RWS 48/52 air rifle review - AGR Episode #29

How many yards did ...
Tue Apr 29 21:36:33 EDT 2014

How many yards did you do the accuracy tests at? 25?
By Glen Peterson

Has anyone tested ...
Thu Apr 30 03:46:05 EDT 2015

Has anyone tested or used game lethal Pellets..?? What are your thoughts..
By MrFlyingmonkey79

HI paul. Can you ...
Thu Apr 30 03:44:44 EDT 2015

HI paul. Can you test the pellets Gamo leathal In .177 / .22 cal.. I'd love to hear your thoughts on them 
By MrFlyingmonkey79

U can give to in ...
Thu Dec 25 01:38:40 EST 2014

U can give to in VietNam How much?
By Krystol ize

Out of the box this ...
Tue Dec 31 02:22:07 EST 2013

Out of the box this gun puts pellets through the same hole at 11 meters and 5 shot groups at 25 meters are less than dime size. Best part is its not hold sensitive like a break barrel. Use artillery hold with left hand but you can hold it tight like a firearm with left hand and your cheek. My break barrels do nothing but collect dust now that I have this rifle.
By otm3904

Thanks! This is an ...
Tue Nov 12 00:03:31 EST 2013

Thanks! This is an awesome rifle.
By Roger Jr.

how much does it ...
Mon Aug 16 08:51:21 EDT 2010

how much does it cost????i love that gun
By Κούλης Τρελός

Try Air Rifle ...
Wed Feb 17 02:24:50 EST 2010

Try Air Rifle Headquarters, James Maccari, he may have them, he is the king guru of airguns, but his products come with no install directions, he mostly sells to airgunsmiths and advanced amatuers, but he is known worldwide.
By monkeyboy4746

What scope did you ...
Mon May 03 16:47:43 EDT 2010

What scope did you use? what scope would you reccommend for the RWS 48?

i need a rifle that ...
Thu Jan 26 22:14:22 EST 2012

i need a rifle that can punch a hole in a window from a block away.. what gun do you rec??
By leftbrain

not even 20ft/lbs ...
Thu Mar 08 20:55:02 EST 2012

not even 20ft/lbs with just about their most powerful rifle,,,
By Trondyne

Hi Paul, which is ...
Fri Aug 24 08:31:44 EDT 2012

Hi Paul, which is better diana 54 airking or diana 48/52?
By Agustin Gonzalez

Do u have any ...
Thu May 16 12:50:25 EDT 2013

Do u have any episode for Diana 45?
By Kyriakos Papadopoulos

Wed Sep 05 21:36:25 EDT 2012

By Salvador Alvarado

I own this gun, ...
Sun Jan 31 23:56:31 EST 2010

I own this gun, very nice. Does anybody know where I can order breech seals without going through Umarex USA.
By TaYeKiT

Did you find ...
Wed Sep 11 12:31:28 EDT 2013

Did you find anything on the 45?
By ter sec

Hi Paul....¿? Can I ...
Sun Jan 15 16:00:42 EST 2012

Hi Paul....¿? Can I use this rifle out of the box for Field Target/Hunter Class out of the box in .177cal.? or do you think I have to go and tune it up with a Vortex spring & piston kit?
By Paul Canting Rodríguez

No specifically the ...
Thu Aug 29 15:57:09 EDT 2013

No specifically the RWS, but we do have videos on scoping airguns. You can find a couple videos like this in the "Airgun Academy" portion of our YouTube channel. Thanks, Pyramyd Air Team
By pyramydair

Hi Paul! I'm ...
Fri Mar 05 12:34:54 EST 2010

Hi Paul! I'm looking to buy a RWS 52... At how much distance you shot in the video? Thanks... Marco, ITALY
By Xwrea

I wonder if we will ...
Fri Jan 15 18:44:29 EST 2010

I wonder if we will have a gas ram for the RWS 48 and sow... in any near future ? I love my RWS 48, i took the scope of mine and just shoot with the open sight. Your talking about accuracy ! LOL(evil) , accuracy is just unreal. I can shoot from 20yard over and over in a radius of (give or take) the size of a Dime... Just to ensure people, your post is representing RWS model 48 very well.
By yveskc

ماشاء الله
Thu Aug 22 16:49:49 EDT 2013

ماشاء الله
By Hamdan Alazmi

what are the best ...
Mon Jan 02 06:57:49 EST 2012

what are the best pellets for hunting? i have the Diana mod.52 with .177 there are also steel or metal pellets I can buy?? thanks for help
By Addicted_To_Music

hey dude need your ...
Wed Apr 04 20:23:59 EDT 2012

hey dude need your help I think i messed up. Cause I picked up my fathers mod 48 and started picking it. I tried to cock it I pulled back the side cocking system and then i tried to push it back to arm it but i did not know that you had to push the release button at the left hand side So i ended up bending the metal thing that connects the handle with the bolt I tryed to fix it and i think i was succesfull as i managed to straighten it out Is this going to cause any problems to the gun?
By samuraihc13

I had someone do ...
Fri Jul 13 14:10:34 EDT 2012

I had someone do this to my gun. I made a new bar that worked pretty good for awhile. The threads on both ends were the hardest part to manufacture. I then called RWS and they fixed it for around $30. This was 1999 so I dont know what they would charge today.
By Abraham1300

Which has better ...
Thu Apr 08 19:58:14 EDT 2010

Which has better accuracy? The RWS 48 or the 350 magnum?
By Tim Scott

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