Colt Defender CO2 pistol - AGR Episode #39

nice review Paul! ...
Sun Jun 21 22:51:15 EDT 2015

nice review Paul! short, informative and honest!
By cadwarrior

I got another one ...
Sat Dec 27 09:38:11 EST 2014

I got another one and switched to steel bbs. I called the manufacturer and Pyramid tech and told them exactly what I was using and neither mentioned to use steel. It's probably the nicest air gun for the price you can get. It is exactly the same size and weight as my M&P 9mm Shield. Great to practice in my basement with and easiest to load.
By George Harvey

Just bought a ...
Sun Nov 09 19:44:13 EST 2014

Just bought a Defender. Having trouble with it jamming if loaded with more than 8 bb's. Anyone else had the same problem? Using Crosman .177 steel bbs. Will say it is accurate at 7 yards and quiet enough to shoot in the basement. Like the feel of it, but may have to return if jamming continues.
By George Harvey

Sorry im new at ...
Sun Mar 02 08:22:36 EST 2014

Sorry im new at this what does double action mean
By Kayden Liam

Nice presentation ! ...
Tue Apr 06 17:05:42 EDT 2010

Nice presentation !!!! Can you please make side by side comparison with the Crosman C21 ? I am kind of thorn between these two..there is vid on C21 but not as well put together as yours...i just need a profesional input... Thanks !!!
By mollossmaster

@crocop5247 i know ...
Sat Jul 24 13:47:45 EDT 2010

@crocop5247 i know people who ship in canada if you wanna know
By littlesimpson2

Just bought about ...
Tue Feb 01 14:21:42 EST 2011

Just bought about 100$ worth of airgunning stuff from Airgundepot... Just realized shipping is free from pyramidair if over 100$. I payed 14$ shipping at airgun depot. DAMn
By lambchops1493

I'm just wondering, ...
Fri Nov 30 00:09:16 EST 2012

I'm just wondering, this Colt Defender rates at 440 FPS right? I got one too and on the box it says 410 fps. Do you know if there's 2 versions of this gun out there or did they change it?
By locdasmoke

Great Review Paul! ...
Thu Apr 22 01:58:04 EDT 2010

Great Review Paul! Looking for a good trainer for my 6 year old son. This one is definitely on the short list.
By BerettaM9USAF

@frank111216 holy ...
Mon Dec 20 01:34:32 EST 2010

@frank111216 holy shit whos dick you got stuck up your ass?
By Cody

can it kill frogs ...
Fri Apr 12 20:17:02 EDT 2013

can it kill frogs or birds that are about 5-10ft away?
By Lauren Searle

U do AWSOME airsoft ...
Sun Oct 31 15:22:09 EDT 2010

U do AWSOME airsoft videos!I will sub;D
By Preset

i got one of these ...
Sat Dec 25 07:43:47 EST 2010

i got one of these yesterday and you said about the tempreture can effect performance so would you say it would peform better in cold or warm place because in england at the moment it is freezing
By cwrunescape

@pa can you use the ...
Thu Sep 08 20:29:05 EDT 2011

@pa can you use the Gamow
By Ed Gardner

can this gun hurt ...
Wed Sep 28 10:36:37 EDT 2011

can this gun hurt someone if you being attacked or something like it ??
By MrMasterVidz

@superbert35 dude ...
Thu Oct 06 07:08:52 EDT 2011

@superbert35 dude wtf
By MrMasterVidz

Added FYI: I do not ...
Mon Aug 09 12:32:55 EDT 2010

Added FYI: I do not allow any of my children to play with "toy" guns, squirt guns etc. They are being taught that they are not a toy. We do not air soft, paint pellet etc. I'm not preaching to others who do, but this is our choice. Just as I would not allow them to hit eachother with a toy hammer, saw etc. If I pull/point a gun at a combatant they are getting shot. Not pulling to *uck around.
By BerettaM9USAF

super vid...
Sun Apr 04 04:18:03 EDT 2010

super vid...
By viktor1nebenfuehr

I was wondering if ...
Sat Jun 25 06:48:36 EDT 2011

I was wondering if this gun shoots bb's or if it shoots those .177 ammo? Thanks
By xHeartlesSx808x

@MrMasterVidz Sorry ...
Thu Oct 06 15:51:39 EDT 2011

@MrMasterVidz Sorry,i was being improper,like your vids,i bought the colt defender because of this clip.
By bill smith

Don't ya love the ...
Sat Jan 21 06:52:30 EST 2012

Don't ya love the packaging. I don't, give me a cardboard box any day.
By rob kuhnke

I did not "give" my ...
Mon Aug 09 12:26:41 EDT 2010

I did not "give" my 6 year old a bb gun, CO2's, and bb's and turn him loose on the world. We are a outdoor sports family with extensive military police and civilian LE backgrounds. Just as I have tought my boy to fish with real hooks, use some hand and power tools and perform tasks many adults are helpless to do like oil changes and vehicle reapir/maint. He is learning the mechanics of markmanship. We keep it locked up with the "real" guns and instruction is given just as with a real gun.
By BerettaM9USAF

Bout mine last ...
Sun Jul 10 00:41:06 EDT 2011

Bout mine last night....can't wait
By AuburnFootball44

The only thing I ...
Sun Sep 15 07:51:45 EDT 2013

The only thing I don't like about my Defender is the BB's tend to jam. I guessing this is because they sit "staggered" in the mag. Otherwise, for the money, it's a worth while purchase. I get about 4 1/2 reloads (avg) to a CO2 cart.
By Jj Ash

He Paul, the ...
Mon Mar 28 11:41:47 EDT 2011

He Paul, the camera's over here...
By dirtyminded604

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