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    Hammerli Pneuma - Airgun Reporter Episode #10

    • 5   ( 43,688 views )

    • pneuma has way more ...
      Wed Apr 25 03:40:01 EDT 2012

      pneuma has way more power and probably more accurate too

    • Is that not just a ...
      Fri Sep 07 12:24:32 EDT 2012

      Is that not just a hatsan AT 44?

    • is this rifle left ...
      Sat Mar 03 04:01:15 EST 2012

      is this rifle left and right handed
      ByGuns In Shadow

    • These videos are ...
      Mon Sep 09 22:59:06 EDT 2013

      These videos are always longer and more in depth when Paul likes the brand of rifle he's supposed to review. I think he doesn't like eating crow so he won't build up a lesser known brand of rifles. Especially one that isn't American made. Even the cheap junk Crosman makes gets a better review from Paul. I guess you shine better if you're comparing silver to copper. The Hammerli does shoot as good as or better than most Crosman rifles and really knocks the feathers off of crows with authority. ;)

    • will this fit a ...
      Fri Sep 16 17:14:56 EDT 2011

      will this fit a repeater clip?

    • I went to the ...
      Wed Mar 11 20:57:08 EDT 2009

      I went to the pyramidair page. I couldnt find any longer of a video, you know how you ussualy have a 20 minute one. Ive been looking at this rifle.

    • Yes these reviews ...
      Mon May 04 01:49:44 EDT 2009

      Yes these reviews need to be longer and more throughout covering both calibers!When the reviews are so short and cover very few points its almost as if they are trying to hide something. lets be honest and transparent its time for the Airgun industry to give the consumer what it needs and deserves for their hard earned dollars or whatever currency is used.

    • annoying music ...
      Thu Mar 12 12:50:08 EDT 2009

      annoying music unnecessary

    • As usual, great ...
      Fri Jan 25 13:36:18 EST 2013

      As usual, great Video Mr. Capello. I have 4 PCP Airguns, Marauder, Discovery, Condor and the Hammerli Pneuma 10. All in .177 caliber except for the Marauder that is .22.Its very hard to tell you which one is more accurate but I get groups of less than 1" at 50 yards with my Hammerli. Install an air stripper and you will get several shots in the same hole. I guaranty you. I use a 6-24X50 Leaper's scope and you can hit the target at 75 yards easily. I mean easily! Amazing gun.
      ByKito Grova

    • yea it defintely ...
      Wed Apr 25 13:36:40 EDT 2012

      yea it defintely looks better. But you have to pay for the extra quality of course. The pneuma Elite 10 with 10 shot magazine you can find it for $289, and the single shot version $249. They had refurbished single shot pneumas online for $189 free shipping 2 days ago.

    • Benjamin Marauder . ...
      Mon Apr 18 11:36:39 EDT 2011

      Benjamin Marauder .22 vs. Hammerli Pneuma .22 What would be your decision?

    • Hi Paul!
      Sun Aug 28 20:07:39 EDT 2011

      Hi Paul!

    • hows the open ...
      Sun Oct 23 13:12:44 EDT 2011

      hows the open sights on it? and how much are the magazines for the pneuma elite 10?
      ByBryan F

    • thats a cool video ...
      Fri Oct 16 06:53:48 EDT 2009

      thats a cool video but I"m from and we don't have any of those so would I be able to ship in a gun thx

    • Ywat pump for gun
      Wed May 09 17:06:46 EDT 2012

      Ywat pump for gun

    • @pyramydair thank ...
      Mon Oct 24 16:08:27 EDT 2011

      @pyramydair thank you
      ByBryan F

    • @pyramydair yea i ...
      Mon Oct 24 06:58:36 EDT 2011

      @pyramydair yea i already checked the website the only ones that appear are the ones for the hammerli 850 the co2 version
      ByBryan F

    • @pyramydair would i ...
      Sat Sep 17 09:49:23 EDT 2011

      @pyramydair would i just be able to add a 10 round clip to the one that is like $300 instead of buying with a clip for $360?

    • Haha thanks for the ...
      Wed Apr 25 11:32:27 EDT 2012

      Haha thanks for the comment man but I bought one already. An Air Arms s410 really great gun! If you'r intersted look at my video's. Wat better that he maruader or the pneuma

    • So anyone know how ...
      Tue Sep 01 00:09:26 EDT 2009

      So anyone know how fast the .22cal model actually shoots?
      ByJoel Goodz

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