RWS Diana 34 P air rifle, short review - Airgun Reporter Episode #8

the gun sucks as ...
Mon May 11 09:29:34 EDT 2015

the gun sucks as set up the way its presented. A leapers scope 2x12x50 works better, A 80 buck vortex kit turns it into a really nice gun. the kit turns the gun into a 500 buck gun that hits a 1 inch target at 50 yards constantly using crossman hollow points. The kit includes a much better spring system. Once installed you will notice the difference on the first shot. Its a no brainer., try it out.
By G L Archer

im gettin the ...
Fri Dec 25 23:28:30 EST 2009

im gettin the regular 34, not panther.
By TheSnakeGuy1

do you ship in the ...
Thu Nov 01 21:53:00 EDT 2012

do you ship in the philippines?
By 0805death

i have a panther ...
Fri Jan 08 15:55:09 EST 2010

i have a panther too and i wanted to know what other 34 owners use for a scope. i was thinking about leapers 3-9x40. would i need high mounts if i want to keep my front sights?
By i23intheplace2b

Do you know ...
Thu Dec 23 07:52:38 EST 2010

Do you know anything about a rws mod.25?
By jitskid831

Call Air Guns of ...
Thu Feb 04 05:04:35 EST 2010

Call Air Guns of Arizona; they'll sell you the scope and correct mount for your rifle.
By A Stanton1966

pyramid air is ...
Thu Nov 18 13:00:52 EST 2010

pyramid air is where its at, i had to learn the hard way with other websites, as you can clearly see in my video reponse
By williamblake69

Hi Paul, my nanme ...
Sun Dec 11 21:55:49 EST 2011

Hi Paul, my nanme is Paul Canting from Puerto Rico, I already wrote to you in realtion to this rifle, but I really need some answer about it. Do you think this rifle could be a good hunting rifle to take down iguanas at 35 yards?, were are talking about creatures the size of a cat or small dog, that's what were are hunting in PR, I have a RWS 350 Magnum but this beast is heavy and I am looking for something less heavy, I'm sure I will not have the same power but I think I could use this rifle!
By Paul Canting Rodríguez

i ended up with a ...
Fri Feb 05 04:11:08 EST 2010

i ended up with a leapers 4-16x50, mil dot, illuminated reticle for 80 dollars and the diana droop compensating, picatinny mount for about 20 dollars. I bought LOW rings, because the droop compensator adds considerable height. My scope, compensator mount, and rings are all leapers brand. I wasn't sure about the chinese scope at first, but it seems to do what i want pretty well.
By i23intheplace2b

Hi Paul...I have a ...
Sat Dec 10 08:51:29 EST 2011

Hi Paul...I have a ?, can I am looking for a Field Target, Hunter Field Target Class backup rifle for my HW97K Blue, that I am planning to send for a tune (Vortek Spring and Piston for a constant 12 FPE for competition) ¿Do you think this rifle in .177 cal could be a good backup for my field target/hunter field target practice? what about the RWS model 34 Pro Compact in .177 cal? I will wait for your feedback prior purchasing any of these two rifles....thanks, Paul from Puerto Rico...!!
By Paul Canting Rodríguez

@i23intheplace2b ...
Thu Oct 28 19:15:05 EDT 2010

@i23intheplace2b Thanks alot. I may get this gun soon.
By KainsVison

I bought this and ...
Fri Apr 12 18:42:55 EDT 2013

I bought this and LOVE it.
By James Moreau

Hold on a minute... ...
Sun Jun 12 15:22:45 EDT 2011

Hold on a minute...Let me grab my Red Ryder and we'll go shooting.
By Joe Printy

nice mustache paul ...
Wed Aug 24 01:10:47 EDT 2011

nice mustache paul capello - as iar magnum p.i lol
By wiplash

the long version ...
Sun Aug 19 22:41:43 EDT 2012

the long version was better.
By Roy39thArkInf

@i23intheplace2b So ...
Wed Oct 27 19:18:43 EDT 2010

@i23intheplace2b So a scope with a 50 objective, and the UTG base mount, would fit with low rings? I hope you can respond before I make my purchase.
By KainsVison

I have a .177 ...
Tue Jun 16 07:41:04 EDT 2009

I have a .177 Panther. Excellent squirrel destroyer.
By arturo656b

Calling the 34 " ...
Thu Jul 21 23:29:13 EDT 2011

Calling the 34 "magnum-power" is stretching it a bit, don't you think? It tops out around 800 fps, right?
By Jeremy D

@KainsVison Yessir. ...
Thu Oct 28 06:39:21 EDT 2010

@KainsVison Yessir. UTG droop compensator is what you want for your 34. With low mounts, it's perfect for a 50mm objective. You don't want rings that are any taller then that. the sunshade is in the way when the breech is open, but i don't mind. they look great.
By i23intheplace2b

would you say the ...
Tue Oct 04 16:26:47 EDT 2011

would you say the RWS 34 .22 (wood stock version) is capable of bringing down whitetail rabbits and squirrels? if so, to what range? Also, If i wanted to put a leapers scope on there, what hardware would you recomend i buy for mounting it (scope rings, special mounts etc.)
By KillerFlyingFish

Is there a sling ...
Mon Jun 13 19:26:35 EDT 2011

Is there a sling and swivel set that I can get from pyramydair to fit a rws 350 magnum???
By Countryforiver

I would recommend ...
Thu Feb 04 05:02:36 EST 2010

I would recommend the Hawke Airmax Scope with mil dot 2x7 power. They stand up to .300 Win Mag. Costs about $125. Recoil will never kill it.
By A Stanton1966

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