Pyramyd Air Hiding Husband Commercial

Pause at 0:06! The ...
Fri Apr 29 16:28:37 EDT 2011

Pause at 0:06! The delivery man has a tatoo! Bahahaha
By MikeTheVike

should have thought ...
Sun May 01 20:01:49 EDT 2011

should have thought about the clothes line! now your BUSTED!!! :)
By busdriver824

Do you guys do ...
Mon Apr 23 23:26:51 EDT 2012

Do you guys do shippings to Mexico , or how do i pay from mexico and recive in the US
By Vape King Mx

Lurv his hair. LOL
Mon May 16 13:30:33 EDT 2011

Lurv his hair. LOL
By CSharp

@MrJakeEATsworld i ...
Tue Oct 11 13:13:39 EDT 2011

@MrJakeEATsworld i like UPS lol
By Byon Rothberg

Condor air rifle
Mon Aug 05 15:21:30 EDT 2013

Condor air rifle
By camMDR

CHORES ! lol 0:12
Sat Oct 06 23:05:22 EDT 2012

CHORES ! lol 0:12
By Teddy Reagan

Great ad! I know ...
Fri Sep 30 05:01:32 EDT 2011

Great ad! I know how the guy feels.
By PinkOld

@phgHunter i know ...
Fri Apr 29 20:57:26 EDT 2011

@phgHunter i know how u feel, i just wish that their site (fedex) for tracking the package was updated more often.
By firebug0001

Love the humor in ...
Sat Apr 30 09:09:33 EDT 2011

Love the humor in this one!
By AirGuns4Fun

now that was funny ...
Sat Apr 30 11:45:09 EDT 2011

now that was funny as heck! well done guys both the guy and the girl were good in their roles!
By raulsue

Fri Apr 29 17:55:15 EDT 2011

By 1975supermike

The shipping is ...
Fri Apr 29 16:46:54 EDT 2011

The shipping is fast. The warehouse is actually closer to my house than the FedEx place the order gets shipped to to get put on a truck for delivery. They actually ship the stuff away from me. Sometimes I wish I could just go pickup my order from the warehouse lol.
By phgHunter

Best ad I've seen ...
Sat Apr 30 19:00:50 EDT 2011

Best ad I've seen in a long time, thanks guys.
By M Wolfe

this is one of my ...
Tue Aug 09 23:17:48 EDT 2011

this is one of my fav commercials .
By novass468

What's the gun's ...
Fri Jan 25 21:43:39 EST 2013

What's the gun's name?
By Jon Kim

why do people have ...
Mon Nov 21 19:04:14 EST 2011

why do people have to sign for packages anyway
By MrHotrod68

That would have ...
Sun May 01 12:04:50 EDT 2011

That would have made a good super bowl commercial. LOL
By OneMansSanctuary

lol check out the ...
Wed May 04 17:52:28 EDT 2011

lol check out the bloopers!!
By firebug0001

Loved it!!!!
Sat Apr 30 02:35:40 EDT 2011

Loved it!!!!

for some reason ...
Fri Apr 29 16:25:39 EDT 2011

for some reason this comment will get thumbs up

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