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    Hammerli 850 air rifle - Airgun Reporter Episode #13

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    • i meant a firearm. ...
      Tue Aug 31 00:52:07 EDT 2010

      i meant a firearm. i mean i dont know the laws where you are but where i live anything that shoots more than 500fps you need a firearms license and also if you have ever shot a .22 rifle you know it has no recoil and is about as loud as a loud clap . like i said i dont know the laws but i know here they dont let you shot anything in the backyard

    • If i buy this Air ...
      Sat Oct 23 04:26:39 EDT 2010

      If i buy this Air rifle, do i have to use more Than pellgun oil to keep the rifle in shape?
      ByArvid Elmberg

    • how many ft/lb in . ...
      Sun Jul 01 03:04:15 EDT 2012

      how many ft/lb in .22

    • why not just buy a ...
      Mon Aug 30 18:09:09 EDT 2010

      why not just buy a .22cal

    • Hi Paul, In your ...
      Sat May 28 16:32:42 EDT 2011

      Hi Paul, In your review, you say that the package (compensator + scope) comes with the two 88g co2 cartridges, although the pyramid air website says it comes with everything you said except these 2 cartridges! I did the math and if i buy the gun itself, add 2 rotary clips, a compensator, a leapers golden image 4x32 scope, 2 88g cartridges and the Dragon Claw bipod, the total comes up to $390. Now the package you'r talkin about costs $390 too, but doesn't include the bipod. WHICH SHOULD I GET?!
      ByJoachim Vaturi

    • Is this the 7.5 J ...
      Fri Dec 07 14:31:31 EST 2012

      Is this the 7.5 J or the 16 J Version?
      Bytkideneb R

    • @pyramydair nice ...
      Wed Apr 27 19:47:42 EDT 2011

      @pyramydair nice video! For hunting animals from sparrows and mice to grackles and the occasional squirrel, all being taken at 10 to 40 yards would you recomend this or the benjamin 392?

    • can u post one of ...
      Sun Dec 06 04:28:42 EST 2009

      can u post one of the gamo cfx

    • And, can i small ...
      Sat Oct 23 12:46:45 EDT 2010

      And, can i small game Hunt with the Airmagnum?
      ByArvid Elmberg

    • can you get it in ...
      Sat May 08 13:29:57 EDT 2010

      can you get it in england?

    • this guns so sweet
      Sun Sep 20 12:50:24 EDT 2009

      this guns so sweet

    • how long can you ...
      Fri Aug 20 23:19:41 EDT 2010

      how long can you keep the 88 gram co2 in the gun without hurting it, or how can i save the co2?

    • where can i get 1
      Wed Oct 28 06:49:38 EDT 2009

      where can i get 1
      ByDave Brookhouse

    • What gun is this? ...
      Fri Apr 19 06:32:07 EDT 2013

      What gun is this? And what did you add?
      ByChris Aguilar

    • @pyramydair Thank ...
      Wed Apr 27 21:43:36 EDT 2011

      @pyramydair Thank you! Which one has more power and which one is more accurate? By how much?

    • My walther ...
      Thu Sep 13 05:07:33 EDT 2012

      My walther dominator 1250 trigger is very heavy but it isn't creeping or anything so I think the 850 airmagnum and dominator 1250 are the best airguns you can get for under $1000
      ByCoen Barelds

    • two questions: does ...
      Wed Sep 12 15:40:57 EDT 2012

      two questions: does the compensater work and can you remove 88g cartages and still use them
      ByJoey Dell'Omo

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