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    Echo1 Stag-15 Mod 4 - RFR Episode 1

    • 5   ( 7,223 views )

    • Did you order it ...
      Tue Jan 05 21:57:03 EST 2010

      Did you order it from Pyramyd Air? Thank you Pyramyd Air Team

    • Can I put a lipo in ...
      Wed Jun 23 16:19:43 EDT 2010

      Can I put a lipo in this thing?

    • @xxXfanosXxx ...
      Thu Mar 03 13:05:10 EST 2011

      @xxXfanosXxx Terrific - glad you like the product! With most orders, if you have your order placed by noon eastern time, we normally will have products shipped out the same day! Thanks for watching, Pyramyd Air Team

    • 338.3 not 333.3
      Mon Oct 11 16:12:50 EDT 2010

      338.3 not 333.3
      ByWade Davis

    • is this gun pretty ...
      Thu Jun 02 21:19:31 EDT 2011

      is this gun pretty heavy

    • @pyramydairsoft no
      Wed Jan 06 15:22:01 EST 2010

      @pyramydairsoft no

    • I've had this gun ...
      Sat Jan 05 17:07:22 EST 2013

      I've had this gun since it first came out and it's still going great and it's not heavy at all

    • @pyramydairsoft i ...
      Sat Feb 26 07:34:29 EST 2011

      @pyramydairsoft i have order it from pyramid air and it came to my country and to my house in 3 days only!!! its awesome!....
      ByFanos Charalambous

    • 6:10 "They Donut" ...
      Sun Mar 28 23:59:51 EDT 2010

      6:10 "They Donut" Lol

    • And this is a ...
      Sat Jul 21 07:47:50 EDT 2012

      And this is a review show of pyramid.....air... .com lol

    • is it hard to ...
      Sat Jan 14 14:25:22 EST 2012

      is it hard to change it to have a ris system?

    • @airsoft865 ...
      Wed Jun 08 14:02:49 EDT 2011

      @airsoft865 Currently this rifle is priced at $255 new and $216.75 used. If you click the link within the video description, that will bring you straight to the product page for additional details and zoomed images. Thanks for watching, Pyramyd Air Team

    • @SoLGamingPs3 This ...
      Fri Jun 03 09:38:41 EDT 2011

      @SoLGamingPs3 This gun is about 6.5 pounds (not including any additional accessories you may add). So it is not too bad, but if you're going to be hauling it around for a while, definitely take advantage of the sling option. You would have to purchase the sling separately, but the gun is equipped with sling loops. Thanks for watching! Pyramyd Air Team

    • how much does it ...
      Wed Jun 08 11:01:30 EDT 2011

      how much does it cost from from ur website and does it come with a bipod?

    • i ordered the same ...
      Mon Jan 04 19:27:33 EST 2010

      i ordered the same gun, but my stock is much different... can any one help me with this?

    • The front half of ...
      Wed Dec 30 23:13:38 EST 2009

      The front half of the outer barrel can be unscrewed and removed. Allowing the gun to be converted to a sort of CQB version. You can see this at 2:05 in the video. The inner barrel remains the same length. Hope that helps. Thanks for watching.

    • very nice review? i ...
      Mon Dec 21 22:17:26 EST 2009

      very nice review? i am just a little confused. at airsoftgi i herd them say it was a "solid, one-piece" barrel. in this it was 2??? 5 out of 5 tho!

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