Echo 1 M28 Airsoft Sniper Review - RFR Episode 30

@SoulRune128 Yes, ...
Tue Sep 06 17:09:01 EDT 2011

@SoulRune128 Yes, we definitely could have added an optic. If you click on accessories on the product page, we suggest a few Leapers and Swiss Arms scopes for this rifle. This would help your accuracy even more. Thanks, Pyramyd Air Team
By pyramydairsoft

no it doesnt
Wed May 23 20:12:09 EDT 2012

no it doesnt
By bobevan101

mine is shooting ...
Mon May 21 10:46:11 EDT 2012

mine is shooting blanks pretty often during games what can i do to solve this problem
By assassinblade13

You have to give it ...
Tue May 21 15:02:36 EDT 2013

You have to give it a little tug, but nothing too bad. Thanks, Pyramyd Airsoft Team
By pyramydairsoft

Is it hard to pull ...
Tue May 14 13:34:43 EDT 2013

Is it hard to pull back the bolt??
By driftjunkey98

No way is echo 1 up ...
Sat Sep 03 18:51:33 EDT 2011

No way is echo 1 up there in the charts, they suck compared to kwa, vfc, real sword, Tokyo Marui. Can't believe they said that!!!!
By cody robinson

this or tug master ...
Mon Oct 07 23:39:54 EDT 2013

this or tug master sniper ?
By AxoSloopyyy

Lol 30 feet, that ...
Thu Aug 25 16:55:52 EDT 2011

Lol 30 feet, that is 9 metres, what a hell, a sniper to hit ramdomly at 90 feet........
By dantaz

Pyramid air doesn't ...
Sat Apr 07 17:46:46 EDT 2012

Pyramid air doesn't even carry this gun
By Broc825

Does it have a ...
Thu Aug 11 19:11:39 EDT 2011

Does it have a optics/accessory rail? It's hard to tell....
By Isaac Cohen

@sickhawkz1 Slam ...
Mon Jan 02 21:48:33 EST 2012

@sickhawkz1 Slam firing is an unfortunately common problem with many different Airsoft sniper rifles. That issue should be covered under the Echo1 warranty as long as you did not do anything to the gun that would void the warranty, like remove your orange tip. Have you contacted Brian Holt at Echo1 for tech support? Tell him Tom from Pyramyd Air sent you. He should be able to get you squared away. Thanks, The Pyramyd Air Team
By pyramydairsoft

@C0D3studios Who, ...
Tue Jan 03 10:13:49 EST 2012

@C0D3studios Who, Nick Miller? He's busy providing you & I with a warm blanket of freedom via the U.S. Military. Thanks, The Pyramyd Air Team
By pyramydairsoft

@xXCoUnTeRxStRiKeXx ...
Mon Nov 14 15:49:43 EST 2011

@xXCoUnTeRxStRiKeXx Word. - Pyramyd Air Team
By pyramydairsoft

who uses .25 bbs lol
Thu Sep 01 16:27:40 EDT 2011

who uses .25 bbs lol
By David Lewis

Evike has an m24 ...
Thu Mar 22 18:06:19 EDT 2012

Evike has an m24 with after market parts for 125 too.
By MsMrDrPepper

to people that may ...
Wed Aug 10 17:19:16 EDT 2011

to people that may say thats not accuret, you have to put into the account he wasnt useing any iron sights or a scope of any kind plus he had to hold it without anything besides the bipod and his hands. and for my actual comment thats scarey at how hard it hits with .25 lol
By DarkxIori

This gun is a lemon ...
Sun Jan 20 17:52:02 EST 2013

This gun is a lemon. Two plus years and ECHO1 wont address the slam fire issue caused by the crappy (proprietary) piston. Yes thats right if your gun breaks your screwed unless you want to order another defective garbage plastic piston from ECHO1.
By Loopsrainforest

I bought this gun ...
Sun Dec 11 03:29:10 EST 2011

I bought this gun for 2 weeks, used it twice. The gun condition: Slam fire, which means I can't use it no more. what a waste of money.
By SickHawKz

Is hard to cock?
Sat Sep 10 11:38:05 EDT 2011

Is hard to cock?
By XxArmedGamerxX

@DarkxIori Very ...
Thu Aug 11 10:03:42 EDT 2011

@DarkxIori Very good observation! Yes, the accuracy that Barry received was all done without iron sights or scope. Imagine the group you could achieve with something to help you zero-in your target! Thanks for watching, Pyramyd Air Team
By pyramydairsoft

what gram bbs ...
Tue May 08 18:03:24 EDT 2012

what gram bbs should i use because i hav .20 and .12
By assassinblade13

@sickhawkz1 you ...
Mon Dec 12 13:12:25 EST 2011

@sickhawkz1 you have to buy a new cylinder with new pistons, and you usually get a new spring with it aswell and then it stop slam firing, it does cost 75-80 bucks on evike, but it is out of stock there
By MohawkSgone

@pyramydairsoft ...
Tue Jan 03 19:02:22 EST 2012

@pyramydairsoft Thank you for your suggestion, I got a refund for the gun. thanks
By SickHawKz

I am thinking of ...
Mon Mar 19 18:26:47 EDT 2012

I am thinking of getting a sniper. Should I go for the m28 or the sws x28 milforce? Any thoughts. Thanks.
By MsMrDrPepper

@pyramydairsoft ...
Sat Mar 24 19:11:54 EDT 2012

@pyramydairsoft What sniper rifle do you recommend? If you go for accuracy? Whats your thoughts?
By Goproextreme

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