H&K P30 CO2 pistol - AGR Episode #32

pretty sad
Fri Jan 01 15:14:08 EST 2010

pretty sad
By Ryan Parker

you look a little ...
Sat Dec 12 22:51:06 EST 2009

you look a little bit like michael savage :D
By u_sernam_e7

it must be hard to ...
Mon Oct 10 00:55:47 EDT 2011

it must be hard to come across as manly when using a bb gun haha
By liveridesurf

How cool is the ...
Wed Jul 27 16:58:12 EDT 2011

How cool is the holster your using... Where did you get that?
By mintwithahole

Thank you. So... ...
Sat Apr 14 23:55:52 EDT 2012

Thank you. So...just want to confirm with you.... According some information you mentioned in this video, can I think in this way: "Airgun that uses pellet bullet is ALWAYS more accurate than BB balls?" I prefer BB ball simplely because I can enjoy 18 shots before replace the magazine while pellet only gives me 8 shoots and then I have to refill. But, even deseart egal airgn is designed with pellet, not BB ball....is it just like you said: "Pellet is more accurate then BB ball?" Thank you.
By Jen-Yen Chen

is there any ...
Mon Jun 11 12:13:09 EDT 2012

is there any modification to make it more powerful
By Azael Pulido

can u shoot pellets ...
Mon Nov 22 11:42:51 EST 2010

can u shoot pellets without co2 cos u could pull back the hammer and shoot not auto or would that not work
By retsbew41

What if the gun is ...
Mon May 07 20:51:57 EDT 2012

What if the gun is lode with both bb and pellets and u have the sparser will it shoot
By gerardo ramos

Wed Apr 06 10:31:44 EDT 2011

By jamie webb

what mm bbs? and ...
Sun Nov 08 20:24:03 EST 2009

what mm bbs? and pellets?
By Evan Barber

I like this gun, ...
Tue Dec 08 20:31:37 EST 2009

I like this gun, but I can't help going for the blowback guns instead. i am getting the Beretta px4 storm. Thanks Paul and pyr. air for all your great videos! very helpful!
By theairgunsource

haha nice vid may i ...
Mon Jul 30 15:37:15 EDT 2012

haha nice vid may i say that ur German is funny u may also say that my English is bad ;)
By Louis BigTest

Beautiful gun. This ...
Sun Mar 14 18:21:04 EDT 2010

Beautiful gun. This will be the next gun on my wish list. I like the fact that the P30 can use standard .177mm BBs and not any particular brand. What is your favorite gun at around $100? Which # video is it? Also, which is your favorite blowback gun? Thanks.
By RescueRanger99

@nate7237 Quite ...
Fri Feb 04 02:41:22 EST 2011

@nate7237 Quite heavy. I don't know it Newtons.
By bulgariaisnomberone

Hi, I find your ...
Thu Aug 29 05:34:51 EDT 2013

Hi, I find your Chrony result pretty low. Curious for a non blowback co2 pistol of that quality!
By 2Toupourtous

can you guys do a ...
Wed Dec 29 01:51:55 EST 2010

can you guys do a review on the desert egale
By thegod098

Thank you. I just ...
Sun Apr 22 18:24:46 EDT 2012

Thank you. I just received my P30 on last Wednesday and tried it on last Friday. I notice it is so hard to fire in double action mode. In single action mode, the triger is easy and light, but in double action mode, the resistance force of the trigger is so strong!!! I have CP 99 Compact and Sig Sauer P226 X-Five and both of them do not have this problem. Does ou P30 has the same issue in pulling the triger in double action shooting mode? Thank you. P.S. I am now a customer of your store!!
By Jen-Yen Chen

Personally, i ...
Mon Mar 15 20:30:19 EDT 2010

Personally, i believe this is one of the best co2 pistols on the market, although it may not be as accurate as some more powerful co2 pistols, it doesn't jam, and it's very efficient; not to mention all the features it has. I'll post a vid soon featuring this gun
By ElgonRT

Meisterkugeln :D... ...
Sat May 08 07:18:46 EDT 2010

Meisterkugeln :D...means master bullets
By menju32

how heavy is the ...
Fri Nov 05 18:42:10 EDT 2010

how heavy is the trigger on this gun??
By nate7237

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