RWS 54 Air King air rifle - AGR Episode #28

And iron sights ...
Mon May 18 12:57:43 EDT 2015

And iron sights without the damn Fiber optic ..... I hate those damn things ...
By Tipit Pitt

As usual, great ...
Fri Nov 14 20:11:51 EST 2014

As usual, great review and I wish I could add this piece of art to my AA TX 200 and RWS 350 Magnum. Bank of Wife has the final say! You feel me? Cheers.
By Stephen Deac

Used to be an ...
Sat Dec 27 00:38:30 EST 2014

Used to be an airgun freak, had a FWB601, (awesome but low velocity) and a RWS54. The RWS54 turned me off to spring piston guns completely. Seems no matter what I did, (pellets, sizing, you name it) this was about as as inaccurate as airguns can get, hell, my Sheridan could embarrass it on the targets. Guess I got a bad one huh? But the bad thing was, these guns were sold without any accuracy gaurentees whatsoever! So I was stuck with a $500 plus nice wall hanging! And 65 feet in a dime ain't that great. Had a Sharp Ace hunter pneumatic that could do that at 100 feet with sized wall mart match pellets.
By Kenny H

I have a 54 in .22 ...
Sun Jan 25 23:49:37 EST 2015

I have a 54 in .22 and it will put several H&N Barracuda Supermatch pellets through the same hole at 20 yards all the time. It's just a joy to shoot. It will also knock a woodchuck over at 30-40 yards without any problem. My eyes aren't that good anymore so I put a Vortex Crossfire 2 BDC 6-18 on it and it's a real tack driver. Thanks for the recommendation there, Paul.
By Josef Redshirt

Great review, Paul. ...
Sun Oct 19 22:25:21 EDT 2014

Great review, Paul. Thank you!
By Roger Jr.

i never oil my air ...
Sat Sep 06 15:59:26 EDT 2014

i never oil my air rifle so now it has nasty corrosion.
By Vladimir Chertok

tie that left hand ...
Mon Aug 04 09:03:44 EDT 2014

tie that left hand down,,,,heehe
By Jimmy Haley

My Diana 54 can do ...
Mon Nov 25 04:14:53 EST 2013

My Diana 54 can do 1047 to 1054 fps easily with RWS Superdome, and with Vortek O-ring piston seal and heavy duty grease, 1068 fps. In this video, with RWS Superdome it is only average 923.78 fps. What is the difference?
By lawrence hutabarat

cal .22 shoots the ...
Mon Dec 09 16:05:20 EST 2013

cal .22 shoots the best, .177 is waaaay over effective velocity.
By Casey Bitts

I used to have one ...
Thu Jul 07 12:40:01 EDT 2011

I used to have one of these it was dog shit. The cocking arm had no sliding slipper that caused the sliding breach to pull over to the right has it drew backwards. The anti bear trap was a bit of thin plate with teeth cut into it (very cheeply made). The side lever was also folded sheet metal. Maybe i got a bad one but do yourself a favour and buy a air arms or bsa ect.
By wacked outdude

my 54 is awesome!
Thu Feb 25 13:06:59 EST 2010

my 54 is awesome!
By andrewbrownie2

Paul you didn't ...
Wed Sep 29 10:58:38 EDT 2010

Paul you didn't mention the weight of the wadcutters, but I think maybe some heavier pellets would have shown the true accuracy this gun is capable of. Love to see a review of this in .22!
By MisterWannabee

How are you dear ...
Mon Apr 22 16:49:53 EDT 2013

How are you dear friends, I want you to help me to get information on the Diana of 54 in terms of the speed of the bullet and the distance up to them and thank you
By Broten1000

I'm thinking the ...
Fri Aug 12 04:20:29 EDT 2011

I'm thinking the accuracy suffered due to the sliding action.
By Lonewlf7676

Tue Apr 12 08:41:09 EDT 2011

@AYMANALSHRIAI I have the Diana 56th with a Leapers TS, without any problems. Regards
By Carpefull

what is the Caliber ...
Sun Nov 11 07:26:24 EST 2012

what is the Caliber ?
By ala bader

@pyramydair Aw.... ...
Thu Apr 22 01:04:59 EDT 2010

@pyramydair Aw.... Just off topic here, could Paul review the Avanti 853C anytime? And what gun were you planning on reviewing next?
By sfshrimp

Thank you very much ...
Thu Feb 28 15:22:42 EST 2013

Thank you very much. Appreciate it
By Ismail El Shishnagy

this is an air ...
Wed Nov 04 21:51:38 EST 2009

this is an air rifle , people do care about the spread, it shows how consistent this gun is, we people here love airguns and sure we will not point the gun at anyone. "buy a gun just for look and power " ?? that sounds pretty gangsta to me.
By iloveuTJ

Great video I was ...
Wed Jun 15 17:13:30 EDT 2011

Great video I was lucky $350 for my 54 .... I think if was on the shelf for sometime cause the silver breach portion was discolored from light tarnishing; no big deal. A little heavy but wow this thing can shoot. I picked up a RWS scope too
By Doggorunning

Is Diana 54 riding ...
Thu Jul 11 21:06:47 EDT 2013

Is Diana 54 riding her muffler
By Broten1000

can you please do a ...
Tue Jan 22 09:45:04 EST 2013

can you please do a review on the rws model 34 panther
By chubbmyster1

Thanks Paul & ...
Mon Aug 02 09:50:22 EDT 2010

Thanks Paul & PyramydAir, Thee reviews have been very useful to me. I watched your reviews and based on them I decided to buy Diana 54 AirKing. After testing the rifle. It proved to be accurate and powerful. I got the 0.22 version. As you said in the review, a little bit heavy. I tried it with Gamo 5 X 32 scope. The pellets I used were the Gamo Match Diabolo and the Gamo Penetration. I managed to break a cigarette from about 11 yards. The trigger is good, but If I manage I will get a GRT-3.
By Luai Ghazali

nice report! what ...
Sun Dec 13 12:35:28 EST 2009

nice report! what gun is he holding at the end?
By dertomschi

very nice review, ...
Mon Jan 18 22:46:42 EST 2010

very nice review, ive looked at the gun myself a bit pricey but it looks like you get what you pay for, id like to know what type of rifle rest he was using throughout his review
By barlow625

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