Beretta PX4 CO2 pistol - Airgun Reporter Episode #16

I've even hunted ...
Fri Nov 22 21:28:37 EST 2013

I've even hunted anything with this weapon at close range, I killed some furry rodent ,this gun is nice 
By jKirlys hyggelig funmyr

Hello, Comparison ...
Sat Dec 14 04:26:43 EST 2013

Hello, Comparison between UMAREX BERETTA PX4 and GAMO PT-85 which is better? (accurancy,power,matterials'/fuction quality)
By DimitrisGR8

you can leave the ...
Fri Sep 16 19:41:30 EDT 2011

you can leave the co2 cartridge Beretta PX4 Storm in for a few days?
By eliglow

i like this one ...
Thu Oct 15 23:02:33 EDT 2009

i like this one because its blowback... But i prefer the Beretta Elite 2 because is the most powerfull
By Evangelista Angel Herasme

great gun.. good ...
Thu Mar 22 18:08:13 EDT 2012

great gun.. good accuracy... good kickback for the first 20 rounds... good power.. aproximately 3 joules
By Globe Trotter

@saruso1994 what a ...
Sat Jul 02 15:24:05 EDT 2011

@saruso1994 what a shame, here in greece even if you give to your small brother a rocket launcher nothing would happend...
By psofa lanirdoxesmenogupto

Gamo pt85 or ...
Wed Mar 07 03:16:39 EST 2012

Gamo pt85 or beretta px4 storm??
By Millo

@najeebputhiyallam ...
Sun Feb 13 12:13:06 EST 2011

@najeebputhiyallam of course it hurts! BB's friking hurt, and they r plastic. Pellets could probabaly give you a deep gash, so don't shoot anyone!
By Cuming For You

Question for ya: ...
Sat Aug 17 20:06:52 EDT 2013

Question for ya: Why is it that you were getting roughly the same velocities even when using the heavier pellets?
By TNT Productions

@barrettrifles no, ...
Wed Jun 01 07:50:35 EDT 2011

@barrettrifles no, belgian, just west to germany
By saruso1994

@dennisbitas yeah, ...
Sat Jul 02 05:02:45 EDT 2011

@dennisbitas yeah, but still, it really looks more fun xD
By saruso1994

You can get 50-60 ...
Fri Aug 26 02:05:20 EDT 2011

You can get 50-60 shots per co2 but you have to wait atleast 3-5 seconds each shot so the pressure in the co2 doesn't decrease asmuch. Also I left my co2 in my gun for a week and long that 24-36hrs which can result in damage to the valve. Can anyone tell me if it should still be good or replace with warrenty?
By Transeraphic

@batlad Thank you ...
Wed Mar 17 22:50:57 EDT 2010

@batlad Thank you for clarifying this to me!
By ecam90

@pyramydair What ...
Tue Dec 21 19:37:38 EST 2010

@pyramydair What about an air rifle for under 200?
By SinOfYesterd

@pyramydair Do you ...
Mon Jan 17 00:46:25 EST 2011

@pyramydair Do you know where I could get some extra magazines?
By thatgoodtye

Can you make a ...
Mon Dec 26 12:36:12 EST 2011

Can you make a review of the Beretta Cx4 Storm?
By eliglow

@saruso1994 no dude ...
Tue Jun 28 15:46:28 EDT 2011

@saruso1994 no dude, i know that a laser is very good for plinking!! i'm talking for your country, that's why i'm saying if you're able to kill a person with just a laser, becaus i'm wondering why it is forbiden!! :)
By psofa lanirdoxesmenogupto

Thu Feb 11 20:23:11 EST 2010

By spiceyvideo

should i get the ...
Thu Dec 30 00:11:44 EST 2010

should i get the px4 storm or the daisy grizzly 880 rifle
By mancilla903

@pyramydair cool. ...
Sun Apr 03 12:19:40 EDT 2011

@pyramydair cool. thnx
By Afiso

Wed Oct 10 03:09:33 EDT 2012

By Buzitch

Hello, I am ...
Thu Feb 25 12:17:07 EST 2010

Hello, I am currently looking at your website for a CO2 blowback gun. I have yet to decide on which one though, and I really like the Beretta PX4, but I'm trying to decide on which one: PX4, the Walther CP99 or the Crossman Pro77. PLEASE enlighten me on which is the best option, for accuracy and just overall quality. (Price is not a problem since they are all around the same price.) Thank you and G-r-e-a-t website.
By ecam90

@saruso1994 why? ...
Mon Jun 27 16:31:42 EDT 2011

@saruso1994 why? are you able to kill a person with a laser?! LOL!!
By psofa lanirdoxesmenogupto

@dennisbitas ok, ...
Mon Jul 04 11:56:20 EDT 2011

@dennisbitas ok, thanks, if i buy one, it will be the beretta 92fs, the colt m1911 a1 or the cp99, the same quality
By saruso1994

which is the limit ...
Sat Sep 03 20:24:50 EDT 2011

which is the limit of shoots for a co2 tank
By eliglow

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