Benjamin Discovery Part 2 - AGR Episode #22

Some issues wioth ...
Tue Jun 02 23:51:07 EDT 2015

Some issues wioth mine out of the box, but accuracy was not one of them. Get it all settled and I am thinking minute of squirrels ear at 50 yards. Crosman Premier HP was not the most accurate in mine unlike most folks, but the round point just stacked up one after another.JSB exact Jumbo 15.89 is what it is delivering right now.
By Joe doe

How are you getting ...
Wed Dec 03 12:53:20 EST 2014

How are you getting so many shots? They say the Discovery's from 2014 are only getting 10-15 good shots on air. Something doesn't add up and the video seems very misleading. I was basing my purchasing decision on the incredible shot count but now I'm not sure. Please do all new buyers a favor and explain how you got those incredible shot counts with a stock gun. If something has changed with the gun please re-review or explain. 
By Ike Evens

Can you use the ...
Fri Aug 22 14:24:31 EDT 2014

Can you use the Soda Stream CO2?
By Enrique Pabalate

@ pyramyd air ... ...
Fri Mar 14 23:36:58 EDT 2014

@ pyramyd air ...really ??? 40 to 50 good shot on hpa ??? noway ... i get 20 max on hpa .. thats from 2000 psi to 1000 psi.. you must be shooting a different benjamin disco than mine.. please explain .... 
By mqa1963

The benjamin ...
Tue Aug 05 18:39:13 EDT 2014

The benjamin marauder .22 gets 32 shots on a 3000 psi. So,how could the discover get 50 shots on a 2000 psi fill?
By andrew stevens

That's a lot of ...
Fri Aug 22 14:20:35 EDT 2014

That's a lot of shooting. How long did that take? How loud is the Discovery with High Pressure air and CO2?
By Enrique Pabalate

Joe Roberts. Trust ...
Mon Dec 23 12:15:12 EST 2013

Joe Roberts. Trust me when I say don't waist your hard earned money on a Hatsan. I went through hell with that cheap company. Yes they are powerful guns but thats where it ends. They gave me three junk guns in a row, #1 had bent barrel, #2 the safety made it discharge, #3 horribly inaccurate. 
By IfItDontAplyLetItFly

where is part 1?
Sun Jan 05 11:49:02 EST 2014

where is part 1?
By rocky9298

where did crosman ...
Sat Mar 29 17:48:02 EDT 2014

where did crosman get 900fps from then? 
By ObYagTxha

I'm working with ...
Mon Dec 23 12:20:29 EST 2013

I'm working with the US Consumer Product Safety Commision cause of the faulty safety. They already had a Big recall of 2400 guns for some other incident.
By IfItDontAplyLetItFly

What about the ...
Sat Jun 29 18:40:32 EDT 2013

What about the chrony test on HPA?
By pslowly9t1

@pyramydair i'm ...
Mon Oct 17 09:07:30 EDT 2011

@pyramydair i'm using hpa.before i was using several brands of pellet(2,000rounds) but settled for crosman.additional info, i put wd40 after cleaning with hoppe's no.9 to prevent rust.applied several patches to remove the traces of oil in it.i checked the smoothness of the barrel by passing a pellet through it but found no problem.i was so puzzled since i did not changed anything.
By nathoi

why isn't the first ...
Sat Oct 17 05:43:14 EDT 2009

why isn't the first part available? or where is it?
By sandiaz78

can you please tell ...
Sun Nov 15 21:40:50 EST 2009

can you please tell me how loud it is compared to a .22 rifle and how to make it quieter
By boxofcrap1

hello, i want to ...
Wed Dec 05 18:16:03 EST 2012

hello, i want to purchase a benjamin marauder in 22. cal, i live in colombia, the shipping charge is of 207 dollars, but my question is, does it include the taxes the rifle has to pay here?
By amazingjuan001

ok i want the ...
Thu Nov 05 00:00:31 EST 2009

ok i want the sumatra 2500 but i need a pump since the max on my air compressor is 200 psi so do u know a way to get a pump cheap or no?
By zipperz730

Is it posssible to ...
Tue Jul 12 06:38:08 EDT 2011

Is it posssible to mount a bipod on this rifle?
By Weil223

so the benjamin ...
Thu Nov 22 01:39:43 EST 2012

so the benjamin discovery .22 and the benjamin 392 have about the same velocity??????
By rodrigo calderon

Really? That much ...
Tue Oct 09 03:04:01 EDT 2012

Really? That much co2 came from that line alone? Hmm..
By DecayedOfferings

@pyramydair Do i ...
Sun Jul 25 22:30:54 EDT 2010

@pyramydair Do i need a 2000 psi tank or would a HPA paintball tank with a regulator work?
By rcthrasher

Give Randy at R&L ...
Sun Apr 07 03:20:37 EDT 2013

Give Randy at R&L Airgun Supply a call,he won't charge you a penny to shoot and test YOUR gun.I just ordered a AirForce Talon ss and he set the gun up and made sure that it was shooting great at NO extra cost to me.Like Randy said to me,he has no idea why a company would charge you to shoot YOUR gun.Randy takes interest in all his customers,you are not just another number to him.Can you tell I am VERY happy with R&L Airgun Supply!!!
By lucylu40122

yeah im willing to ...
Tue Nov 03 23:29:25 EST 2009

yeah im willing to go to $480to $490 i dont want to loud and i want a nice look thats why i really like th disco and the sumatra
By zipperz730

must have chronied ...
Tue Dec 27 09:23:14 EST 2011

must have chronied the gun using hpa.
By nathoi

@NCAstronut Not to ...
Mon Dec 06 00:22:08 EST 2010

@NCAstronut Not to mention the fact that he is using Co2 when measuring the velocity, which produces a much lower velocity than high pressure air.
By Tim Scott

hey i heard that ...
Wed Nov 04 16:11:50 EST 2009

hey i heard that spring are better and cheaper than co2 is this true and if so can you recommend me a good spring rifle for 450 or less?
By zipperz730

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