Colt 1911 CO2 airsoft replica pistol: 100th anniversary edition - RFR Episode 38

What company is ...
Fri Dec 19 16:09:46 EST 2014

What company is this made or licensed by ? 
By giacomo zanabria

just ordered it.... ...
Sun Mar 09 22:21:43 EDT 2014

just ordered it.... i am so not patient
By Benjamin Lee

i have Beretta PX4 
Mon Nov 18 06:55:05 EST 2013

i have Beretta PX4 
By DaveyTheNoob

00:51 "into the ...
Thu Jul 11 16:54:22 EDT 2013

00:51 "into the clit" whaaaat
By Javier Sabillon

its a very good ...
Thu Mar 28 13:37:58 EDT 2013

its a very good idea, .20gram bbs tend to curve around at the end in about 30 ft, while the .25 goes straight
By Chereb Va Esh

Terrible grouping ...
Mon Jan 02 13:53:14 EST 2012

Terrible grouping at 30 feet.
By Taz418

Wow! Ali G has put ...
Fri Apr 05 18:02:10 EDT 2013

Wow! Ali G has put on a few pounds! Keep it real.
By Debunk Brother

a spring pistol?!?! ...
Mon Apr 23 18:57:24 EDT 2012

a spring pistol?!?!? are you kidding me? by an aeg and if you wanna pistol get a gbb
By tacomanlegoco2

do you recommend . ...
Mon May 14 08:18:47 EDT 2012

do you recommend .25gram BB's for this?
By JBSessionss

sorry the inokatsu ...
Fri Dec 30 12:38:10 EST 2011

sorry the inokatsu is also making its approach
By Jason Pak

5:16 "fuck"?
Fri Jul 20 22:16:25 EDT 2012

5:16 "fuck"?
By Sperayomiar

I've got this gun ...
Sun Jan 01 01:34:32 EST 2012

I've got this gun it's cool. 
By Beatlenut2000

Great review!
Sun Jun 09 14:00:35 EDT 2013

Great review!
By supermonkeyninjaman

Where's the Chinese ...
Sat Dec 31 16:04:32 EST 2011

Where's the Chinese guy
By Orion Brock

The only things I ...
Mon Mar 11 15:20:32 EDT 2013

The only things I don't like is that the safety goes on when the hammer isn't back, and pulling back the slide doesn't release it from the slide catch.
By 1WillTell

shoot whit .25
Wed Sep 25 00:05:44 EDT 2013

shoot whit .25
By eagleone

In Canada they are ...
Mon May 27 22:11:27 EDT 2013

In Canada they are available at Heroes surplus or bass pro shop
By gixstarz

My primary is a ...
Fri Dec 30 09:52:30 EST 2011

My primary is a secondary lol
By Noah Almager

@zomastaTV he went ...
Sun Jan 01 02:13:36 EST 2012

@zomastaTV he went to the military
By Paddy Pagcaliwagan

Where could one buy ...
Thu Oct 18 21:09:00 EDT 2012

Where could one buy this in Canada ?
By Little Holmes

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