Leapers 5th Gen 3-9x40AO rifle scope with red/green mil-dot reticle & 1" tube - Airgun Reporter Episode #17

You think this ...
Tue Sep 23 17:06:18 EDT 2014

You think this scope can resist the recoil of a hatsan 125?
By alberto correa

number of ...
Sun May 04 23:09:03 EDT 2014

number of telescopic sight that uses the stoeger x5
By Gilberto Herrera Elizondo

Is leapers a good ...
Thu Feb 06 22:25:10 EST 2014

Is leapers a good scope company?? Could it fit a gamo bone collector
By Dominic Duran

Can is scope zeroin ...
Tue Jan 19 18:29:38 EST 2010

Can is scope zeroin at 10 to 15 yards. My yard is only 10 to 12 yards.I need a good scope for my crosman stormxt
By Teamwolf7777

Thanks Paul & ...
Fri Oct 08 20:27:25 EDT 2010

Thanks Paul & Pyramydair. I spent a lot of time trying to find a good scope that will not break on my diana 54. I think I just found it.
By Luai Ghazali

Ist this an Air ...
Sun May 23 13:47:02 EDT 2010

Ist this an Air Rifle only Scope?
By ciscodiaz28

what rail system ...
Mon Nov 08 20:42:34 EST 2010

what rail system would you need to mount this on a daisy powerline 901 air rifle
By Mohamad Sareini

guys i have this ...
Fri Jun 29 22:50:37 EDT 2012

guys i have this scope and i just really really need to know how to change the batteries on it please help!
By kill3r100456

@pyramydair Do you ...
Wed Jun 16 03:09:20 EDT 2010

@pyramydair Do you know if the leapers 4-16x50 can be mounted on the gamo big cat stock rings or are they too small?

would this work on ...
Sun Nov 14 23:58:13 EST 2010

would this work on a Crossman Phantom 1000? I heard it comes with 22mm rings, if so I'll need to buy the 11mm... what size is the scope, 30mm or 1 inch?
By BlankMindStudios

Will this hold up ...
Thu Apr 21 10:03:56 EDT 2011

Will this hold up to 30-06 recoil?
By testify221

I have the leapers ...
Sat Jul 14 17:41:27 EDT 2012

I have the leapers 3-12 swat but I cant zero it, its always a few inches too low even on full elavation, I've tried putting a few shims under the mount but I'm still an inch out, is that a common problem with leapers scopes or is it a faulty one? its on a 177 springer.
By darkscent83

Can this scope ...
Tue Jan 19 19:09:35 EST 2010

Can this scope focus at 10 yards.
By Teamwolf7777

how long is this in ...
Thu Dec 31 16:02:25 EST 2009

how long is this in inches with the sucshade on? and in the video you say, "it has mil-dots if you care to use those" does that mean it has another set of crosshairs or what? i order thisacouple days ago and it isnt here yet, so i wondered.
By Harrison Stanish Fitness

im considering this ...
Fri Jan 15 17:59:45 EST 2010

im considering this scope for my rws 34. can anyone tell me how high my mounts should be? would you recommend sing or double mounts? i will have the weaver rail/ droop compensator and don't want the scope higher then necessary. are leapers and centerpoint the same? thanks guys.
By i23intheplace2b

I have the exact ...
Tue Jun 19 01:34:27 EDT 2012

I have the exact same thing just by center point. Where I live center point seems to be the standard although every one seems to think they are no good! Any way I have it mounted on my benjamin marauder pcp air pistol. I think that is a good choice for it since I do not shoot at a distances of more than 50 yards with it. For this kind of a distance this scope is great and I can get a real close up of the game I am shooting.
By Lyecdevf

@pyramydair hey ...
Mon Nov 29 21:04:20 EST 2010

@pyramydair hey thanks a lot for the fast reply! ur alot of help thank you.
By ben tbird

Would this scope ...
Sun Jun 23 12:56:29 EDT 2013

Would this scope fit on a Mod. L96 MB01C's rail?
By MrEpicCraftler

Alright, have you ...
Tue Oct 04 17:52:47 EDT 2011

Alright, have you tested/shot the rifle? Do you know of it's accuracy capabilities? Any recommended pellets or anything particular?
By John Butler

What do you think ...
Tue Sep 20 23:16:10 EDT 2011

What do you think about the leapers 6-24x50?
By bassetthound2008

go for leupold M4, ...
Tue Oct 27 16:18:53 EDT 2009

go for leupold M4, when you want more quality or less money.
By Oxstayne

Do you suppose a ...
Mon Oct 03 22:48:42 EDT 2011

Do you suppose a 4x16 would be even better? There's not to much of a price difference
By John Butler

@pyramydair Thanks ...
Tue Nov 02 06:40:37 EDT 2010

@pyramydair Thanks for the review, i went ahead and purchased the scope. I must say great features for the price. I havnt dialed it in at the range yet. quick question: what way do i turn the turret to raise my point of elevation? clockwise or counterclockwise? and what way to go left on the windage? couldnt find that in the manual. thanks.
By dirtyminded604

I was more ...
Mon Oct 03 23:18:15 EDT 2011

I was more interested in a 2 pound or less trigger pull, possibly a light sear spring? Or take apart assembly and deburr and lube? I don't have a spring compression device so it has to be only trigger assembly
By John Butler

It would be fine to ...
Fri Oct 01 23:00:04 EDT 2010

It would be fine to put on a hatsan mod 125? It "kicks" a lot when i fire and i would like to know if it will harm this scope(it is shockproof enough?)! Thanks a lot in advance for your answer!
By grmrdrifter

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