Gamo Socom Extreme air rifle - AGR Episode #66

How does the umarex ...
Fri May 01 02:54:42 EDT 2015

How does the umarex octane .177 compete against the gamo soccom extreme .177 ???????? 
By Ruben Mancha jr.

What's the best in ...
Mon Jul 06 17:26:48 EDT 2015

What's the best in your opinion the X20 Suppressor 22 caliber 5.5 mm or Gamo Socom 22 caliber 5.5 mm ??? Which one you indicate?
By Marcelo Botelho

where did you buy ...
Mon Dec 22 21:11:09 EST 2014

where did you buy it and how much did it cost
By Allan Fernandez

have one, and love ...
Tue Jun 09 21:25:52 EDT 2015

have one, and love it 😊
By Brayden Hall

dont buy it!!! its ...
Wed Apr 08 23:54:00 EDT 2015

dont buy it!!! its a real shit !!!...,mines broke the scope and then shoots softkly because it burns the seals ...then i buy a RWS thats a real rifle!!!
By lukes 2777

I have a question ...
Sat Nov 22 01:26:04 EST 2014

I have a question for you. For some reason or another I'm unable to find an air gun suppliers who still sell a SOCOM EXTREME air rifle. Do you know of anyone who sells them or are they discontinued?
By yasin abdul

So witch one is the ...
Tue Oct 14 13:09:59 EDT 2014

So witch one is the most powerfull socom, gamo hunter extreme or the Benjamin rougher?
By Random Spot

I'd love to see you ...
Tue Oct 21 05:42:51 EDT 2014

I'd love to see you do a test on the BSA Lightning XL in .177, I own one and find it extremely pellet fussy, I'd appreciate an expert opinion on this rifle
By steve l

Can you also make a ...
Mon Sep 08 15:42:31 EDT 2014

Can you also make a video of the gamo black bull igt Mach 1? 
By Luuk de groot

whats the pistol at ...
Wed Mar 19 17:16:04 EDT 2014

whats the pistol at the start of the video?
By Steve Wilson

Rather have a 22lr ...
Fri Jul 04 07:56:59 EDT 2014

Rather have a 22lr like the ruger 10/22 for 270$. Shoots more accurate, but is a little more expensive to shoot.
By dalyoyos

two years ago i ...
Fri Dec 13 21:58:59 EST 2013

two years ago i brought my socom extearm and after two years the main spring is soft and messy needs to be replaced im sending it back to gamo..NOT HAPPY FOR 500$ .should have brought a air force condor ss.
By empact77

It is for kids ...
Thu Dec 26 13:02:51 EST 2013

It is for kids because i use it and im young like really young
By Playstaytions

love your show ...
Wed Nov 13 22:05:36 EST 2013

love your show paul.great information
By skip campbell

Which is best socom ...
Sat Jan 11 08:08:08 EST 2014

Which is best socom extreme or hunter extreme se and it can take down fox
By santosh pandu

Had a friend killed ...
Mon Dec 30 03:09:53 EST 2013

Had a friend killed with an air gun in 1976 BB struck and enter his skull. He was fine at first there was just a dot of blood. So those involved thought the BB bounced off his head. Not the case he complained of an headache went home and passed out he was dead 6 hrs later. No one involved said what actually happened for fear of getting into trouble until it was to late. So use Air-Rifles as if they were and is like any firearm because they can kill. That air rifle was the 760 Pump Master
By BlackAnvil47

@aaronvx220 man get ...
Thu Dec 01 19:06:44 EST 2011

@aaronvx220 man get the airforce talon pistol its bad ass and better then most air rifles more power and longer shots..
By ameer4666

But why. Why they ...
Sun Dec 23 13:43:28 EST 2012

But why. Why they discontinued Gamo Socom Extreme?
By Math J

esta buenisimo este ...
Thu Aug 25 13:11:56 EDT 2011

esta buenisimo este rifle comome encantaria poder conseguir uno. en mi pais rifles como estos casi no los esportan y si los encargas te lo cobran el triple.
By Adrian Hernandez

Does a brake barrel ...
Fri Nov 02 14:35:52 EDT 2012

Does a brake barrel gun lose accuracy over time due to the countless reloading? and is a solid barrle (under lever) rifle a better option for accuracy or are the equally accurate?
By moefapie

im 14 and skinny ...
Fri May 04 22:41:12 EDT 2012

im 14 and skinny as hell and i can
By Shane Stevens

Because it kind of ...
Thu May 24 00:20:22 EDT 2012

Because it kind of looks like it takes some time?
By TheBadmonkey10

Got to like the ...
Sun Feb 03 17:02:22 EST 2013

Got to like the safety trigger on Gamo. Good job!
By yveskc1

Buy a GRT trigger. ...
Mon Oct 15 13:59:06 EDT 2012

Buy a GRT trigger. It's a two stage.
By Saint Dick

Hi, I just got a ...
Tue May 15 11:56:28 EDT 2012

Hi, I just got a Walther Talon Magnum .177 and I made the mistake of firing it for the first time without a pellet in the barrel. Will this have any affect on power, accuracy, longevity, or reliability? Thanks
By Tamas Zold

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