Smith&Wesson M&P 45 CO2 pellet/BB gun - Airgun Reporter Episode #72

@GWHcraig1088 Hey ...
Wed Dec 07 19:33:44 EST 2011

@GWHcraig1088 Hey thanks, warm wishes to you and your loved ones! -Paul
By Paul Capello

@pyramydair and how ...
Mon Dec 12 02:15:23 EST 2011

@pyramydair and how is that done exactly?
By mikethenascarfan

@pyramydair will ...
Wed Dec 14 00:34:36 EST 2011

@pyramydair will this be licensed as a firearms?
By mikethenascarfan

Just got mine and I ...
Mon Jul 29 21:56:38 EDT 2013

Just got mine and I LOVE it!
By David Martin Bassail

@pyramydair thank ...
Wed Dec 28 18:07:49 EST 2011

@pyramydair thank you so so much
By dalton mcneely

Thanks for sharing ...
Tue Dec 06 23:35:29 EST 2011

Thanks for sharing. Please see my epic 1st videos and donate to my cause if you feel bold and brave enough. blesses Arek
By 8wealthyone8 .

@pyramydair what ...
Thu Dec 15 17:43:21 EST 2011

@pyramydair what about the crossman Ultra Magnum heavy pellets 10.5 grain would these work
By britishrashad

Sorry not the ...
Wed Dec 07 00:55:25 EST 2011

Sorry not the airgun for me.
By rob kuhnke

Paul i got a M&P 45 ...
Wed Dec 07 11:20:57 EST 2011

Paul i got a M&P 45 for fathers day i really like it it's a very accurate pellet gun and fun to shoot i shoot as 10 yards and can get 1/2" groups from a bag rest.
By miketheknife2

I have this gun and ...
Sun Dec 11 21:16:23 EST 2011

I have this gun and love it. It also taught me that the Crosman BBs are not all the same size because some just fall right through the magazine when loading it, so I use the Daisy Quicksilver BBs that I've had for some time. They all fit real snug. I mean REAL snug. The gun is crazy accurate. One thing though; I wish these companies would stop using clamshell packaging. I like to keep my guns in their boxes when not in use. Keep up the good work, and Happy Holidays to you, Paul and Pyramyd Air.
By slickslack7000

@miketheknife2 Glad ...
Wed Dec 07 19:32:53 EST 2011

@miketheknife2 Glad you like it ! It's a great pistol...would be fantastic if it had a metal slide, but again this keeps the cost down. -Paul Capello
By Paul Capello

Do you have a ...
Sat Jul 07 15:31:29 EDT 2012

Do you have a performance compare with M&P and M&P 40? they have a complete different loading system, and I wondering if they are as good as this M&P 45 (even they only shoot BBs, and without rifled barrel...) Thankz!
By dirtypp

will you do a ...
Wed Dec 28 16:01:19 EST 2011

will you do a review on the crossmen stom xt plz .i want to know if its a good hunting rifle and its the only gun i have
By dalton mcneely

Nice little shooter ...
Tue Dec 06 18:53:46 EST 2011

Nice little shooter!!
By MrWheelman30

thats a sexy co2 gun
Tue Dec 06 18:34:22 EST 2011

thats a sexy co2 gun
By walking00dead

possibly the only ...
Thu Dec 15 17:04:00 EST 2011

possibly the only reason i hate living in australia. no bb guns :(
By minecrafting129

it's such a shame ...
Sun Dec 11 21:37:36 EST 2011

it's such a shame you don't ship to brooklyn, new york- you would have made alot of business on me!
By mikethenascarfan

Hi I have a Diana ...
Thu Dec 15 09:42:38 EST 2011

Hi I have a Diana mod 350 mag .177 1250 fps, can you tell me what is the best pellets to use for hunting small game. I bought the H&N rabbit Magnum II but they are incredibly inaccurate and they are hard to load, are these pellets any good? . Can you suggest a brand and some pellets to use which i hard hitting and accurate in my gun...... thanks.
By britishrashad

I'd also like to ...
Wed Aug 08 15:04:19 EDT 2012

I'd also like to See a beretta 92 Fs review of Paul Capello - the one and only Airgun Reporter...
By TheZx9man

merry christmas ...
Wed Dec 07 06:05:04 EST 2011

merry christmas paul and everybody else at PyramydAir!! thank you for another great review of what seems like a fun pistol
By Craig Banach

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