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    FN Herstal F2000 Tactical AEG - RFR Episode 31

    • 5   ( 7,668 views )

    • WTF
      Thu Feb 27 17:40:26 EST 2014

      ByTIGERGG Gustavo Coello

    • can you review a we ...
      Thu Aug 25 18:03:59 EDT 2011

      can you review a we pdw open bolt system
      ByKyle Cunningham

    • @jakkEandlukkE Hey, ...
      Tue Sep 06 17:27:25 EDT 2011

      @jakkEandlukkE Hey, thanks man! We've added the Echo1 Stag 15 RC to our list. To check out some zoomed images and product specifications, look up "PY-2180" on Pyramyd Air's website. Thanks for watching, Pyramyd Air Team

    • What's the price
      Sat Nov 26 23:12:10 EST 2011

      What's the price

    • I really wish that ...
      Tue Nov 05 22:33:10 EST 2013

      I really wish that someone would consider making a Stealth Recon Scout Airsoft replica,but until then this should do just fine :D
      ByRaz Fiasco

    • You guys are the ...
      Wed Sep 14 00:40:14 EDT 2011

      You guys are the best
      ByBen Sandstrom

    • SHES HOT!
      Thu Aug 25 13:42:46 EDT 2011

      SHES HOT!

    • @americanairsoft217 ...
      Mon Aug 29 10:17:03 EDT 2011

      @americanairsoft217 Thanks - we are glad you enjoy it, too! If you have any product suggestions of what you would like to see reviewed next, let us know! Pyramyd Air Team

    • Dear Santa
      Thu Aug 25 15:32:43 EDT 2011

      Dear Santa

    • @56kct56 I have ...
      Fri Aug 26 09:11:07 EDT 2011

      @56kct56 I have added a WE PDW open bolt system airsoft gun to our list. Thanks for the suggestion! Pyramyd Air Team

    • 0:39,Sam ...
      Tue Nov 05 22:21:19 EST 2013

      0:39,Sam that you!?
      ByRaz Fiasco

    • Hey guys, awesome ...
      Tue Sep 06 03:53:26 EDT 2011

      Hey guys, awesome vid!!!!! Can you please do a review of the echo 1 stag 15 rc airsoft gun with the full m16 stock? That would be amazing!!!!!!

    • Love the intro
      Mon Jul 16 02:34:53 EDT 2012

      Love the intro

    • What the price
      Sat Nov 26 23:12:38 EST 2011

      What the price

    • Pyramydair.. the ...
      Sun Jan 22 19:36:50 EST 2012

      Pyramydair.. the phrase is shoot on "sight", meaning when you get a clear shot... not shoot when you're standing inside the compound...
      ByCalvin K

    • @MrGatman24 360 ...
      Sun Jan 29 13:34:34 EST 2012

      @MrGatman24 360 bucks in airsoft gi
      ByOdysseus Marks

    • Hi Pyramyd Air,I am ...
      Tue Nov 05 22:27:46 EST 2013

      Hi Pyramyd Air,I am very interested in this gun but have two questions.1)Can you put a shorter barrel in it so that it looks more compact?That may sound ridiculous but I love when the barrel barely goes past the end of the handguards on the gun lol.2)Is it possible to remove the big black grip on the gun to add a tri-rail or such?If you could please get back to me on this,I'd greatly appreciate it.Thank you.
      ByRaz Fiasco

    • cool
      Sun Dec 18 10:20:04 EST 2011

      ByKevin Pellegrino

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