Echo 1 Red Star AK47 Airsoft Rifle - RFR Episode 35

oh and it is a gay ...
Mon May 14 16:41:02 EDT 2012

oh and it is a gay k because it has tactcle rails
By bobhilly546312156332

Why thank you! - ...
Mon Feb 25 03:45:34 EST 2013

Why thank you! - Tom Pyramyd Air Team
By pyramydairsoft

Echo1 Red Star AKM ...
Thu Dec 08 19:29:15 EST 2011

Echo1 Red Star AKM = CYMA CM.048M with Red Star trades
By Noah Almager

I would really like ...
Thu Dec 08 21:47:50 EST 2011

I would really like too see you review the Tactical Force TF11. By the way, I love your reviews, keep it up.
By GunsExplosivesnStuff

how fucking old are ...
Mon Jul 02 02:15:04 EDT 2012

how fucking old are you? must be under 12yrs old......
By FromDaPeg

grammar check?
Tue Jul 03 23:35:43 EDT 2012

grammar check?
By FromDaPeg

@56kct56 FIRST
Thu Dec 08 18:07:32 EST 2011

@56kct56 FIRST
By techiscool1

ugh no im alot ...
Mon Jul 02 02:43:19 EDT 2012

ugh no im alot older than twelve i bleve in a standard Avtomat Kalashnikova
By bobhilly546312156332

thats not an ak an ...
Sat Mar 24 03:26:33 EDT 2012

thats not an ak an ak shood be made of wood and steel not plastick
By bobhilly546312156332

well u seem pretty ...
Mon Jul 02 04:01:45 EDT 2012

well u seem pretty dumb.... just by your grammar "tactcle" lol, and saying its "gay" because it has rails also shows how immature u are, and thats why i assumed u were under 12yrs old.
By FromDaPeg

this gun is a BEAST ...
Thu Dec 22 18:55:56 EST 2011

this gun is a BEAST! Keep em coming :P I would also greatly appreciate 1080p HD quality, and accuracy tests of up to 150 feet. Thanks.
By Yahooblue42

finally a video ...
Mon Jan 02 22:09:58 EST 2012

finally a video with over 1000 views and no dislikes!!!
By Oleg Chenrifski

i wounder who the ...
Thu Dec 08 18:00:25 EST 2011

i wounder who the homo is thats gonna comment first ......
By Kyle Cunningham

this only happens ...
Mon Jun 10 19:24:30 EDT 2013

this only happens when i go full auto.
By monsterplayer100

@56kct56 you saying ...
Thu Dec 08 18:40:33 EST 2011

@56kct56 you saying that is just as bad as techiscool1
By Ami Hirata

I have seen pieces ...
Fri Jan 11 15:03:39 EST 2013

I have seen pieces of paper flying around... LOL KOOl Review! -!+
By mazpr2025

fuck off
Wed Jul 04 03:07:25 EDT 2012

fuck off
By bobhilly546312156332

I recently bought ...
Mon Jun 10 19:23:57 EDT 2013

I recently bought this gun and i have a question. When i go full auto, sometime it misses a shot and dry fires like it will shot 5 bb's then dry fire then more bb's the dry fires again. can someone help me?
By monsterplayer100

Mon Jan 02 22:12:58 EST 2012

By Oleg Chenrifski

well in my state i ...
Mon Jul 02 09:27:25 EDT 2012

well in my state i can leaaglely carry a gun huunting so google which state has the ungest age for carring a gun for hunting perpesis and ul get ruffly how old i am
By bobhilly546312156332

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