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    Aftermath CZ75D CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol - RFR Episode 33

    • 5   ( 6,621 views )

    • i have a question, ...
      Mon Oct 10 21:03:45 EDT 2011

      i have a question, im new to co2 guns. is it safe to leave a co2 cartridge in your mag for like a couple days or a week?

    • He said tit first ...
      Fri Jul 13 19:01:24 EDT 2012

      He said tit first at 1:17
      ByConnor McCaul

    • how is the kick on ...
      Sun Oct 23 19:11:37 EDT 2011

      how is the kick on this gun

    • do the KWA SR10 ...
      Mon Oct 10 17:54:49 EDT 2011

      do the KWA SR10 please

    • @CombatAirsoftLI ...
      Sun Oct 23 23:14:11 EDT 2011

      @CombatAirsoftLI Mind-blowing.

    • @KenWACKS not ...
      Mon Oct 10 21:41:45 EDT 2011

      @KenWACKS not really you should take it out or use it up

    • Where can I get an ...
      Mon Apr 02 19:50:35 EDT 2012

      Where can I get an extra magazine for this gun? PM asap! Thanks

    • @ptimme4838 When ...
      Wed Nov 23 23:05:37 EST 2011

      @ptimme4838 When you insert the CO2 powerlet, make sure the cap is tightened quickly and tightly. You should be good to go. If you still lose gas, you may have a leak elsewhere in the mag, so you'll want to check all the o-rings in the magazines. You may need to add some pellgun oil like they discuss in the video to lubricate your o-rings as well. - Thanks, Pyramyd Air Team

    • what happen to the ...
      Mon Jan 09 04:03:35 EST 2012

      what happen to the Asian guy???i dont like this new guy

    • Where can I get ...
      Thu Feb 28 17:33:09 EST 2013

      Where can I get that clear gun stand?

    • @BigMacGenius ...
      Tue Oct 11 20:49:56 EDT 2011

      @BigMacGenius Undoubtedly.

    • Does the slide lock ...
      Mon May 07 01:46:55 EDT 2012

      Does the slide lock back after you fire all the bb's?

    • @KenWACKS Yea, what ...
      Tue Oct 11 20:51:05 EDT 2011

      @KenWACKS Yea, what @CombatAirsoftLI said.

    • @LeDrIsKilLz Are ...
      Mon Nov 14 15:35:51 EST 2011

      @LeDrIsKilLz Are you talking about Barry Goodband or Jeff's vest? - Pyramyd Air Team

    • i doesnt look like ...
      Wed Nov 16 00:57:51 EST 2011

      i doesnt look like any blowback in the chrono

    • I have trouble with ...
      Fri Jul 19 06:51:54 EDT 2013

      I have trouble with hop up can you help

    • do you have extra ...
      Fri May 03 01:25:42 EDT 2013

      do you have extra mag for sale.. i need at least 2 pcs of extra mag.. thanks..

    • does the slide lock?
      Wed Aug 01 15:33:57 EDT 2012

      does the slide lock?
      ByOjasvi Arya

    • @BigMacGenius Yeah, ...
      Tue Oct 11 00:54:02 EDT 2011

      @BigMacGenius Yeah, for sure on that one. My friend moved there didn't know the laws and lost a KWA SR-10. O yeah sub 2 me Please!

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