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    Benjamin Discovery air rifle, short review - Airgun Reporter Episode #4

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    Hey Guys, Did you ...
    Thu Oct 09 08:57:04 EDT 2008

    Hey Guys, Did you ever get a dB level on this gun? I have a local pigeon population that is making a mess of the town.
    By proinfidel

    He did decibles in ...
    Sun Mar 24 07:08:07 EDT 2013

    He did decibles in part 2 . 103 if I remember right .
    By zeno57

    hi you have ...
    Sun Sep 15 03:09:52 EDT 2013

    hi you have any idea about the measurement of the internal diameter of the disco's air tube?
    By nathoi

    Yeah well I live in ...
    Thu May 07 21:14:04 EDT 2009

    Yeah well I live in a small ass town where everybody knows everybody i cant get shot in a country town with hicks like me.
    By TheNecrophagistGuy

    Ugh. Please remove ...
    Thu Jul 30 14:20:19 EDT 2009

    Ugh. Please remove this comment. It makes you look painfully ignorant. tarlachmgc was paying our country a compliment, for pete sake. I know that you are a young man, and that is simply the way young folks talk. But, those from other countries do not know your style of slang.
    By unirdna

    Over here I am ...
    Tue Apr 21 15:37:00 EDT 2009

    Over here I am legally not allowed to shoot or own an air rifle, whilst in America you dont even need a licence, Im jealous of the US
    By tarlachmgc

    I live in sweden. ...
    Sun Sep 29 15:07:44 EDT 2013

    I live in sweden. And the gun laws are the same as yours it seems. But my neighbor owns an american container which he sends to america then sends back here with stuff that people want from america. That's how i got mine. #THUGLYFE
    By Tim Karlzzon

    Heh in the ...
    Tue Mar 09 02:09:45 EST 2010

    Heh in the Netherlands if your 18+ you can legally own and shoot one :) But USA rules if i can i want to go there
    By Q

    best country bitch
    Thu May 07 01:19:24 EDT 2009

    best country bitch
    By TheNecrophagistGuy

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