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    S&T Armament PPSH AEG Airsoft SMG - RFR Episode 40

    4.820000171661377(10,349 views)

    Of course they are ...
    Sat Feb 21 23:34:32 EST 2015

    Of course they are holding it wrong. You are supposed to hold it behind the mag
    By SolologyHD

    best review for ...
    Tue Jun 03 22:39:21 EDT 2014

    best review for this gun I've seen.
    By John Ashbrook

    Sun Mar 23 17:35:17 EDT 2014

    By Lordaddog2020

    lol im getting ...
    Sun Mar 23 17:34:40 EDT 2014

    lol im getting this for 200$ at ********
    By Lordaddog2020

    Testing the range ...
    Mon Sep 23 22:40:01 EDT 2013

    Testing the range at only 30ft doesn't prove anything guys, if you really want to test the accuracy then shoot at targets at 50ft, 100ft, and about 130ft or 150ft, that will give you an accurate reading, whereas at 30ft any airsoft gun will hit that, even springers
    By TheGamingChristian

    Do they make ...
    Thu Mar 08 21:03:04 EST 2012

    Do they make midcaps for it? :)
    By SgtSprinkles

    THIS gun is amazing ...
    Wed Sep 26 01:36:15 EDT 2012

    THIS gun is amazing totally worth 270 bucks thanks for the review you guys rock im going to order it for my haloween costume
    By joshua simon

    Could you please, ...
    Sun Mar 04 02:27:50 EST 2012

    Could you please, please tell me what battery you use with this because I have tried over 4 different batteries from a 2000 mAh 9.6v to a 1200 mAh 9.6v to a 1400 mAh 9.6v and the only that works for me is the 1200 mAh, but it isn't as fast as in this video. Although I'm not sure weather the problem is my charger or my battery. Either way could you please respond so I can get this problem fixed. Thank You!
    By CQTAirsoft

    This or an AK74?
    Fri Mar 09 23:20:44 EST 2012

    This or an AK74?
    By taiko729

    i got the ppsh ...
    Tue May 21 21:51:39 EDT 2013

    i got the ppsh about a week ago and so far it has been amazing!
    By Tortoise619

    Sat Apr 14 01:45:40 EDT 2012

    By snukka

    50 episodes of RFR ...
    Mon Feb 20 15:02:57 EST 2012

    50 episodes of RFR already? incredible as always!
    By May Guh

    this or the King ...
    Thu Jan 17 22:39:26 EST 2013

    this or the King Arms Thompson M1A1??
    By SwiftyGT

    @xkillachrisx That ...
    Tue Feb 28 20:27:02 EST 2012

    @xkillachrisx That still racks up to a pretty high price
    By asianpwnyourbigass

    what makes this one ...
    Sat Feb 25 16:15:45 EST 2012

    what makes this one so expensive
    By asianpwnyourbigass

    two questions can ...
    Mon Feb 20 19:51:38 EST 2012

    two questions can the orange tip come off and would you say the gun is a size of a thompson machine gun
    By ravenclanx

    The Thompson stock ...
    Thu Apr 25 18:31:51 EDT 2013

    The Thompson stock is really awkward for me an I'm 5 foot 7 inches
    By Lucas Buterbaugh

    Is this worth the ...
    Fri Dec 28 22:51:48 EST 2012

    Is this worth the money for quality??? I want a drum mag for my first gun.
    By Marcell Tapaszto

    @pyramydairsoft ...
    Thu Mar 01 09:36:26 EST 2012

    @pyramydairsoft haha thanks :)
    By TheSpecOpsAirsoft1

    kk. the PPSH is on ...
    Sat Jun 16 01:17:42 EDT 2012

    kk. the PPSH is on sale now for $237.99 so I'm gonna buy it now.
    By EvilPomegranate

    I am only 5'1 ( ...
    Thu Apr 18 22:16:58 EDT 2013

    I am only 5'1 (height) and I don't know if the thompson m1a1 or this will be better
    By Tortoise619

    @clonemovies123 yes
    Thu Apr 05 10:17:09 EDT 2012

    @clonemovies123 yes
    By Sergio Luna

    hey, could you give ...
    Sat Jun 16 01:19:45 EDT 2012

    hey, could you give me a link to the PPSH battery you got? There's so many batteries out there and I don't wanna get the wrong one. Which one did you use?
    By EvilPomegranate

    guys please answer ...
    Mon Nov 12 20:14:07 EST 2012

    guys please answer this question What tripod did they use on the PPSH
    By 27pwnedpeople

    @ EvilPomegranate I ...
    Sat Jun 16 11:48:10 EDT 2012

    @ EvilPomegranate I can't remember where I got it. A friend gave it to me because he sold his. So sorry about that.
    By Gavin Miller

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