AirForce Condor CO2 air rifle - Airgun Reporter Episode #9

uh yea sometimes, ...
Wed Nov 04 21:44:00 EST 2009

uh yea sometimes, and who cares you can shoot outside in the great outdoors learning how to take wind as a factor. By the way, if you are trying to antagonize the potential buyer, it doesn't help your sales. Personally I'm all for airguns, but a lot of the time if its possible to actually use .22 is a better option, using it in real firearms (learning to acquaint yourself) guns can be cheaper with more capability and if ammo is cheaper than co2, its is most definatetly better.
By Alex Shypula

yeah yyou make a ...
Wed Sep 30 19:59:50 EDT 2009

yeah yyou make a good point too i think i look at it that way because i live in tennessee and i can shoot in my back yard all day haha i just got finished cleanin my .45 acp but yeuh i guess if i still lived in south florida i would end up getting one how much to they run for because these guys are spittin out alot of numbers
By Booboo0811

You spent $600 on a ...
Sun Oct 18 00:38:17 EDT 2009

You spent $600 on a Co2 Gun?!?!
By Eric3575

american made?? at ...
Thu May 13 12:49:56 EDT 2010

american made?? at firts i would buy it but now.. (NOT ON THIS LIFE TIME). I'd rather buy some old school out dated air rifle made by germans or russians then this!!
By JohnJaggerJack

id rather go with a ...
Sat Nov 07 16:53:50 EST 2009

id rather go with a real .22 more power. i don't think being able to shoot in a basement would be much fun, especially since the condor is more for long range and most basements are relatively small.
By Bikerboy1282

1:28 makes it look ...
Fri Nov 13 21:51:57 EST 2009

1:28 makes it look like a repeater of sorts.... That was using a different rifle right?
By JasonEldur

Just buy a ruger . ...
Tue Mar 29 17:31:20 EDT 2011

Just buy a ruger .22, its cheaper and more powerful.
By Desomorphine

because, believe it ...
Wed Sep 30 20:20:27 EDT 2009

because, believe it or not, people compete with pellet guns just like any other target shooting.
By lvcsslacker

you know this gun ...
Mon Mar 02 11:23:11 EST 2009

you know this gun is like 2000$ and its Co2, thats bullshit.
By jiclejicle0

Where can you get ...
Mon May 04 19:49:11 EDT 2009

Where can you get this gun for anywhere near $400?
By yahmerica

i have a gew 88 and ...
Wed Oct 14 22:23:01 EDT 2009

i have a gew 88 and 600+ rounds of 8mm mauser and i can drop an animal ten times that size and ten times the distance and it only cost me 200 bucks i win
By FuckTheFreaks

Being a felon, ( ...
Fri Nov 13 21:56:57 EST 2009

Being a felon, (when I was younger I got caught with 3 fake $20 bills so) I can't "legally" be in possession of a 'fire'arm... But we have squirrels around the house...and, well, you can fill in the rest.. I think air rifles will become more and more popular as gun laws become more and more stringent
By JasonEldur

Most people would ...
Thu Jul 07 11:58:08 EDT 2011

Most people would think that it is better off to buy a 22lr. However, my condor is more accurate at long range than my ruger 22 target model, plus with an air gun, you dont have to worry about richochets or hitting omeones house from 2 miles away. Much safer to shoot in crowded areas
By Pray Spud

Thanks for the ...
Wed Dec 02 11:39:09 EST 2009

Thanks for the heads up. that would suck. I'd looked at some fed. regs. that didn't even consider muzzle loaders as 'firearms' so long as they were antiques, go figure. thanks again
By JasonEldur

I have the blue one ...
Fri Nov 05 14:09:45 EDT 2010

I have the blue one. Best air rifle ever.
By Bo White

looks nice but ill ...
Mon Oct 26 19:47:25 EDT 2009

looks nice but ill stick with my tack driving gamo hunter 220
By olchevyman

Did you chrony the ...
Sat Nov 21 15:07:20 EST 2009

Did you chrony the Condor running on HPA? I bet the Velocity was so much higher than with Co2.
By spiceyvideo

Yea its single shot ...
Wed Nov 04 22:49:10 EST 2009

Yea its single shot pneumatic (not spring) Co2's are nice and all because they are repeating. but for the price piston pneumatic guns shooter at a higher velocity. but a high pressure system on a gun like this condor should match or out do pneumatic's I've got some Co2 rifles and pistols, but they arn't as fun as the single shot rifle, just cause it makes s#$% explode instead of just putting a hole on the side.
By ganymedeIV4

Does your gun use ...
Wed Nov 04 21:45:47 EST 2009

Does your gun use Co2 as well? If not i guess u got to cock it every time
By Alex Shypula

the biggest waste ...
Wed Sep 30 19:51:24 EDT 2009

the biggest waste of money why would any1 spend over $300 for a air powered gun you might as well get a real gun thats stupid as hell if you want to kill a rabbit go to wal-mart and get yourself a bb gun for $40
By Booboo0811

well i'll tell you ...
Sun Oct 18 08:45:21 EDT 2009

well i'll tell you one thing. I can spend 20$ and get enough rounds for my air gun to shoot all day and keep my practice up. 20$ won't buy a half box of rounds for my firearm.
By ganymedeIV4

Is the air version ...
Sun Oct 16 15:42:18 EDT 2011

Is the air version better than the co2 version?? And can u teak it to be more powerful???
By SuperVeshi

When it says you ...
Mon Oct 17 14:33:11 EDT 2011

When it says you can change barrels on these.,.is that in regards to the calibre??? 1.77 and 2.2???
By SuperVeshi

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