Gamo Silent Stalker air rifle - Airgun Reporter Episode #78

The Gamo Silent ...
Tue Feb 18 16:48:23 EST 2014

The Gamo Silent Stalker is fairly quiet, yes. 
By pyramydair

Dear Sir, I have ...
Thu Apr 02 20:51:52 EDT 2015

Dear Sir, I have the Gamo viper igt and I am in need of help. I got the best scope ring you can get at my local Cabela's. (Burris Signature rings.) I mounted them and after 30 shots the back one was about to fall off the edge of the rail. I made sure the rings were as tight as I could get them with a screw driver. Still it moves back on the rail. Please help. $45 for scope rings is a lot and I would rather not return them, thanks.
By Samuel Lynch

i got my son the . ...
Wed Apr 15 11:57:09 EDT 2015

i got my son the .22 whisper its a pile of shit its now back at the shop getting fixed it will not group at even 20 yards it has broken a scope and the mounts slip no matter have hard i do it up.
By Martin Woodcock

i want to buy a ...
Sat May 17 01:25:43 EDT 2014

i want to buy a pellet rifle but all the reviews i read from most rifles the say the scope/mounts suck and have to be constantly rescoped. any idea wichone i could buy?
By Gabriel Duque

How many meters up ...
Thu Apr 09 22:23:30 EDT 2015

How many meters up shot??????
By نايف الحارثي501

I am from Spain ...
Fri Oct 17 17:57:29 EDT 2014

I am from Spain where Gamo makes the rifles and yes I also had problems with the scope rail and with the scope included in the purchase. as a matter of fact I had to throw it to the waste basket after a while because I went crazy with that scope, it moved all the time. I have now a leapers 3x9x40 and works better. I have a gamo whisper igt 5,5 24 joules and the problem that I have is that I cannot get good groups of shots at no distance at all. It is very irregular and one shot can be from 13 to 15 centimetres in distance to the other. Can any one tell me why is this?
By tubularesa1

هذا النوع من ...
Wed Mar 26 23:04:28 EDT 2014

هذا النوع من البنادق جيد لو لا اريد اعرف
By ailyyounis Yoins

A very good review. ...
Mon Jun 16 09:05:20 EDT 2014

A very good review. I know its a new rifle but how long, or how many shots, before the igt needs changing or re-gassing.?
By Spyke Mulligan

This gun is fair ...
Thu Apr 24 23:51:57 EDT 2014

This gun is fair but, not good for ratting. takes too long for the next round. just saying.
By afterthefox7

Pressure ...
Mon May 05 09:54:52 EDT 2014

Pressure regulators for all pcp: How it works: AIRGUN PCP
By Audrius linku

Witch Air gun is ...
Mon Dec 22 10:38:32 EST 2014

Witch Air gun is better Gamo Silent Stalker Wisper or Gamo Bone Collector Bull
By NPCShadow

how do you zoom in ...
Fri Mar 14 17:21:19 EDT 2014

how do you zoom in the scope.
By jake myers

Like air guns ? Try ...
Sun Mar 02 16:18:52 EST 2014

Like air guns ? Try 2 find Luftgevær on Face Book..
By helene010610

Thanks for the ...
Sun Dec 15 15:36:01 EST 2013

Thanks for the review. Thinking of getting one.
By MuhsinTheMomin

What is more ...
Mon Dec 09 21:53:14 EST 2013

What is more accurate this gun or a whisper fushion
By Reid Calhoun

What's the easiest ...
Thu Jan 02 23:53:12 EST 2014

What's the easiest way to sight in the scope 

ordering this ...
Sat Jan 18 15:13:37 EST 2014

ordering this specific rifle today from pyramid....$50 less than from Gamo...
By 007ygrlgo

i hunt small birds ...
Sun Dec 01 01:47:34 EST 2013

i hunt small birds and squirrels with this great gun
By michael dasilva

I actually have the ...
Thu May 17 22:29:39 EDT 2012

I actually have the Remington NPSS .177 and There is NOTHING i dont like about it. The accuracy, power, weight, stock, trigger are amazing. Best to buy ur own scope i bought the 11m weaver adapter and mounted the UTG Iden Image 38mm Red Green Dot Sight. Im just curious about the Gamo Silent Stalker .177 is it better overall than Rem NPSS .177?
By KingMyron23

Holy shit, you guys ...
Mon May 07 15:27:53 EDT 2012

Holy shit, you guys gave a reaction within two minutes. Now that's a service you can count on.
By wannabetyouarefat

thnks for the ...
Sun Apr 01 14:49:33 EDT 2012

thnks for the review!
By Hey

i have 2 pellet ...
Wed Oct 10 00:28:32 EDT 2012

i have 2 pellet guns a 22 and a 177 that im selling 22 is worth 200 and the 177 is worth 100
By anon anon

love it also have ...
Wed Aug 21 20:50:47 EDT 2013

love it also have Gamo whisper
By cody k

I am searching for ...
Mon Nov 05 16:12:07 EST 2012

I am searching for a hunting air rifle, not to pricey, you think this is a good one? I want a .177. It's for rabbits and dove's and...
By MisterD6661

it will be fun if ...
Fri Jan 27 18:15:33 EST 2012

it will be fun if in your reviews you make shoots at 50, 60, 80m because please, everyone will be shooting far away than 20m thanks
By yogstar7

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