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    Benjamin Marauder Part 1 - AGR Episode #23

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    • can you change the ...
      Mon Dec 30 22:33:18 EST 2013

      can you change the barrels for different calibers 
      ByRichter Customs

    • Hello Paul. I just ...
      Wed Nov 13 14:39:34 EST 2013

      Hello Paul. I just bought the Marauder in .25. But my stock is much lighter of colour than all the Marauders I've seen on YT,the intenet and also the one in this video. Can you tell me if Crosman changed the type of wood,or the colour nowadays,please? Or do I have a " mondaymorning" case? As always; thank you for the excellent video. Greetings from Holland.

    • Manual says "A ...
      Thu May 03 18:35:34 EDT 2012

      Manual says "A STARTING POINT" for higher fill pressures will require MORE hammer spring preload ensign & a longer hammer stroke. Refer to the chart below for suggested combinations based on fill pressures." Unfortunately the chart is obtuse, only referring to Higher vs Lower fill pressure & increased turns w/ alan wrench. Nothing quantitative is mentioned, nor what STARTING POINT means. U start w/ what Benjamin sends you!!! Manual doesn't say what they sent you!!!

    • If you search " ...
      Tue Jul 23 11:10:30 EDT 2013

      If you search "compressor" on our site, you will see several compressors that would be suitable for the marauder. Just remember that you have to also purchase the correct adapter. Thanks, Pyramyd Air Team

    • where can find that ...
      Mon Oct 17 23:02:36 EDT 2011

      where can find that air compressor? and the price too if possible? i'm 124 lbs and i kind of have a hard time to pump my benjamin marauder. thank you.

    • air arms 410 vs ...
      Thu Feb 02 09:49:36 EST 2012

      air arms 410 vs this rifle? thoughts on quality and accuracy please :)
      ByVictor Yanda

    • Where can you find ...
      Thu Dec 06 18:30:52 EST 2012

      Where can you find that scope?
      ByRyan B

    • QUESTION: I have a ...
      Thu Jan 03 23:03:16 EST 2013

      QUESTION: I have a Gamo Bone Collector .177 and I was just watching your video. What I have notice about a Gamo Hunter Extreme and my Gamo Bone Collector is that they both sound just like a real 22 rifle. My Gamo Bone Collector loud popping sound will not calm down till I shot at least 35 rounds in it. However, the very next day that loud popping sound was back again. My question is... What can I do to lower the sound or what can Gamo do to lower the popping sound of these Gamo Air Rifles?
      Byyasin abdul

    • ~"2nd Step: 1st ...
      Thu May 03 18:52:42 EDT 2012

      ~"2nd Step: 1st thing is remove a jam nut from the adjustment port w/ a 5/64 Alan wrench. Next put ur 5/64 alan wrench BACK in" Unfortunately your hand blocks view. The word BACK means you put the alan wrench BACK in the adjustment port from where you extracted the jam nut. To increase velocity you turn IT counterclockwise. But what does IT mean? It wud seem to mean the jam nut -- but you took that out!!! What is the IT that you turn? Is there a 2nd nut below the jam nut in the port???

    • I understand the . ...
      Sat Jan 12 14:48:24 EST 2013

      I understand the .22 and the .25 barrels are made by differant companies. The .25 cals. were made by Green Mountain but have since been changed ? Is there a way to tell if my .25 maurader purchased from PyramydAir has the Green Mountain barrel?

    • how much air is ...
      Wed Mar 06 02:41:44 EST 2013

      how much air is safe so i dont damage my gun and if i increase my marauders velocity by half a turn like u did on the video will i lose consistency in the amount of shots i will have

    • You can use any ...
      Tue Jul 23 11:38:03 EDT 2013

      You can use any compressor as long as you have the correct adapter. Thanks, Pyramyd Air Team

    • PUMPING THE ...
      Thu May 03 22:05:15 EDT 2012

      PUMPING THE MARAUDER I preferred a different pump, like Air Force or Hill, but could not find a good price on it. A company offered me a birthday discount so I got a Benj for $152.99 + 13.09 shipping (+ 3 cent NRA contribution!) Pyramyd was withholding their "10 percent" code discount on Air Force, or I prob wud have bought Air Force. Thus far the new Crosman Turbo Aire pump has been just vapor-ware; I couldn't find a way to buy it.

    • hey AGR a while ago ...
      Sat Feb 25 23:33:55 EST 2012

      hey AGR a while ago i bought a discovery with the hand pump and i am thinking of upgrading to the marauder an i have one simple question.... will the hand pump for the discovery work on the marauder?

    • I mean the pump in ...
      Wed Apr 25 22:59:02 EDT 2012

      I mean the pump in the video. "that pump" LOL

    • Hi there, I've been ...
      Sun Jan 02 19:28:47 EST 2011

      Hi there, I've been wanting to get a .22 air rifle for a while that was under 250 dollars to do some hunting and I seen on the pyramydair web site that there selling a Tech Force TF87, what I was wondering is this a gun good? It seems too good to be true for the price, anything you could tell me about the good would be much appreciated.

    • TANKS It appears to ...
      Thu May 03 22:14:36 EDT 2012

      TANKS It appears to me that if you buy a used tank, you may have these problems: 1) life-time expiration, 2) need to get it tested ($), 3) u may need to buy valves & connectors ($) 4) u have to pay to drive somewhere ($) & pay for filling ($). Wudn't it be nice if there were a cheap little high pressure electric pump for this purpose. I can see someone with an engine, leather belts, wheels, gears making a reciprocating device to move the pump handle up & down.

    • Hey yeah so it's ...
      Fri Jan 07 03:51:50 EST 2011

      Hey yeah so it's been 8 months since I put my comment on the air compressor in the video at 4:00 and it still isn't in stock, do you have any plan to make it in stock? If not could you please tell me the brand and model name of it? Thanks.

    • hi paul i looking ...
      Sun Aug 12 04:55:44 EDT 2012

      hi paul i looking to buy the marauder!! what all do i need in order to fill it with c02.thanks
      Byjay gutta

    • Nice video! I plan ...
      Sat Jun 29 20:22:29 EDT 2013

      Nice video! I plan to get one. meanwhile what air compressor machine are you using in this video? How much it cost and what is your recommendations? Thanks!

    • what are you using ...
      Wed Mar 27 04:25:53 EDT 2013

      what are you using to fill up the gun?
      ByAbdulla Binghalib

    • Hi, nice video. ...
      Tue Apr 19 18:32:51 EDT 2011

      Hi, nice video. Does this type of air rifle can be charge of a normal air comppressor, or di I need a special compressor??????

    • @pyramid air. How ...
      Sun Jun 12 21:35:01 EDT 2011

      @pyramid air. How much does it cost to have you guys ship it in a hardshell case, mount a scope, and sight it in?

    • also what is the ...
      Sat Feb 09 03:28:48 EST 2013

      also what is the length of the barrel for the .22 cal benjamin marauder and is it the same for all .22 marauders

      Thu May 03 22:09:20 EDT 2012

      TANK INSTEAD OF PUMP Since I won't be doing all that much shooting, the pump is OK for me, since it gives good exercise. I need to pad the handle more to stop the jar on the wrists at bottom of stroke. Ebay has several tanks for sale. The Carbon fiber tanks unfortunately die in 15 years (cannot be refilled then). & they require hydrostatic pressure testing, which costs something. So, you have to watch the manufacture date on buying a used tank. I think steel tanks last indefinitely.

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