Crosman 1077 Air Rifle - Airgun Reporter Episode #79

Jim Bond- This gun ...
Wed Feb 19 16:09:13 EST 2014

Jim Bond- This gun is not suitable for pest control. Here is a link that will help you pick out the best gun for that. 
By pyramydair

bonjour,de france, ...
Tue Apr 28 10:53:00 EDT 2015

bonjour,de france, à quoi sert le bouton à 1.48 sur la video merci
By j-yves Paris

This rifle should ...
Mon Apr 13 18:20:59 EDT 2015

This rifle should take 88g co2 bottles ...
By Tipit Pitt

I just re-sealed my ...
Tue Apr 28 02:17:16 EDT 2015

I just re-sealed my friends 1077 and it's shooting just like new. Great little CO2 rifle and hard to beat for the money. Thanks for the review Paul.
By NotSoDumb

Gotta have one now ...
Thu Feb 12 00:55:54 EST 2015

Gotta have one now :)
By tony Roussev

gadnoto 4ee s ...
Sun Mar 08 16:33:08 EDT 2015

gadnoto 4ee s botilki
By asen asenov

hola!!! por favor ...
Sat Feb 07 18:01:48 EST 2015

hola!!! por favor alguien me puedes ayudar tengo un rifles de eso mismo y quiero comprar un adaptador de co2 88 dondes lo puedos comprar gracias

It's a little late ...
Thu Jul 17 21:32:59 EDT 2014

It's a little late but I'm sure this will be fine for frogs?
By Ethan Mack

What is an ...
Tue Aug 19 01:47:41 EDT 2014

What is an INEXPENSIVE utilitarian scope for shooting pigeons? No match-grade, just "sufficient" for the task. 
By Amber Bandicoot

looks good, ...
Sat Oct 25 10:10:10 EDT 2014

looks good, definitely one to think about getting.
By johnnye263

thanks for the info
Sun Oct 05 10:31:56 EDT 2014

thanks for the info

wow great review ...
Tue Oct 28 21:43:21 EDT 2014

wow great review but can you use this gun for hunting and again great review i love you're videos
By ryan baumann

how many rounds can ...
Wed Jan 01 21:18:45 EST 2014

how many rounds can one c02 cathrige take
By zachary langlois

Make sure you get ...
Fri Dec 06 14:29:03 EST 2013

Make sure you get the 10.00 for 10.00 or the 20.00 for 20.00 from Pyramyd Air before purchasing one of these and you should be great!:) Reads ALL reviews on the 1077 and you'll see the reason for the advice. Don't get me wrong, its a nice Air-Rifle, just be sure you get one of the good ones. Happy/Safe Shooting!
By AirGunWarriors

if you had to ...
Tue Dec 31 18:26:36 EST 2013

if you had to compare a real guns magazine size to the 1077 what would it be thinking of buying magazine holders for it so I am not loading more then plinking and can load quickly
By Brian Lanier

I've had my 1077 ...
Thu Jan 02 12:55:44 EST 2014

I've had my 1077 for awhile now and I'm having a problem with the co2. Every time I load it now it just doesn't fully connect with the gun so all the co2 drains out. Is there any way to fix this?
By Jo Evan

i know, but i can ...
Mon Oct 08 02:39:40 EDT 2012

i know, but i can get a crosman 1077 with full accessories for 150 bucks, and for the 850 airmagnum this will be atleast 420 bucks
By AtomicFreerun

I mean, What is the ...
Mon May 14 10:12:20 EDT 2012

I mean, What is the best (between: side/under-lever, NP, Spring) pellet air rifle for longest range target shooting under 600$ ? thank you

@dvdrwsor Strange ...
Sat Feb 04 19:03:04 EST 2012

@dvdrwsor Strange that comments you posted on other videos seemed to be fluent English... On another note, "European" doesn't necessarily mean one doesn't speak English or it isn't one's native language. England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales are also part of Europe.
By CSharp

@thegreatsamon I'm ...
Sat Feb 04 01:16:17 EST 2012

@thegreatsamon I'm European so english is not my native language. Thank you for helping me get better at spelling. Good luck !
By dvdrwsor

Looks like a nice ...
Sat Jan 26 21:01:06 EST 2013

Looks like a nice gun! Good review
By Miguel Solis

the Crosman 1077 is ...
Tue Apr 23 20:30:21 EDT 2013

the Crosman 1077 is a cool gun for target shooting especially cans and the metal spinners. the great thing is you load 12 pellets and pop away. I use the daisy 177 at $1.99 for 250 you will get tired before you run out of pellets. I also have the Crosman 1377 American Classic also a cool gun but when I get tired of pumping I go back to my 1077.
By sailawaybob

try the benjamin ...
Wed May 01 22:42:56 EDT 2013

try the benjamin discovery, either CO2 or compressed air, but is a great deal, is the best you can get for you money around $275 bucks
By orcrist53

Is there a similar ...
Sat Dec 01 09:12:41 EST 2012

Is there a similar pcp rifle that has a fully shrouded barrel a magazine that goes under like a real rifle and of course best accuracy Thank you! Prym ubasa
By Prym Ubasa

who is we
Sun Sep 22 19:56:13 EDT 2013

who is we
By Jack Preedy

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