what is the affordable gas smg in your website?(except mp5k because i have it)
By john kenneth bunagan

If you guys can ...
Wed Oct 09 21:48:28 EDT 2013

If you guys can believe we just got these for training for our real MP7's. Just like you yanks in the US we have budget cuts as well. But its a very close clone.
By Toyman07

hey guys i love ...
Mon May 17 21:06:12 EDT 2010

hey guys i love your show, anyways i was wondering where i could get evtra mags for this gun considering it only has a 48rd clip, any ideas?
By asdasd

What's that target ...
Thu Aug 02 09:20:32 EDT 2012

What's that target you're shooting at?
By GamePhysics

black one! *pounch*
Mon Jun 28 07:46:47 EDT 2010

black one! *pounch*
By pilover314159

@Sperayomiar 40
Thu Aug 02 09:16:03 EDT 2012

@Sperayomiar 40
By GamePhysics

That's very high ...
Thu Aug 02 09:19:26 EDT 2012

That's very high fps.
By GamePhysics

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