Air Venturi Carbon Fiber Tank - Airgun Reporter Episode #73

Hi . What is the ...
Sat Jun 06 20:53:07 EDT 2015

Hi . What is the exact adapter I need to fill this tank at local paintball shop? Thanks
By tubesurf17

Can this fill a ...
Wed Jan 08 22:02:18 EST 2014

Can this fill a paintball tank
By joseph boyd

@pyramydair why do ...
Wed Jan 04 16:17:49 EST 2012

@pyramydair why do scuba tanks cost more to fill? and if it's because there bigger then they should provide more fills so it should be worth it right?please reply, thanks
By dean14111

i will just buy 2 ...
Wed Jun 13 14:23:11 EDT 2012

i will just buy 2 bottles and sell them when thay are empty
By Jonathan Oxlade

Great video Paul ...
Thu Dec 29 19:22:38 EST 2011

Great video Paul ATB Malc CPTV
By The Definitive Airgun Review

Can i use my ...
Wed Mar 28 08:15:44 EDT 2012

Can i use my paintball carbon tank (Empire Paintball 88ci 4500 PSI N2 Carbon Fiber Tank) fo fill my airgun if i use adapter ?
By Abdullah Alkandari

i will continue ...
Thu Dec 29 17:14:19 EST 2011

i will continue watching becuz this girl is a cutie
By the3VIL

Filling the pcp ...
Wed Jun 20 06:52:09 EDT 2012

Filling the pcp pistol that I have is the part I like the least but still I rather pump it than use one of these. There is some sense in doing so!
By Lyecdevf

Would it be ...
Sat Dec 31 13:12:42 EST 2011

Would it be possible to fill an airgun using a 4500 psi paintball air tank.
By Captain .Phillips

On PCP guns can you ...
Fri Nov 09 14:54:36 EST 2012

On PCP guns can you leave them pressurized/fill with air when storing them In a 72 degree house? or will it damage them.
By 14omega28ok

Looks like a ...
Thu Dec 29 15:31:51 EST 2011

Looks like a standard 4.5k psi SCBA tank like the ones we use at work. Do they sell the regulator and adapter separately? Also, our tanks have a ratchet safety mechanism on the valve to prevent the valve from closing accidentally. Has that ratchet been removed on the air gun version of the tank?
By Pat D

699.99 wtf!!!!!!!
Sat Jun 01 17:31:57 EDT 2013

699.99 wtf!!!!!!!
By jackson stubler

Cant I get a ...
Sat Mar 17 11:44:58 EDT 2012

Cant I get a refillable fire extinguisher that I can fill with a compreser and attach a pcp air line to it
By billy molina

Nearly 700 us? ...
Thu Dec 29 21:06:29 EST 2011

Nearly 700 us? Please tell me there is a alternative OTHER than the pump?
By MrCauphy

what would happen ...
Sat Jun 01 17:33:06 EDT 2013

what would happen if you put it on a paintball gun 0_0
By jackson stubler

@TheBeyblade101 If ...
Sun Mar 18 17:41:46 EDT 2012

@TheBeyblade101 If you were to go through the time and trouble to modify a fire extinguisher, most are rated for a maximum safe operating pressure of about 200psi, with an absolute maximum, danger-level pressure, of about 450psi. (Their bursting [exploding] pressure, is usually around 600 to 800psi.) High-end, pre-charged air guns operate in the 2000+psi range. In short, you'd "pop" an extinguisher like a metal balloon, (or pipe bomb,) long before you'd reach a useful pressure level.
By skeilak

Yea, just get a ...
Sun Mar 17 00:28:39 EDT 2013

Yea, just get a regulator that has 3000psi output and you are done!
By Teban101

Dang that is lots ...
Tue Jun 05 22:44:27 EDT 2012

Dang that is lots of precaution to remember i'll better stick with my air piston i dont want lose an eye because of this
By sum1t0m0

What size are the ...
Sun Mar 17 00:31:42 EDT 2013

What size are the threads on the gauge, since i think it could be replaced for a more precise one. 1/4 ntp or 1/8 ntp ? Thanks
By Teban101

I watched this ...
Mon Dec 31 01:12:31 EST 2012

I watched this video only because of that girl in beginning.
By Nicol Collinns

I was going to ...
Sat Dec 31 12:55:42 EST 2011

I was going to criticize Paul for his freaky ear rings but since he did such a good job I'll just leave it at that.
By Iam TheOsprey

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