RWS Diana 460 air rifle, short review - Airgun Reporter Episode #5

Though I have it in ...
Thu Jun 05 15:35:03 EDT 2014

Though I have it in .177 (I prefered since its more common, versatile and there are more fps). I understand when you said "man I think I'm in love". I have the 34 in an old version which was my first one. I wanted something more precise and powerful. I got it right. It's now the 460 Magnum with T06 trigger, damn this trigger is fantastic, so light compared to the other and the gun blows everything out ! We get something even more interesting in .177 than in .22 when using the JSB exact monster. Same energy as a standard.22 pellet, same speed, but better aerodynamics. ;)
By TerminatorFRA

Below the muzzle ...
Wed Nov 07 21:42:56 EST 2012

Below the muzzle you can find a screw that adjusts the ball front and back in order to fasten /loosen the lock of the underlever. It's that simple. just tighten it a bit and the underlever won't fall anymore. other than that take your time to learn the gun. its hold sensitive. I shoot pellet cans up to 120 yards with it. Also witnessed a friend shooting a jackrabbit with it at 90 yards. dropped dead on the spot. very accurate and powerful gun.
By MrRustyIII

I thought Barrel ...
Mon Nov 26 16:50:27 EST 2012

I thought Barrel droop was only an issue with Break barrel rifles ?
By shoptime69

I want that gun so ...
Thu May 07 22:33:18 EDT 2009

I want that gun so bad....
By TheNecrophagistGuy

If I was gonna hunt ...
Wed Aug 14 00:43:27 EDT 2013

If I was gonna hunt with this, I get the .22 caliber.
By Eric Deplata

@Urabus08 You ...
Mon Jan 31 14:20:00 EST 2011

@Urabus08 You should get a benjamin 1500 NP XL.
By Philip C

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