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    Air Arms S410 air rifle - Airgun Reporter Episode #14

    4.659999847412109(128,302 views)

    That's an S510, not ...
    Wed Jul 09 14:35:47 EDT 2014

    That's an S510, not an S410. 4 = bolt action 5 = side lever 00 = single shot 10 = 10 shot magazine This is the case the world over. 
    By Slaeowulf

    You can't go wrong ...
    Sun Nov 17 14:24:34 EST 2013

    You can't go wrong with an Air Arms air rifle, good value and very high performing. And truly British made unlike Daystate.
    By srspower

    what air compressor ...
    Wed Feb 19 18:54:25 EST 2014

    what air compressor do you use?
    By shane perry

    He was having a bad ...
    Sat Nov 07 18:41:39 EST 2009

    He was having a bad day the S410 is the best rifle ever buy one and find out
    By Robert Clive

    @hetrodoxly but ...
    Tue Dec 14 16:08:41 EST 2010

    @hetrodoxly but doesn't the velocity decrease when there is less air in the gun than before, i only said that because one of my pcp air rifles (which i sold) did that.
    By airrifleguy

    lol thats exacly ...
    Sat Nov 14 06:39:36 EST 2009

    lol thats exacly like my s510 nice video m8
    By Marky Mark

    Bumbest shit ever. ...
    Thu Oct 15 20:55:52 EDT 2009

    Bumbest shit ever. Try using fucking bullets like a man. I'm surprised that pile of monkey shit does fire tampons.
    By raptorcommander

    Yeh i know that, ...
    Mon Sep 14 11:27:36 EDT 2009

    Yeh i know that, but over here (UK) we have a S400 which is single shot, a S410 multi shot with a bolt action and a S510 multi shot with a side lever like the gun shown in this video...
    By TPSproductionz

    You should do a vid ...
    Tue Oct 26 09:48:01 EDT 2010

    You should do a vid on the TX200! What a piece of kit! Best springer in the world in my opion!
    By hussaruk

    no, its another ...
    Tue Aug 11 09:57:37 EDT 2009

    no, its another american ignorance
    By assassin616

    Oh, I get it, the ...
    Sat Jul 27 00:06:32 EDT 2013

    Oh, I get it, the music: Classic beauty.
    By whiff1962

    un giorno sarai mia
    Fri Apr 01 04:15:42 EDT 2011

    un giorno sarai mia
    By santeusebio46

    please add the air ...
    Fri Dec 23 07:12:44 EST 2011

    please add the air arms s400 to the list ?
    By rudygoldslade

    cor blimey i bet ...
    Thu Oct 22 14:58:27 EDT 2009

    cor blimey i bet this is pricey - can anyone tell me how much it is and where i can find it?
    By Dave Brookhouse

    I just watch this ...
    Fri Sep 04 17:04:43 EDT 2009

    I just watch this review and your Evanix review on Pyramid. You take your reviews very seriously. You really have impressive testing equipment. Your videos are clear, audible and well-editted. When do we see your Aston Martin?
    By BadlndsBob

    is this semi-auto?
    Sat Jan 14 23:31:11 EST 2012

    is this semi-auto?
    By Thunkful2

    Ah ok, i just thort ...
    Fri Sep 11 04:59:54 EDT 2009

    Ah ok, i just thort that it was called the S510, my bad
    By TPSproductionz

    What is the better ...
    Sun Sep 18 05:08:27 EDT 2011

    What is the better choice to go with the air arms s410 extra fac 5.5 or the Bsa Scorpion T10 5.5 fac and why?Great vid btw!
    By joop226

    A shooting test ...
    Fri Aug 14 04:40:04 EDT 2009

    A shooting test between the S410 and Benjamin Marauder would be interesting.
    By highres01

    @airrifleguy The ...
    Tue Dec 14 09:26:51 EST 2010

    @airrifleguy The velocity doesn't change with ever shot.
    By hetrodoxly

    @gazzmilsom well it ...
    Sat Jul 17 18:53:34 EDT 2010

    @gazzmilsom well it teaches you how to shoot better because pcps have no recoil so it wont teach you how to shoot a gun with even the slightest bit of recoil.
    By airrifleguy

    I have a AA s310 ...
    Sun Jan 22 14:57:47 EST 2012

    I have a AA s310 with a s410 air cylinder due to mine being replaced at the factory and its very similar to this gun. Incredible accuracy and very smooth and reliable in its action in terms of the magazine and the bolt. I would say though anyone thinking of buying one do NOT buy a pump. Effective as they are they do not filter the air and over time you will ruin your air cylinder, as i did on mine. Use a divers tank as its air is breathable quality, it's also quicker and easier.
    By srspower

    @MisterWannabee the ...
    Sun Nov 28 05:32:43 EST 2010

    @MisterWannabee the carbines are the same power as the normal rifles
    By carnigourousplotting

    i have the aa s200, ...
    Fri Jun 19 13:43:01 EDT 2009

    i have the aa s200, the baby bro of this gun, you just get less shots per charge
    By assassin616

    @blahk1234454 y?
    Sat Mar 20 12:01:37 EDT 2010

    @blahk1234454 y?

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