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    Crosman 357 revolver - AGR Episode #31

    • 5   ( 200,771 views )

    • can this gun shoot ...
      Thu Sep 22 17:10:14 EDT 2011

      can this gun shoot bbs?
      ByDj Scarpellino

    • can you make a ...
      Mon Jun 20 00:04:11 EDT 2011

      can you make a reassembly video I took my 1997 apart and replaced some seals and it's almost impossible to put it back together I got most of the peices in like the back hammer but it's hard to get it working back as the original

    • Pelican oil
      Mon Jun 10 21:53:34 EDT 2013

      Pelican oil

    • @pyramydair you ...
      Sun Nov 13 18:36:25 EST 2011

      @pyramydair you dont recommend it for what use?

    • Can I add a laser?
      Thu Jun 27 10:34:39 EDT 2013

      Can I add a laser?
      ByAlex Fimbres

    • @pyramydair no it ...
      Fri Oct 21 22:38:57 EDT 2011

      @pyramydair no it can indeed shoot bbs try it.

    • both
      Sun Jul 29 03:35:47 EDT 2012


    • This gun is very ...
      Thu Oct 27 17:35:15 EDT 2011

      This gun is very accurate. It is a lot fun to shoot. I get about 60 shots per co2.

    • @morvikk2 That ...
      Fri Aug 05 03:43:07 EDT 2011

      @morvikk2 That didnt help at all. You're not supposed to wait 10 minutes between shots, as was the case here :p Something happened on the 4th or 5th co2 cartridge. At first I thought the cartridge was faulty, but the same happened when I changed it. I googled the problem, and one guy described excactly the same problem. The answer he got was that there was something stuck in the co2 pipes/tubing somewhere...Guess I have to return it...

    • @stevethemagicpants ...
      Fri Jun 10 17:23:19 EDT 2011

      @stevethemagicpants Yes you can buy them in canada and you can get them shipped from a place in ontario called Le Baron.

    • I just took a ...
      Sat Jun 09 10:29:08 EDT 2012

      I just took a rabbit witk this at 10 yards!Imm eatin good tonight!

    • 70 shots? I get 4 ...
      Fri Mar 30 22:58:01 EDT 2012

      70 shots? I get 4 clips worth (48) Then the pressure from the CO2 starts losing pressure to where I can actually see the pellets in flight. If you're target shooting, I wouldn't worry about keeping count, but if you're trying to take some birds out, I would because once I had a perfect shot, and the pellet flew as if I tossed the it to the bird lol. Just buy the extra 3 clip mags from Pyramyd, and use 1 tank for all 4 loaded clips.

    • That is correct! If ...
      Fri Feb 01 16:37:32 EST 2013

      That is correct! If you look up this product on our site, below the image there is a listing of suggested ammo for it. Thanks, Pyramyd Air Team

    • @arckangel2087 you ...
      Sun Jun 12 23:05:48 EDT 2011

      @arckangel2087 you think thats weak for a pistol? high 457 low 380's after being used constantly without a break? wow with pellgun oil mine is super powerful and ive killed birds and squirrels with it

    • very informative
      Thu Nov 24 22:21:09 EST 2011

      very informative

    • After shooting this ...
      Sat Apr 13 11:08:52 EDT 2013

      After shooting this in comp. I was thoroughly UN impressed with it, down here in Ft. Smith Ark.
      ByMike Suchman

    • Thank you for a ...
      Thu Aug 04 17:16:07 EDT 2011

      Thank you for a good review! I bought mine today after seeing your review of it. It's really a fun gun for plinking but I was also surprised by how accurate it really is after some fine adjustment to the rear sight. But after I did some double action shooting I experienced what I thought was a bad case of cool down. I let it rest, tried again, still one good shot then nada. Changed the powerlet, still the same. Any pointers as to what might be the problem? Would be mighty greatful for a reply:)

    • can anyone tell me ...
      Sat Aug 06 20:19:54 EDT 2011

      can anyone tell me how long can you leave a co2 cartridge on your gun before it becomes dangerous to your gun's seals? thanks

    • Does It Really ...
      Tue Nov 13 16:19:37 EST 2012

      Does It Really Sound Like That
      ByAngel Chavez

    • when was the gun ...
      Sun Jan 01 16:20:20 EST 2012

      when was the gun made?
      Bysports chaos

    • when you said 10 ...
      Sat Jul 09 19:51:03 EDT 2011

      when you said 10 clips did you mean 10 clips of good shots
      Bymike wills

    • Dude I love al your ...
      Fri Sep 30 02:19:07 EDT 2011

      Dude I love al your videos and thi was very god :)
      Byandreas våheim

    • Thats bs. the 3576 ...
      Wed Mar 06 20:45:57 EST 2013

      Thats bs. the 3576 can take both

    • They dont say to ...
      Sat May 25 11:50:12 EDT 2013

      They dont say to use it because it is not powerful enough, get a more powerful pistol or rifle for the squirrels

    • well i know what ...
      Mon Dec 03 22:06:38 EST 2012

      well i know what you mean but they steal my walnuts on the farm and need to be killed. and don't have a 22 handy

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