Gamo PT85 CO2 pellet gun - AGR Episode #65

tinchouy23 - We do ...
Wed Feb 19 15:45:10 EST 2014

tinchouy23 - We do not recommend this gun for hunting any animal. Thanks, Pyramyd Air Team
By pyramydair

I just bought this ...
Thu Jun 11 03:59:28 EDT 2015

I just bought this airgun (PT85 not the tactical one) and I would say it's a little bit louder than what you are saying. Looking at the meter it seems you are measuring Leq with a long integration time... meaning that the burst of energy coming from the gun as sound is distributed in a longer window and thus the value of dB drops...
By Panos La

David, one should ...
Fri Jun 13 15:41:35 EDT 2014

David, one should come with it, lol.
By Kevin Rouse

Thu Sep 25 12:35:54 EDT 2014

By Juano Gonzo

I'm thinking of ...
Tue Jul 29 17:20:07 EDT 2014

I'm thinking of getting one of these and stripping the accessories amongst my collection. I want to remove the quad rail and use the gamo 85 with the laser on the bottom rail, use the torch on my umarex beretta 90-two, and the dot sight on my umarex mp5 pdw, is this possible?
By RogerMuchmore

great review! can ...
Mon Mar 17 19:38:06 EDT 2014

great review! can you cock the slide before firing? thanks
By Steve Wilson

I wish u would do ...
Mon Mar 17 10:17:05 EDT 2014

I wish u would do another one over the gamo pt 85 because they are so helpful
By Tyler Netherland

Were can I buy a ...
Wed Apr 16 20:40:07 EDT 2014

Were can I buy a accessory quad rail
By David Jones

I bought the ...
Thu Feb 20 14:29:39 EST 2014

I bought the version with nothing attached I feel like I shud of bought that one 
By Rodney Ricker

Very informative ...
Wed Feb 26 18:50:07 EST 2014

Very informative review. Thanks pyramid air!!
By dalyoyos

I bought the ...
Thu Feb 20 14:29:40 EST 2014

I bought the version with nothing attached I feel like I shud of bought that one 
By Rodney Ricker

Great gun, but this ...
Thu Dec 26 01:03:02 EST 2013

Great gun, but this version comes with way too much crap attached. 
By °–––°...[Doorville]...!⁄ L'amourEtPaix...!¸˛◊ı˜¯¿�

Yes you will get ...
Fri Jan 03 23:11:41 EST 2014

Yes you will get 560 fps for the first 3 shots and it goes down after that. I wish that those high power air rifles could shot 1400 fps, 1650 fps, 1000 fps when it says that it will reach that limit with PBA Pellets but they never do. Lol
By Yasin Abdul

What is the ...
Tue Nov 15 01:33:35 EST 2011

What is the difference from the P-25?
By SteveBarone1

pyramydair in your ...
Tue Apr 23 14:23:47 EDT 2013

pyramydair in your opionion this is the most accurace pistol air that you know?
By jose tango

could you please do ...
Fri Jul 12 10:21:14 EDT 2013

could you please do a review of the Walther 1250 dominator?
By Olivier van Weede

why does the combo ...
Sat Oct 01 11:46:31 EDT 2011

why does the combo kit shoots 560 fps and an standard pt-85 only 450 fps greetz Mario
By MrMasterVidz

hey do you guys ...
Sun Apr 14 19:34:04 EDT 2013

hey do you guys have any upcoming Hatsan reviews? definitely be nice to see that brand thrown into the video pool.
By James McGall

great review. love ...
Mon Jun 25 05:13:35 EDT 2012

great review. love this gun !!!!!!!!!!!!
By gamo walter

@pyramydair hey I ...
Tue Nov 22 04:55:58 EST 2011

@pyramydair hey I was thinking about getting the gamo pt-85 socom but what is holding me back is 1 im worried that its plastic and it will break just by shooting it 100 times and 2 if you remove the silencer can you still shoot it or do you have to have the silencer on it to shoot thanks.
By Samuel Cohen

Wed Mar 07 03:19:56 EST 2012

By Millo

i want to buy this ...
Sun Oct 20 11:02:22 EDT 2013

i want to buy this airgun from pyramydair but i cant because i live in greece ( Europe ) and i dont want to buy it from greece cause it is too expensive for me. so pyramydair are u able to deliver it to greece?
By Dark sider

Hi, looks a great ...
Mon Jun 03 16:13:23 EDT 2013

Hi, looks a great gun, is it a .22 or a .177?
By DuncanRussell films

@vocho73 The PX4 ...
Thu Mar 08 00:12:10 EST 2012

@vocho73 The PX4 storm wins with sleek styling that's nearly identical to it's real steel counterpart and it's use in both .177 pellets and 4.5mm BBs. The PT85 wins hands-down in power and accuracy. Both are decent in CO2 usage, I've heard of 50-70 or a bit more shots on average depending on how fast you're shooting, but since both use CO2 to "blow-back" the slide as well, of course you'll get numbers in this range. In my opinion, PT85 is my choice. I still would like a PX4 Storm though. :)
By helluhpinoy

paul good day to ...
Thu Jul 28 19:02:22 EDT 2011

paul good day to buy the gun pt-80 tactical buck what is your comment on this gun co2 I know it's better pt-85 I would appreciate your comment thanks
By jesus ramon hernandez acosta

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