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    Crosman 1377 multi-pump air pistol - Airgun Reporter Episode #75

    4.920000076293945(70,054 views)

    Stop barrel twist/ ...
    Thu Feb 26 00:02:22 EST 2015

    Stop barrel twist/shift and mount any size scope with the crosman 459MT intermounts. For this and any 1377/22 fix barrel twist/shift by gluing the barrel on [after sighting in and adjusting] with Loctite GO2 Glue - a simple 1" spacer of glue at the breech and 1/2" at the muzzle will do. Also tighten up the loose space under the intermount feet [it has about 0.020" of play] by gluing a postage stamp size shim under each intermount made from an old credit card or thin plastic bottle. The GO2 glue is easy to build up in layers and easy to remove with a sharp skewer stick or sharpened popsicle stick.
    By John Brewer

    I just purchased ...
    Thu Dec 18 20:17:02 EST 2014

    I just purchased the 1322 .22 cal version. Honestly for the price nothing comes close. Has enough power, and love how it does feel like a pcp when you shoot. For some reason I don't like spring air rifles due to the dannnngggg sound it makes. Even the nitro air rifles have that spring sound and vibration. PCP's are so awesome but require so much pumping via hand pump and using a scuba tank is just a bit too costly. Definitely this gun is awesome.
    By Aldo Rini

    how much is that ...
    Wed Oct 22 01:39:08 EDT 2014

    how much is that gun?
    By happy cat

    The reason why I do ...
    Sat Mar 08 17:16:54 EST 2014

    The reason why I do not like pyramydair, is because they charge lot in regards to of shipping and the majority of the guns are 10 dollars "above" il cost. I also asked there help desk in regards to air rifle models that they sell and only got "buy this one" response.. out of the several models that they have in stock. It's best to "shop around".
    By Pine Tree

    Please review ...
    Thu Apr 10 15:44:20 EDT 2014

    Please review Webley Alecto Ultra air pistol
    By Bora Tahtalı

    Correct me if I am ...
    Fri Feb 14 09:33:07 EST 2014

    Correct me if I am wrong, though is not the .22 version older than the .177? I thought this series went in the order: first 130, next 137, next 1300, next 1322, and finally 1377, that is as to time of introduction.
    By 2289g AirGunning

    nice review,I will ...
    Sun Jan 08 16:37:29 EST 2012

    nice review,I will by it for sure!
    By krysks04

    Can you swap iron ...
    Thu Aug 02 15:20:28 EDT 2012

    Can you swap iron sights to fiber optics
    By Leif Pikkarainen

    Could this be used ...
    Thu Sep 27 08:57:24 EDT 2012

    Could this be used to take out small pests like squairles and rabbits if it was up close?
    By TheRebelEye

    I do not recommend ...
    Tue Jan 03 08:39:32 EST 2012

    I do not recommend those inter-mounts for anything with any kind of weight. The weight of a scope has a lot of leverage against the transfer port, possibly damaging it or the seal in the pump tube, plastic breech, and messing with POI etc. I suggest getting a steel breech from crossman or a 3rd party seller. These are dovetailed for optics. I would rather crosman find a better way to mount the breech to the gun or stuff the Marauder pistol/match pistol trigger group in the frame.
    By Madkoifish

    I hope they do make ...
    Mon Jan 02 22:47:19 EST 2012

    I hope they do make it in .22 That would make it a great little close range pest gun.
    By spartencamp

    We I was a teenager ...
    Tue Jan 03 18:33:02 EST 2012

    We I was a teenager I had the one with the sliding breech. Wish I still had it. For now I have the new one.
    By rob kuhnke

    I love my 1377 .
    Mon Jun 25 03:27:02 EDT 2012

    I love my 1377 .
    By Gixxer983

    Crosman sells a ...
    Sat Jan 21 19:15:56 EST 2012

    Crosman sells a steel breech which has 11 mm dovetails cut into it. It improves accuracy and gives you a stable base for a heavier scope. Those inter mounts are pieces of junk
    By 1111flyfish

    Is there any other ...
    Mon Jul 02 18:49:47 EDT 2012

    Is there any other kind of oil that i can use for my 1322? Pellgunoil is super hard to get over here in the netherlands... Its weird since most stores over here do sell pneumatic air rifles but dont have the oil... So is there any kind of oil that could replace it?
    By noodle050

    Thanks Paul,an ...
    Mon Jan 23 16:38:13 EST 2012

    Thanks Paul,an excellent clip on the 1377!I always assumed Crosman air pistols were so-so til I owned one of these.I have the phase 2 1377,without the breach bolt.The valve had been drilled,for the Canadian or UK market I think,to tone the velocity to under 500fps.I used liquid solder to fill the hole,and its now shooting really hard :) I use it several times a week,fun,and accurate.I can get bullseyes at 7meters with this pistol :)
    By Moonie Parone

    Hi Paul. I'm ...
    Mon Jan 09 22:46:52 EST 2012

    Hi Paul. I'm converting my 1377 to .22, wich a steel breench. Will it have the same FPS speed than the 1322? Thank you, love your videos!!!
    By NeoAndersonn

    @NeoAndersonn: ...
    Wed Jan 11 16:25:57 EST 2012

    @NeoAndersonn: depends. if you put a 24" barrel in it, it will get around 550 fps, 600 or something with a flat top piston.
    By GLC jonsan308

    Its more about the ...
    Thu Jul 05 12:13:55 EDT 2012

    Its more about the seals... Some oils aint that great for seals
    By noodle050

    When I was a kid I ...
    Tue Jan 03 17:59:16 EST 2012

    When I was a kid I remember these didn't have a bolt action but had some weird breach cover you had to turn and slide back to load. I thought back then they were more powerful than 500fps? Or maybe I just thought they were because we used to do stupid fool things like over pump them 20 times? lol
    By Robert Tube

    @pyramydair Yes but ...
    Tue Jan 10 08:32:45 EST 2012

    @pyramydair Yes but since I convert it to .22 do you think the converted 1377 will shoot arround 500 fps like the original 1322?
    By NeoAndersonn

    If I want it in .22 ...
    Tue Jan 03 00:42:38 EST 2012

    If I want it in .22 I can just switch the barrel and breech right? Then upgrade both :)
    By rob kuhnke

    @Klainapeda i shoot ...
    Tue Jan 03 11:36:01 EST 2012

    @Klainapeda i shoot real guns all the time. Its just fun to hunt with pellet guns because its more challenging
    By beastlyepicness

    @ve2vfd I boughtthe ...
    Mon Feb 13 00:08:53 EST 2012

    @ve2vfd I boughtthe 1322 on feb 11 and it has a bolt like the 1377. There are minor cosmetic differences but it is just like my 1377.
    By roninpride

    Same question, only ...
    Tue Jun 11 11:23:16 EDT 2013

    Same question, only for Europe. Could not find an answer on the website or on the forum.
    By slokkie

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