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    Bushmaster Carbon 15 AEG Review - RFR Episode 29

    4.579999923706055(17,770 views)

    @TheNateHacker Did ...
    Tue Oct 11 20:22:20 EDT 2011

    @TheNateHacker Did you buy it from Pyramyd Air? Just wondering. As far as the safety problem, it sounds like the safety bar that restricts trigger movement is either missing or broken. Or the gun's safety feature is just for looks. Couldn't say for sure, as I've never used this gun before. The best safety is to keep your trigger finger off of the trigger and completely out of the trigger gaurd until you're ready to send rounds down range.
    By pyramydairsoft

    you are really a ...
    Wed Jun 13 18:06:59 EDT 2012

    you are really a dumbass.
    By airsoftalex100

    No manual
    Fri Jul 13 11:25:01 EDT 2012

    No manual
    By 70serb

    @BigSlickSerpents ...
    Tue Oct 11 20:16:28 EDT 2011

    @BigSlickSerpents Thanks. We'll take your suggestion into consideration.
    By pyramydairsoft

    Where can you get ...
    Sat Apr 14 16:00:13 EDT 2012

    Where can you get extra magazines?
    By Cmon Bennett

    man, i freaking ...
    Mon Aug 01 21:23:29 EDT 2011

    man, i freaking love all of your intros :D
    By tykecraft

    @skiiiinfan This ...
    Wed Aug 24 13:38:09 EDT 2011

    @skiiiinfan This gun is metal and ABS plastic. Thanks, Pyramyd Air Team
    By pyramydairsoft

    @tyster50 I'm sorry ...
    Thu Aug 25 13:03:01 EDT 2011

    @tyster50 I'm sorry to hear that. Pyramyd Air offers a 30 day money back guarantee on our products. If you are interested in speaking to one of our customer service representatives about any of our airsoft products, please do give us a call. We hope you have better luck next time! Pyramyd Air Team
    By pyramydairsoft

    I love the quality ...
    Sat Oct 01 03:41:55 EDT 2011

    I love the quality of your videos! Great [video] shooting, great production value, great sound and edited very cleanly. My only suggestion for the future is offering something like this at 720p resolution or better. Well done! Good review!!
    By BigSlickSerpents

    @tykecraft no prob
    Mon Aug 01 21:41:33 EDT 2011

    @tykecraft no prob
    By CrappyComputers4Life

    what kind of hop up ...
    Mon Sep 26 16:26:24 EDT 2011

    what kind of hop up is in there?
    By Nate Fritter

    Pyramyd Air dot com ...
    Tue Apr 17 13:43:44 EDT 2012

    Pyramyd Air dot com, in the Airsoft Accessories section. - Tom Pyramyd Air Team
    By pyramydairsoft

    Has anyone seen the ...
    Fri Mar 09 03:02:23 EST 2012

    Has anyone seen the gearbox on this??? So amazing
    By mkaaiwela

    @tykecraft in the ...
    Mon Aug 01 21:36:45 EDT 2011

    @tykecraft in the army
    By CrappyComputers4Life

    It's a good gun
    Wed Jan 30 19:24:01 EST 2013

    It's a good gun
    By max zajicek

    It's not accurate ...
    Mon Sep 24 04:48:12 EDT 2012

    It's not accurate to the real Carbon 15=shit
    By Cifyra

    @nerfanator12345 ...
    Tue Oct 11 20:25:29 EDT 2011

    @nerfanator12345 Looks exactly the same to me. Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis? Oh wait. I just saw it. The stocks are different. Video stock is an LE-type stock, whereas the one on Pyramyd Air is more like a crane stock. Outstanding powers of observation, Mr. Anator.
    By pyramydairsoft

    Does the barrel ...
    Fri Aug 10 03:31:58 EDT 2012

    Does the barrel screw off? I want to get an extended barrel but before I do so I wanna know if it screws off. I'd find out myself but I don't wanna risk breaking the barrel. And I just got this gun a few days ago from Cabelas for $100 and only problem is the Safety switch broke right away so my gun can't decide sometimes to do Full Auto or Semi Auto. Great rate of fire and solid receivers. Metal gearbox, adjustable hop up, I love this gun! For all of you reading this comment, BUY THIS GUN!
    By SpringAirsoftReviews

    @blackopsnoob1000 ...
    Mon Aug 01 21:37:40 EDT 2011

    @blackopsnoob1000 oh thanks
    By tykecraft

    wheres nick?
    Mon Aug 01 21:23:50 EDT 2011

    wheres nick?
    By tykecraft

    @epidyfilms Have ...
    Tue Oct 11 20:29:06 EDT 2011

    @epidyfilms Have you heard of "barrel extensions"? If not, you may have heard of "mock suppressors" or "fake silencers". Pyramyd Air carries a bunch on their website under the Airsoft Accessories cateogory. Check 'em out. I'm sure you could also install a longer outer barrel as well.
    By pyramydairsoft

    @pyramydairsoft ...
    Wed Aug 24 21:08:42 EDT 2011

    @pyramydairsoft nope i got it from Cabelas and im taking it back.
    By tyster50

    i guessing it has a ...
    Sun Oct 16 22:29:34 EDT 2011

    i guessing it has a m90 spring which causes a very good rate of fire..
    By paulgnc24

    airsoft lol
    Mon Aug 22 20:29:22 EDT 2011

    airsoft lol
    By 07350zhr

    Hello i was ...
    Tue Oct 11 14:44:18 EDT 2011

    Hello i was wondering if this weapon was Marui compatable? Thanks
    By vtairsoft21

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