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    AirForce TalonP PCP Pistol - Airgun Reporter Episode #76

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    • also bon im not ...
      Thu Jan 24 10:10:27 EST 2013

      also bon im not sure exactly where you live but the UK has a sub12 limit. meaning you cant go over 12 ft/lbe without a permit or license of some sort i think is the rule. i dont know i dont live in europe. but check laws before you go trying to order this as it may be illegal and these are really loud. and spendy. just saying but a benjamin marauder pistol is a amazing buy and are super accurate. mag fed so its bolt action repeater not single shot. and has more air capacity but smaller cals
      ByPatrick Munson

    • AirForce, If it was ...
      Thu Feb 14 18:49:12 EST 2013

      AirForce, If it was repeater - I would have it from long time. Consider bigger air source too (might be optional) Also what is the possibility for silencer?

    • Do a .25 benjamin ...
      Tue Jan 10 17:00:42 EST 2012

      Do a .25 benjamin marauder review please.

    • Great work Paul ATB ...
      Tue Jan 10 12:09:26 EST 2012

      Great work Paul ATB Malc CPTV

    • I would like to see ...
      Mon Feb 13 12:12:27 EST 2012

      I would like to see a review of the AirForce Condor.
      BySpecialHam Sauce

    • @mrcrazymcg yes it ...
      Sun Mar 04 16:15:07 EST 2012

      @mrcrazymcg yes it should

    • is this gun hard to ...
      Mon Feb 13 00:35:05 EST 2012

      is this gun hard to pump?
      ByMikey MaT

    • I have a 3000 psi ...
      Tue Feb 21 15:53:18 EST 2012

      I have a 3000 psi paintball air tank. Will the co2 adaptor work?

    • the web site ...
      Sun Feb 12 15:10:37 EST 2012

      the web site pyramydair doesn't work

    • Hello Pyramyd Air, ...
      Thu Mar 14 20:03:42 EDT 2013

      Hello Pyramyd Air, why does the FPS on this gun (talonp) go down so drastically when running on Co2 versus the high pressure air? Is Co2 inherently weaker?

    • Any place to see a ...
      Tue Apr 16 15:54:57 EDT 2013

      Any place to see a resume chart?
      ByPatricio Reinoso

    • how much does it ...
      Mon Jul 15 02:58:37 EDT 2013

      how much does it cost,if you don't mind me asking,Sir?
      Byahmet uslu

      Sun Jul 22 06:41:42 EDT 2012


    • Can it take down a ...
      Sun Aug 26 10:18:33 EDT 2012

      Can it take down a hog lie the gamo 25 cal hunter extreme air rife

    • Those kills were on ...
      Fri Jun 29 13:48:34 EDT 2012

      Those kills were on hpa with tanks supplied by airforce airguns not the paintball tanks. Note that the talpn p uses a different pressure valve than even the condor (direct flow vs hi-flo)

    • I am interested in ...
      Wed Jan 23 11:35:50 EST 2013

      I am interested in this pistol. I wonder how effect range is this pistol, for group of 2-3cm? Sorry for my bad english, hihi!
      ByBốn Lê Văn

    • 20 shots not bad ...
      Sat Aug 10 13:53:38 EDT 2013

      20 shots not bad thats about how many i get with my condor ss .25 before it falls off. to loud for me though. i have the talon ss also in .22 they are both probably quieter than 103. but if you want quiet my benjamin trail is by far the quietest airgun i have except my daisy red ryder yes i still have mine from when i was a kid and i havent shot my eye out but did hit myself in the forehead once.

    • I have that gun I ...
      Tue Jan 10 08:41:05 EST 2012

      I have that gun I hate it I use the m_ rod pistol more

    • do a AirArms S200 ...
      Tue Jan 10 12:30:35 EST 2012

      do a AirArms S200 review, its a neat lil rifle

    • hola, que autonomia ...
      Tue Apr 03 11:03:32 EDT 2012

      hola, que autonomia de disparo tiene a maxima potencia? se puede poner el deposito del condor? gracias
      ByMartin Sosa Ortiz

    • Хороший пистолет, ...
      Tue Jan 10 04:23:35 EST 2012

      Хороший пистолет, молодцы изобретатели !

    • If you click the ...
      Tue Jul 23 11:36:33 EDT 2013

      If you click the link below the video, you will be able to see the price and MUCH more! Thanks, Pyramyd Air Team

    • they need a ...
      Tue Jan 10 21:43:20 EST 2012

      they need a magazine for this gun

    • @JMR120600 I've got ...
      Tue Jan 10 13:39:31 EST 2012

      @JMR120600 I've got one and I just LOVE it!

    • Do the Maddog ...
      Fri Oct 04 23:02:43 EDT 2013

      Do the Maddog Ultima Stocks fit the Talon P?
      ByEdwards SistersHands

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