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    RWS Diana 460 air rifle, short review - Airgun Reporter Episode #5

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    • I thought Barrel ...
      Mon Nov 26 16:50:27 EST 2012

      I thought Barrel droop was only an issue with Break barrel rifles ?

    • I want that gun so ...
      Thu May 07 22:33:18 EDT 2009

      I want that gun so bad....

    • go to the link at ...
      Wed Dec 16 19:34:15 EST 2009

      go to the link at the top right and check the specificatiosn your gonna have to press something

    • yeah, I do. I have ...
      Tue Aug 11 04:22:10 EDT 2009

      yeah, I do. I have it. its one of the most powerful springers out there. Out of the box u can expect 21 - 24 ft/lbs depending on the pellet u use. In .22 that is. cheers

    • @tobysteve22 ...
      Sat Jan 30 19:59:27 EST 2010

      @tobysteve22 NOTHING on this thing is junk, however the lever DOES come off at my gun every once in a while yet i dont know why. i havent found any consistency in it or pattern save for one day when i was shooting with kodiaks and these give the gun a tougher recoil. every shot fired that day the damn lever fell off, but i use kodiaks and jsb's and only that day did it release the lever when shot. ??? i have the gun for over a year now, in .22

    • If I was gonna hunt ...
      Wed Aug 14 00:43:27 EDT 2013

      If I was gonna hunt with this, I get the .22 caliber.
      ByEric Deplata

    • @Urabus08 You ...
      Mon Jan 31 14:20:00 EST 2011

      @Urabus08 You should get a benjamin 1500 NP XL.
      ByPhilip C

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