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    Walther PPQ/P99 Q CO2 pistol - AGR Episode #67

    4.380000114440918(198,412 views)

    you gonna look at ...
    Mon Dec 15 17:52:27 EST 2014

    you gonna look at the camera or naw?
    By Official1a.m.

    Haley over grips ...
    Mon Dec 16 19:14:58 EST 2013

    Haley over grips the trigger when she shoots. Great video though and I have the same laser on mine with a thumb activator.
    By Samuel Williamson

    get this . I just ...
    Wed Jun 18 02:56:59 EDT 2014

    get this . I just went to "yahoo answers" and asked what's the difference between a gun a revolver and a pistol . when people replied and used the word "cocked" it got censored . check it out for yourself .absolutely ridiculous IMO. 
    By coldblooded kidder

    Wholesome REAL ...
    Mon Jul 14 04:27:09 EDT 2014

    Wholesome REAL American chick!
    By rocky76dude

    Fri May 23 11:19:38 EDT 2014

    By Vitali Schäfer

    Question, I can ...
    Tue Nov 12 17:56:35 EST 2013

    Question, I can change easly the moving part of the CPSport with the Night Hawke (as it is a CPSport with the posibility of use a silencer), so, can I change that same part with the PPQ to have a PPQ that can use the silencer?
    By Durandal999

    Fri Sep 20 17:27:03 EDT 2013

    By gostinariu cristian

    is it illegal to ...
    Sun Aug 21 18:54:03 EDT 2011

    is it illegal to modify a M4 to shoot steel BBs. all details can not be given. only that the M4 was a .223(a firearm) please reply, thankyou.
    By StopMoss b

    Airguns? Adults ...
    Thu Dec 29 00:59:17 EST 2011

    Airguns? Adults actually buy these? I would hope that you folks have some real weapons for defending your families.
    By CaliforniaCarpenter7

    Haley is gorgeous
    Sun Aug 21 18:58:47 EDT 2011

    Haley is gorgeous
    By JW's BulletsNBlades

    Can you tell me the ...
    Sat Jul 06 10:33:46 EDT 2013

    Can you tell me the difference between Airguns and RAM/Marker Guns?
    By basketballmarco

    I bought a crosman ...
    Wed May 09 19:41:15 EDT 2012

    I bought a crosman storm xt nd its 1200 feet per sec nd it is awesome I've upgraded it to 1500 feet per second
    By HDxScOp

    what is the ...
    Sat Feb 02 21:15:35 EST 2013

    what is the difference in force on impact with a air pistol vs an air rifle of the same calibre and velocity?
    By Stephen King

    @collegeboy760 is ...
    Mon Aug 22 16:19:01 EDT 2011

    @collegeboy760 is it loud
    By NRXTM

    airguns are for ...
    Tue Dec 27 13:09:44 EST 2011

    airguns are for woosies
    By Aiden Fontana

    Can you guys review ...
    Sat Aug 27 18:31:54 EDT 2011

    Can you guys review the p226-x five from cybergun??:) great videos BTW:)
    By Arvid Elmberg

    Only air.?? No..? ...
    Sat Oct 26 04:55:40 EDT 2013

    Only air.?? No..? Gas..?
    By one12363ify

    @ ...
    Mon Jan 02 23:44:58 EST 2012

    @CaliforniaCarpenter7 yeh i suppose some pple just enjoy the aesthetic value of guns. and i don't know anyone where i live that thinks their family may be attacked at random. but i like your preparedness!
    By Oliver Aeternus

    Airguns shoot metal ...
    Wed Jul 10 15:45:53 EDT 2013

    Airguns shoot metal pellets and/or BB's. RAM/Marker Guns shoot paintballs. :) Thanks, Pyramyd Air Team
    By pyramydair

    that girl is ...
    Sat Sep 01 18:49:41 EDT 2012

    that girl is friggin hot but she wasted co2 and after she reloaded it she shut the dam thing with her hand in front of the barrel...
    By Hill Mitch

    BBs and pellets, ...
    Fri Sep 27 12:37:54 EDT 2013

    BBs and pellets, how is that even working?? A pellet is bigger then a bb
    By carstengerm

    can you review the ...
    Sun Aug 21 16:12:23 EDT 2011

    can you review the crosman phantom?
    By NRXTM

    @NRXTM dont buy a ...
    Sun Mar 11 21:15:10 EDT 2012

    @NRXTM dont buy a crossman gun...waste of me.
    By dawhitecastle

    Great review on ...
    Sat Oct 19 02:04:30 EDT 2013

    Great review on this pistol, I like it but I like Haley a lot more ;) Hope to see more of her in your reviews.
    By pcw955

    Hayley's cute as a ...
    Sat Jun 23 17:38:51 EDT 2012

    Hayley's cute as a button
    By Antoniocool86

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