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    Benjamin Trail NP XL air rifle in .25 caliber - Airgun Reporter Episode #74

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    • I'm surprised with ...
      Mon Nov 18 20:28:07 EST 2013

      I'm surprised with the muzzle energy of the .25. I can get pretty much the same energy out of my .22.( I know that it doesn't reflect the same results in the animal you are hunting), I'm just comparing numbers. My Chrony reads an average of 850 out of the muzzle with the 15 grains,and my groups are at least 0.5" at 20m, with occasional flyers going another .3". And it reads about 770 at 20m. No rarely, I have pellets breaking sound barrier, and cracking pretty loud. So, it still delivers 19-20 FPE at 20m. In respond to AxoSloopyyy, I thinks that's energy enough for raccoon and possums ( with a descent shot placement). It's definitely HARD to shoot. VERY, hold sensitive. But indeed, IT'S A BEAST..!!
      ByBrazillian Bully

    • Hi paul, what do ...
      Sat Sep 01 00:03:14 EDT 2012

      Hi paul, what do you think about de 22 caliber, do yoy recommend this gun ? the accuracy and the power is real ? it does a good work?
      ByLucas Farias

    • should i get the . ...
      Wed Feb 01 21:06:34 EST 2012

      should i get the .22 or .25 caliber version of this rifle? i will be using it for hunting dove, rabbits, and squirrel. help please!!

    • No guns are showing ...
      Mon Jan 16 22:32:41 EST 2012

      No guns are showing up on your website.

    • I live in the ...
      Sat Dec 31 03:40:49 EST 2011

      I live in the Netherlands and my .22 broke 3 times, after that I bought a wonderful Air Arms s410

    • I'm on the fence ...
      Fri Apr 13 17:36:50 EDT 2012

      I'm on the fence between this in .22 or .25....

    • Absolutely.So a .25 ...
      Mon Jun 17 13:06:42 EDT 2013

      Absolutely.So a .25 weighing about 26.0gr at 585 fps generates 24 fpe while a lets say a .177 destroyer pellet moving at 1000 fps weighing 7.9gr generates only 18 fpe.the .25 is 33% stronger
      ByKellen Phelps

    • How many foot ...
      Mon Apr 02 13:19:38 EDT 2012

      How many foot pounds of energy does the .177 version have?

    • He said butt plate
      Fri Dec 30 18:18:04 EST 2011

      He said butt plate
      ByJ Herberger

    • . 55 air wifle
      Fri May 24 18:12:45 EDT 2013

      . 55 air wifle
      Bybrandon jackson

    • never having used a ...
      Sun Jan 08 10:57:25 EST 2012

      never having used a .25 cal before I wonder about trajectory. 177. seems to shoot very flat, even when compared to a similar velocity .22. Which led me to the .20 cal in my silver streak, it remains the best of both worlds inside of 30 yards for target shooting. Muzzle energy sounds impressive but reliably putting that power on target for humane kills is what counts. For me most shots on wary crows are rarely inside of 40 yards, is this gun up to that challenge?

    • You want to know ...
      Sat Mar 24 02:35:39 EDT 2012

      You want to know why it's quiet? Because it's only shooting 590 FPS. A Trail Xl in .22 is much much louder because the .22 pellets are shooting near 850 FPS. Or using normal .25 pellets around 25 grains is louder.

    • I'll take the .22 ...
      Thu Apr 11 01:11:16 EDT 2013

      I'll take the .22 caliber.
      ByEric Deplata

    • Brilliant again ...
      Fri Dec 30 19:01:46 EST 2011

      Brilliant again Paul ATB Malc CPTV

    • I am going to add a ...
      Sat Dec 31 22:32:27 EST 2011

      I am going to add a trail xp into my locker. I am planning on using it in my disaster prep. gear, as that I do not have to worry about a high powered air supply & parts avail. locally. Since I already have .22 cal. already, I am probably going to stay with this cal..
      ByMike Suchman

    • What's the power of ...
      Thu Aug 02 17:30:29 EDT 2012

      What's the power of the standard np

    • Would you recommend ...
      Wed Sep 12 17:27:05 EDT 2012

      Would you recommend the Benjamin Trail NP XL air rifle in a .22 caliber for someone who is 5'6" tall that wants to hunt small game (squirrels and rabbits) with the rifle; or would it be better to scale down to something such as the Benjamin Titan NP in a .22 caliber?
      ByBlake Zahradnik

    • Nice looking gun, ...
      Wed Feb 29 18:59:39 EST 2012

      Nice looking gun, just wish it wasn't made in China..... Won't buy one as long as their made there.
      ByM Wolfe

    • hello, Benjamin Cal ...
      Mon Dec 03 21:45:58 EST 2012

      hello, Benjamin Cal 25, Cal Sniper Hatsan 25 cal Webley Patriot. 25, which is better air rifle of the 3? which of these three air rifles is better quality, striking power, better accuracy, and quality airgun? What you recommend me?
      Byjorge garcia

    • Hatsan for sure. ...
      Sun Sep 09 16:46:40 EDT 2012

      Hatsan for sure. More accurate, and powerful. Who cares about nitro piston anyways.

    • how is the recoil ...
      Wed Jan 18 20:01:19 EST 2012

      how is the recoil on this is it bigger than a real 22.?

    • Teenagers could ...
      Tue Jul 23 11:35:49 EDT 2013

      Teenagers could shoot the Benjamin Trail NP XL Air Rifle. It does have a high poundage cocking effort, though, that might make cocking a little bit difficult. Thanks, Pyramyd Air Team

    • i love to shoot ...
      Fri Dec 30 18:39:34 EST 2011

      i love to shoot airguns but they cost so much.
      Bydalton mcneely

    • Hmm. lots of power ...
      Sat Dec 31 00:10:13 EST 2011

      Hmm. lots of power is great as long as it's accompanied by accuracy, but with such low velocity and loopy trajectory, the shooter had best be sure about correct holdover! An air rifle in .22 putting out the same energy is shooting 800+ fps with a 14.3 grain pellet and is a better overall choice I think, due to a more predictable trajectory.

    • Your right friend, ...
      Wed Jun 20 09:22:56 EDT 2012

      Your right friend,webley patriot .25 is close 30fpe,but uk version.and actualy they are made in hatsan factory and you wont get a new patriot with 30fpe.i was searching for webley uk before buy this benjamin .25 and now i am happy with my rifle.
      Bycarlos varela

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