TSD Sports M1911 Airsoft Spring Pistol - RFR Episode 37

admit it, you dontk ...
Mon Apr 30 13:21:01 EDT 2012

admit it, you dontk now shit about airsoft guns!
By Brandon Aaron

The heck? Why a ...
Wed Dec 21 18:07:36 EST 2011

The heck? Why a springer?
By Steve McSteveson

so that spring ...
Mon Apr 30 15:51:15 EDT 2012

so that spring pistol is better than my full metal kjw m1911 tactical gas blowback?
By Justin Welker

Does This Gun Have ...
Wed May 30 20:22:45 EDT 2012

Does This Gun Have A Safety on the handle?
By Almatik Music

about 210-220 i ...
Thu Aug 30 19:50:32 EDT 2012

about 210-220 i think
By itsmemichael13

Why a springer?
Wed Dec 21 19:23:26 EST 2011

Why a springer?
By TheCaptainAlmight131

i like it
Thu Dec 22 09:06:08 EST 2011

i like it
By Sierra4Delta

No there's a slide ...
Sat Apr 06 19:01:19 EDT 2013

No there's a slide lock on it but Otha's to be manually pushed up
By richard mahood

does the slide lock ...
Sat Apr 06 18:58:29 EDT 2013

does the slide lock when it is empty? and does it have a release pin?
By Matt Cheun

oh ok thanks! but ...
Sat Apr 06 23:55:45 EDT 2013

oh ok thanks! but overall good gun?
By Matt Cheun

LOL, yeah, why not ...
Mon Feb 04 19:00:27 EST 2013

LOL, yeah, why not bring a springer into an airsoft game... Nice way to get your ass handed to you.
By Gedda207

I have this pistol ...
Mon May 14 02:37:29 EDT 2012

I have this pistol and it works extremely well. I use .20 gram pellets in mine and they give good size welts, very accurate too shot my brother in the forehead twice at 15yds.
By xSemperFiUSMC

Yes I enjoy it ...
Sat Apr 06 23:58:15 EDT 2013

Yes I enjoy it because it leaves nipple size walts on people's back
By richard mahood

admit it! the thing ...
Thu Dec 22 18:38:18 EST 2011

admit it! the thing sucks!
By Justin Welker

Hey guys I just ...
Sun Feb 17 18:40:38 EST 2013

Hey guys I just bought this gun yesterday I can wait to get also do you guys do videos on the tactical gear on you web sight
By richard mahood

What makes them gay ...
Thu Feb 07 06:06:29 EST 2013

What makes them gay? Do the games wrap their lips around your (nonexistent) ballsack?
By Gedda207

Why not a springer?
Wed Dec 21 21:45:52 EST 2011

Why not a springer?
By Jesse Lofaso

I have this gun and ...
Mon May 14 02:40:44 EDT 2012

I have this gun and it works extremely well. I use .20 gram pellets and they give good size welts. It's very accurate if you can shoot well, shot my brother in the forehead at 15 yds and at 25 it gave him a big welt on his back (with .20g)
By xSemperFiUSMC

Dude, this gon Id ...
Tue Jun 05 02:09:45 EDT 2012

Dude, this gon Id so badass
By benedict parina

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