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    IZH Drozd - AGR Episode #27

    • 5   ( 34,556 views )

    • um, you can fill ...
      Sun Jan 23 17:12:49 EST 2011

      um, you can fill the spyder with a hand pump like a PCP rifle right? If so, then I'll buy this, I didnt wanna waste money on air, I'll be wasting it on bbs already :)

    • Hello. Does the ...
      Sat Jan 05 15:55:39 EST 2013

      Hello. Does the bulk CO2 adapter come in the box with the gun? If not, where can i buy the adapter?
      ByGeorge Vassilenko

    • what happened to ...
      Tue Jun 04 16:24:43 EDT 2013

      what happened to the rest of the video? Cuts off right after Paul shows the case...

    • Are there any pre- ...
      Fri Oct 23 23:33:05 EDT 2009

      Are there any pre-charged pneumatics coming out of Russia? Good review cant wait for part two. Its nice to see that they are longer.

    • startin to see a ...
      Sun Mar 31 19:29:26 EDT 2013

      startin to see a pattern of unifinished videos...

    • What combo red ...
      Mon Nov 02 23:30:17 EST 2009

      What combo red light and flash light did you use again? Thanks

    • hello sir PAUL can ...
      Mon Oct 18 00:24:17 EDT 2010

      hello sir PAUL can you try the accuracy of ebos sub machingunlead bbs @ 25yrds -30 yards thank sir hope you try it and ill wait for it !!

    • damn wanted to see ...
      Thu Jun 23 11:43:14 EDT 2011

      damn wanted to see you shoot it

    • They're are Russian ...
      Sun Oct 25 12:29:09 EDT 2009

      They're are Russian pcps but they're not widely available in north America. They're not made by Baikal.

    • THIS VIDEO IS ...
      Sun Jan 31 05:46:15 EST 2010

      THIS VIDEO IS INCOMPLETE. Where is the rest of it? otherwise, LOVE my DROZD! It's surprisingly built like a tank!

    • I was asking about ...
      Fri Dec 11 17:17:35 EST 2009

      I was asking about the red dot scope or sight, not laser or light.

    • What red dot sight ...
      Thu Dec 10 21:22:27 EST 2009

      What red dot sight did Paul have on his drozd in the video?

    • I would buy one, ...
      Mon Dec 21 11:37:47 EST 2009

      I would buy one, but $200 plus here in Canada is alot for me.

    • These were made as ...
      Sun Jan 23 16:57:55 EST 2011

      These were made as a riot gun which originally shot rubber bbs but where can I get those? lol I figure it would be a nice switch from regular bbs but I dont know if the rubber bbs will be illegal or not :(

    • Awesome piece, can ...
      Wed Jan 27 02:27:32 EST 2010

      Awesome piece, can you buy one in Canada,if so where would one acquire it. Thanks

    • izh maded ak 47)
      Fri Aug 19 06:50:49 EDT 2011

      izh maded ak 47)
      ByПавел Окрема

    • How many shots in ...
      Thu Nov 19 00:30:08 EST 2009

      How many shots in full fire mode can one get from one 12 g?

    • I have been looking ...
      Fri Oct 26 15:47:56 EDT 2012

      I have been looking at the Drozd Blackbird, which is a co2 gun. I wonder if you would get more fps using HPA air substitute for co2?

    • go on there web site
      Fri Feb 12 08:36:47 EST 2010

      go on there web site

    • hi can i use this ...
      Sat Apr 23 00:58:04 EDT 2011

      hi can i use this sight on my drozd its not a blackbird its just a regular drozd with a barrel extension > Walther Top Point Sight 1 < thanks

    • Thanks alot! I'll ...
      Fri Nov 20 23:12:52 EST 2009

      Thanks alot! I'll be buying this soon.

    • is the DROZD loud ? ...
      Mon Apr 30 02:56:17 EDT 2012

      is the DROZD loud ???

    • hey i have a ...
      Sat Jan 30 20:23:01 EST 2010

      hey i have a question im thinking about buying a drozd and im curious when you just buy the gun does it come with a clip and a shoulder stock?

    • Video cuts off. ...
      Mon Nov 30 01:14:48 EST 2009

      Video cuts off. This pistol has the best feeling trigger ever. Great just in semi. What is the trigger pull on this pistol? Thank you keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for the info ...
      Fri Nov 20 22:06:51 EST 2009

      Thanks for the info! But one more question, what is the FPS on the Drozd? I've seen conflicting information regarding the velocity of the gun; from 360 to 450 to 541. I just want to know what the actual FPS is?

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