Dan Wesson CO2 BB revolver - AGR Episode #71

I like the 6 inch ...
Tue Apr 14 18:50:27 EDT 2015

I like the 6 inch because it's silver black is a bad color for this gun I wish they had an eight inch silver
By Angelo Puccio

Do airguns need ...
Mon Jun 30 13:31:19 EDT 2014

Do airguns need lubing internally every so we often? Thanx
By zak

nice revolver but i ...
Sun Sep 14 00:23:13 EDT 2014

nice revolver but i got the colt commander replica instead.
By Vladimir Chertok

Hello, I'm planing ...
Sun Dec 15 11:57:02 EST 2013

Hello, I'm planing to buy this gun but I have a question : Do I have to use steel BB only or can I use the plastic/white one as well ? I'm kinda newbie in the airsoftworld so.. ^^
By okay

Do you deliver to ...
Tue Dec 31 10:03:21 EST 2013

Do you deliver to the uk?
By Ryan Lally

my dad got me this ...
Tue Nov 12 17:19:09 EST 2013

my dad got me this for my b-day...I scared the hell out of my mom.
By MasterTalon

I'm choosing ...
Thu Dec 19 20:41:54 EST 2013

I'm choosing between the crosman Vigilante Revolver And this BB gun but I think I'm going with the Vigilante Revolver Because of the price And I found a brand new Vigilante For 40$ 
By Daniel Arias

i really like the ...
Tue Dec 06 05:53:46 EST 2011

i really like the part about putting bb's in the .357 bullet
By Craig Banach

Eight inch has more ...
Fri Aug 03 08:41:28 EDT 2012

Eight inch has more power (about 40 fps more). But I would personally go for the six inch model for the compactness.
By MrOhWhatTheHeck

I bought this gun ...
Tue Jan 03 12:06:32 EST 2012

I bought this gun more than a year ago here in Belgium. Its sooooo nice!! VERY accurate and POWERFULL! I love it! ;-)
By Wzawah

would u be able to ...
Mon Dec 12 20:43:03 EST 2011

would u be able to ship this to canada?, British Columbia to be more specific, PLEASE RESPOND!
By redmonkey719

Great video, all ...
Mon Dec 17 14:35:23 EST 2012

Great video, all the info i wanted is in here .
By Flemish Lion

Oh and I also CAN ...
Tue Jan 03 12:15:14 EST 2012

Oh and I also CAN hit a 3inch target easily from 15meters :D With the 8inch version.
By Wzawah

lol no. thats why ...
Tue Nov 20 12:43:48 EST 2012

lol no. thats why its "AIRSOFT" think a little next time.
By xxsimpsxx9

What is usefull ...
Sun May 26 19:35:28 EDT 2013

What is usefull about a bbgun?
By nathan655555

That gun is Wicked.
Fri Dec 09 02:57:09 EST 2011

That gun is Wicked.
By rob kuhnke

Well im using the ...
Thu Aug 08 12:10:04 EDT 2013

Well im using the dan wesson 8 inch and my ammo is as i sad bb's (blaster bb's 0.35g) Im verry internestd in what brand you used couse if you used some other brand i'd like to buy some of those and test them against the Cyber gun Co2, and if there better ill buy more of them. The reason im asking this is couse i got my cyber gun Co2's at a store and they sad they were god, but i noticed on thing some of the Co2 had more Co2 then the other one's.
By floffman

I wish they would ...
Tue Dec 06 18:52:41 EST 2011

I wish they would import the Airsoft version of these already!
By protogenxl

i am new to this ...
Wed Nov 14 14:39:35 EST 2012

i am new to this and i thought that this was an airsoft gun which fires plastic bbs not a metal airgun can someone please explain? and also can i use plastic bbs for this gun
By Ben Kriesel

you just got to ...
Mon Dec 05 19:57:06 EST 2011

you just got to love revolvers
By karol9687

I bought the silver ...
Sun May 19 19:38:37 EDT 2013

I bought the silver 6
By Trooper uno

could u put a link ...
Sun Jan 29 12:10:43 EST 2012

could u put a link to any holsters on the website tht would fit this
By normansrc

If u cant shoot ...
Mon Jun 17 16:24:40 EDT 2013

If u cant shoot firearms sometimes its good to shoot them to keep technique up, nathan.
By TheTacticalGinger

Thats a freaking ...
Tue Jan 10 23:49:38 EST 2012

Thats a freaking heavy trigger on both DA and SA, and those shells just scream wanabe. I'd rather a crosman, or even a s&w pellet gun, but never that bb gun.
By Adam lancaster

What's the gun you ...
Sun Jan 22 17:59:32 EST 2012

What's the gun you were holding at the end of the video ? Thanks
By Shady Gousse

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