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    Gamo Whisper air rifle, short review - Airgun Reporter Episode #7

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    • can i use bb's on a ...
      Tue May 11 11:55:28 EDT 2010

      can i use bb's on a viper .177?
      ByJose Sandoval

    • @pyramydair 1 more ...
      Wed Oct 06 22:26:48 EDT 2010

      @pyramydair 1 more question between the silent cat and the whisper? i looked them up and they look identical
      ByProudFurry Xaan

    • i'm getting mine ...
      Sun Dec 07 17:08:12 EST 2008

      i'm getting mine for christmas. that's quiet as hell.

    • yeah and buck shot ...
      Thu Dec 31 11:28:21 EST 2009

      yeah and buck shot is 1$ a shell! its like 5.50 for a 5 pack

    • Im not using a Gamo ...
      Fri Jun 25 01:01:25 EDT 2010

      Im not using a Gamo air rifle, mine is a Powerline 1000. And every scope i get with it is inaccurate, is it the gun? or me? can you guys help? At 25 yards every scope shoots about 10 inches high. even the one that came with the gun. and ive had the scopes down as low as they could go without maxing it out.
      ByCody Shifflett

    • just buy a real ak ...
      Sat Nov 21 23:57:56 EST 2009

      just buy a real ak their cheap and over effective lol sorry had to say it

    • @pyramydair just ...
      Wed Oct 06 21:31:33 EDT 2010

      @pyramydair just not able to but do you have an IM or way we could talk faster for a min?
      ByProudFurry Xaan

    • then why dont ...
      Sun Dec 06 17:01:55 EST 2009

      then why dont everyone. i have to uterly dissagree with that statment

    • @Teamwolf7777 Get ...
      Sun Feb 28 13:01:22 EST 2010

      @Teamwolf7777 Get the Gamo whisper it is silenced and shoots at 1200 FPS.
      ByMarcello A

    • is the scope on ...
      Sun Feb 27 20:31:15 EST 2011

      is the scope on this gun nice??

    • its not as quiet as ...
      Sat Jan 01 21:26:56 EST 2011

      its not as quiet as it seems

    • Thanks for the ...
      Tue Apr 06 22:46:17 EDT 2010

      Thanks for the response. Are you going to be offering the CSI model with the gas upgrade in .22 anytime soon? What is the approximate lead time?

    • I just want the ...
      Thu May 14 19:13:41 EDT 2009

      I just want the Gamo Cfx to do a little squirel hunting with. I wouldnt mind having this one either.
      ByChris Eubank

      Fri Aug 27 20:10:31 EDT 2010

      PLEASE ANSWER THIS PLEASE... i want to buy a gamo shadow csi and its fps is 1000...Would this rating be with gamo raptor pba pellets or lead?? will subscribe to people who reply?

    • yesteday I was ...
      Thu Jun 10 13:02:24 EDT 2010

      yesteday I was shooting my big cat which is almost the same as the whisper, anyways suddently it became very loud and too much recoil, also there was alot of smoke even inside the barrel! This happened for two shots and I can remember it being like this when i first got it, any ideas why?, it shoots fine now

    • ammo is more ...
      Sun Dec 06 10:06:52 EST 2009

      ammo is more expensive..and u can shootthose in the neighborhood

    • dude can i used .22 ...
      Wed Apr 28 11:49:32 EDT 2010

      dude can i used .22 pellet to gamo whisper .177 coz .177 pellet are not avail here
      ByMichael Masangkay

    • This air gun is my ...
      Sun Mar 07 10:23:22 EST 2010

      This air gun is my first, but I haven't found any problems with it. Can anyone explain why smoke puffs out of it after i shoot it and crank it to load another pellet in?

    • paul capello is ...
      Sat Sep 26 17:01:42 EDT 2009

      paul capello is AWESOME

    • can i used .22 ...
      Wed Apr 28 11:51:51 EDT 2010

      can i used .22 pellet to this gamo .177???
      ByMichael Masangkay

    • well that goes for ...
      Sun Dec 06 18:11:20 EST 2009

      well that goes for any real gun. im not trashing airsoft guns i used to enjoy them but some people get way to into them

    • Hi Paul, I want to ...
      Thu Jul 03 20:23:55 EDT 2008

      Hi Paul, I want to buy the Ruger Air Hawk, which I can afford. The 1000 fps rifle is the one I want to buy. There is no review on it, even though Ruger is very famous in USA. Thanks.

    • yeah but it sys ...
      Sun Dec 06 12:58:50 EST 2009

      yeah but it sys somthing when you have a real gun;.

    • how do you take ...
      Thu Mar 10 22:26:15 EST 2011

      how do you take this gun apart?? i found the one screw by the trigger but when i pull out the barrel and stuff it gets stuck right around the fore grip of the there another screw??? thanks!!

    • aveman your right i ...
      Wed Dec 30 12:35:05 EST 2009

      aveman your right i shot an ak when i was 10 lol my dad let me and ammo is around the same price.... 8 bucks for a 24 pack but back it the day it was 2 dollars

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