Galil SAR airsoft rifle review - RFR Episode 3

@mrsdjsdj Thanks! ...
Thu Jun 16 09:16:19 EDT 2011

@mrsdjsdj Thanks! Pyramyd Air Team
By pyramydairsoft

@1113blaze We'll ...
Mon Jan 02 21:50:59 EST 2012

@1113blaze We'll add something to our queue. Thanks, The Pyramyd Air Team
By pyramydairsoft

Great intro
Tue Jun 14 15:52:05 EDT 2011

Great intro
By S Johnson

@pyramydairsoft ...
Thu Mar 24 19:58:00 EDT 2011

@pyramydairsoft actually their are scope mounts but there hard to find
By IfinduIgetu

@Rivannous Also an ...
Tue Oct 11 22:48:51 EDT 2011

@Rivannous Also an excellent choice, or get both. That's called bi-winning.
By pyramydairsoft

@airsoft911full ...
Mon Feb 21 13:00:53 EST 2011

@airsoft911full Nope, this rifle does not come scopeable.
By pyramydairsoft

@G6Rx So having a ...
Fri Jun 24 05:00:46 EDT 2011

@G6Rx So having a hobby is waste of time?
By SuperFinnish

@G6Rx orange tip is ...
Wed Jun 22 02:03:07 EDT 2011

@G6Rx orange tip is for safety purposes
By omg101man

nice review. i just ...
Sun Feb 07 23:34:10 EST 2010

nice review. i just bought this gun yesterday!
By Kale Hajek

I wan't to see a ...
Fri Mar 25 01:26:05 EDT 2011

I wan't to see a Galil ACE :/
By Boblahoe

Does it come with a ...
Sun Jan 08 12:29:19 EST 2012

Does it come with a bipod because I've been considering to buy it and a bipod but then I saw this video and you had on
By konnor manikowski

That was ...
Thu Dec 08 22:39:34 EST 2011

That was surprisingly good
By Parker Davis

is it a good ...
Wed Jun 08 11:17:54 EDT 2011

is it a good support gun?:)
By airsoft865

brilliant review, i ...
Thu Aug 26 09:56:10 EDT 2010

brilliant review, i love your little action scenes haha :)
By thetruffleshuffle100

hey can you guys do ...
Sat Apr 07 00:39:22 EDT 2012

hey can you guys do a review on the double eagle 614
By stephen sauerman

@Rivannous Get a ...
Thu Oct 13 02:42:45 EDT 2011

@Rivannous Get a KWA ATP.
By pyramydairsoft

@kale5294 could you ...
Mon Aug 30 13:01:44 EDT 2010

@kale5294 could you tell me if its any good please? im considering buying one
By thetruffleshuffle100

can i mount any ...
Fri Feb 18 18:20:33 EST 2011

can i mount any thing on it??
By Gamzee Makara

could you please ...
Mon Dec 12 21:28:41 EST 2011

could you please make videos that the guns are cheap its a little over my price range i say like 90 to 150 dollars
By Blaze littrell

@ ...
Mon Feb 21 12:59:19 EST 2011

@thetruffleshuffle100 Hey - thanks! Pyramyd Air Team
By pyramydairsoft

idk if this is even ...
Thu Mar 17 02:07:47 EDT 2011

idk if this is even possible but by any chance does pyramid air have air-soft rpg's? those would be epic
By Ben Rivera

CQB players dont ...
Thu Mar 31 03:23:03 EDT 2011

CQB players dont let the fps turn you off getting this beast u can down grade the spring and lower it to a modest 250 fps if you like!

Great Review!
Tue May 11 20:50:55 EDT 2010

Great Review!
By BPM Carl

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