Air Arms TX200 - Airgun Reporter Episode #20

It's like the ...
Wed May 13 18:14:25 EDT 2015

It's like the Americans have only just discovered tx200 lol we've been shooting these for years, British engineering! I'd have to disagree the best looking production air rifle is the AA Prosport! Alittle more refined than the tx. 
By VerminSniperUnit

Short Review?!!! ...
Wed Feb 12 12:53:21 EST 2014

Short Review?!!! Where is the rest of it???
By Daniel Delgadillo

which do you prefer ...
Wed Apr 21 10:17:30 EDT 2010

which do you prefer: the AA tx 200 or HW97K?
By pureprotea1

We went ahead and ...
Thu Aug 29 16:37:33 EDT 2013

We went ahead and removed the comment. Thanks for your support! Best, Pyramyd Air Team
By pyramydair

nice video, the TX ...
Thu Sep 17 14:03:20 EDT 2009

nice video, the TX 200 is so a nice gun, very acurate, i´m waiting for the part 2 of the video thanks!!!

Thanks!!! But i ...
Thu Sep 17 21:54:01 EDT 2009

Thanks!!! But i think you can post longuer videos in youtube i see 30 min videos in hd quality

tom gaylord??? ...
Sat Jan 15 07:06:54 EST 2011

tom gaylord??? hahahahahaha
By AIVger

u guys are dum ...
Tue Dec 14 19:10:52 EST 2010

u guys are dum asses u go and use the highest velocity pellet u can get but it only makes the gun more inaccurate.
By wyatt aschan

superb well ...
Fri Sep 16 13:54:21 EDT 2011

superb well documented,impartial,informative, lots more please "what about theoben rapid 7"?. From Paul Wilson united kingdom.
By Paul Wilson

could you pull ...
Wed Dec 29 13:32:40 EST 2010

could you pull those shots with a gamo big cat 1200 or a Walther Falcon Hunter Edition
By Waseem

If you had to ...
Tue May 18 22:03:03 EDT 2010

If you had to choose between the Gamo Whisper deluxe and the Air Arms TX200 TK3, which one will you choose and why ? ( Money is not an issue) because I was thinking of buying a Gamo whisper but I came across the Air Arms and I thought it might be better and probably last longer
By Teban101

do not know where ...
Fri Aug 23 16:48:18 EDT 2013

do not know where comments came from about tom and Paul not done by myself! this channel can only assume been hacked.
By Paul Wilson

One last question, ...
Tue May 18 23:30:59 EDT 2010

One last question, the Air Arms TX200 TK3 that you currently have on the webpage comes with UK power restrictions (max 12 ft/lb) or it comes whithout it ?
By Teban101

Definitely not find ...
Fri Feb 01 22:37:20 EST 2013

Definitely not find it anywhere the other part of beyond 5:03. And I'm dying to see it. Where I can see it?
By Alejandro Silva A.

Hey Paul, what's ...
Sat Jul 21 16:42:03 EDT 2012

Hey Paul, what's better, the TX200 or the HW97? They're both similar but what's the difference and what rifle is better?
By chivadecorazon1598

The TX200 is tHe ...
Wed Jan 26 23:35:50 EST 2011

The TX200 is tHe only air rifle that you buy it and put a scope and leave it the way it is out of the box PERIOD. No need for anything else, adjust the trigger to your liking and nothing else but shoot. Do not go cheap on the scope because it can reach out!!! WAAAAAAAY OUT. I own two tx's .22 and .177 both walnut finish.
By martinboyz

It's a heavy rifle ...
Wed Mar 21 19:07:29 EDT 2012

It's a heavy rifle but I just can't seem to lust after getting any other springer, what's the point in changing? HW97 is its closest rival and it's a case of do you want english or german engineering? (I have 2 other guns by Weihrauch and are excellent, high quality air weapons) My TX amazes me every time I take it out. Be it doing some casual hft, small game or plinking. For me it is more than worth the asking price and I would only trade up when Air Arms bring out a MK4 version.
By nick141166

weirauch butcher ...
Fri Dec 18 05:42:51 EST 2009

weirauch butcher their springs to meet uk law, and do not dress the end. AA make their rifles to be the best quality using the correct parts. im not knocking weirauch, i own a hw45. the tx is the best spring rifle ive owned on par with the pcp's ive owned for accuracy
By liddy85

Ok another question ...
Tue May 18 19:55:55 EDT 2010

Ok another question, so on the accessories page, the Leapers 5th Gen 3-9x50 AO Mil-Dot Rifle Scope with R/G Reticle, 1" Tube could fit on the Leapers Accushot 1" Rings, High, 9.5-11.5mm Dovetail ? Both are on the Accessories page of the Right-hand beech stock cal .177.
By Teban101

bummer :S
Fri Sep 18 18:50:57 EDT 2009

bummer :S

Wr is the second ...
Fri Dec 07 18:53:23 EST 2012

Wr is the second part???
By Alejandro Silva A.

'same as pau"... ...
Mon Apr 09 11:35:20 EDT 2012

'same as pau"... Wilson by any chance..?
By Alan Nunn

wow i see the full ...
Fri Sep 18 19:06:37 EDT 2009

wow i see the full video and i am completelly blow away!!! is so accuratte, made a great group testing the trigger pull!!! and so quiet to, i am gonna get one of these thanks

Did they have a ...
Fri May 17 22:13:13 EDT 2013

Did they have a fight after 5 minutes or something? Please give us the other portion of this video.
By Mitchell Thomas

please do a review ...
Thu Sep 17 19:57:06 EDT 2009

please do a review on the walther falcon hunter in.25cal. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssseeee Pyramid air I beg of you
By dirtrox72

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