Browning 800 Express Magnum air pistol - Airgun Reporter Episode #21

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I just bought one ...
Fri Apr 10 15:21:12 EDT 2015

I just bought one with a Leapers bug scope. Run rats!
By John Glendenning

Wow Crosman ...
Fri Aug 08 01:58:44 EDT 2014

Wow Crosman basically toke this gun and put a nitro piston in it and call it there own
By ethan harrison

It's on my MUST ...
Tue Apr 08 10:04:48 EDT 2014

It's on my MUST HAVE list! Already have its little brother, the Buck Mark URX, I'm very satisfied with it!
By Pedropal Hu

Would a Walther ...
Wed Nov 25 17:14:53 EST 2009

Would a Walther multi-Reticle sight be good for this gun?
By Videoboythe1st

pretty informative ...
Tue Apr 05 19:31:19 EDT 2011

pretty informative review, well done, accuracy, power and noise levels...
By mr bad example

hey, great videos! ...
Sat Sep 25 19:13:33 EDT 2010

hey, great videos! i really need help for choosing an air rifle my budget is around $200, no more then $250. I'd love an easy to cock, high quality and accurate air rifle. im quite short so im looking for a small air rifle... do you have any ideas? thks!
By TheEpicCrash

i took of the auto ...
Tue Aug 02 21:17:44 EDT 2011

i took of the auto safety by simply takeing a screw in the gun
By PEping1011

Great stuff guys ...
Thu Oct 06 21:39:01 EDT 2011

Great stuff guys keep it up. I would like to see a 1377c up here though. Im sure it would get some great feedback as well.
By Robocorps2

Hello a quick ...
Sat Dec 17 04:13:47 EST 2011

Hello a quick question if someone can help.. What is the fastest air gun available shooting the highest fps?
By vernadoon

have you shot a ...
Sat Jan 15 21:59:33 EST 2011

have you shot a real gun yet????
By Grant Paradis

@pyramydair But ...
Sun Sep 18 00:19:24 EDT 2011

@pyramydair But when I look in your catalog, it says discontinued!
By nezpercenathan

I've got a question ...
Sun Mar 28 12:58:13 EDT 2010

I've got a question... When are you going to make a review of the HW45 or the HW40? Because that review would help me very much!
By philippen93

Why do you ...
Thu Jul 01 17:51:22 EDT 2010

Why do you pronounce walther valter? Good review 5/5
By Tunechi Lee

I'd like to see a ...
Mon May 16 15:18:15 EDT 2011

I'd like to see a test of this in .22 Cal. also.
By nezpercenathan

God I've wanted ...
Thu Mar 29 09:11:15 EDT 2012

God I've wanted this thing for ages, and have never had enough money to buy it... Eh guess theres next decade...
By gromann

sure could, but you ...
Thu Dec 17 06:47:40 EST 2009

sure could, but you shouldnt try it with a .177 it will leave the animal in pain unless u get that perfect shot, but meh ur choice
By scottishkiwi23

on a pneumatic you ...
Fri May 25 18:06:49 EDT 2012

on a pneumatic you dont need it ,but in an air pistol with a powerfull spring it can increase accuracy.
By bassetter1

has some power ...
Sat Jul 03 20:11:38 EDT 2010

has some power behind it but it looks useless for what it is... gimi a rifle or a pistol, not something in between... lol
By Adam lancaster

pistol looks huge ...
Sat Oct 30 03:03:51 EDT 2010

pistol looks huge O.O
By SensesFail27

Another good review ...
Sun Sep 13 21:28:02 EDT 2009

Another good review. Although I have something to complain about as always lol. I like seeing the groups on paper. Its kind of hard to see what's going on with the Shoot N' See targets.
By phgHunter

You can hunt with ...
Tue Aug 06 17:30:45 EDT 2013

You can hunt with this. But you need .22
By Eric Deplata

(1gamoguy) I know ...
Wed Feb 16 19:00:19 EST 2011

(1gamoguy) I know they are real I have a Gamo big cat 1200, and I have seen a 700fps rifle kill a deer at 25yards on YouTube. But the assholes think u should try to get a 50bmg sniperifle which u cann't get inless u go to military, and have $3,000 to $10,000.00.
By blackjacklover70

hey paul, just ...
Wed Apr 28 17:43:38 EDT 2010

hey paul, just purchased a marauder .25 cal. Thanks for all your reviews and making my decision easy,it gets here friday and i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By frog45678

Could you do ...
Mon Dec 07 18:24:12 EST 2009

Could you do penetration test with the gamo red fire pellets
By Videoboythe1st

Oh and do you know ...
Sun Dec 06 22:51:43 EST 2009

Oh and do you know the gamo red fire pellets? well do you think they wold be good with this good plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz write back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Videoboythe1st

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