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    H&K KWA G36C Airsoft Rifle - RFR Episode 42

    • 5   ( 10,191 views )

    • lots of kwa ...
      Wed Mar 21 21:31:36 EDT 2012

      lots of kwa products i'm looking for this year. glad to know i'm not the only one.
      ByMay Guh

    • What's the price ...
      Tue Mar 27 16:20:36 EDT 2012

      What's the price for this

    • Totally agree. I'm ...
      Thu Mar 22 03:07:19 EDT 2012

      Totally agree. I'm really excited to see their new gas blowback & electric recoil rifles that are coming out. Dare I say the KRISS? Truthfully, I'm more excited about the M4s and the HK45 pistol. But that's just me. Thanks for checking out the vid! - Tom The Pyramyd Air Team

    • On mine I get 19.5 ...
      Thu May 24 15:09:10 EDT 2012

      On mine I get 19.5 RPS with an Intellect 9.6v 1600mah battery?

    • 285 usually
      Sun May 13 15:41:48 EDT 2012

      285 usually
      ByTeamsmog Justin

    • no battery :( what ...
      Mon May 20 21:31:18 EDT 2013

      no battery :( what tpye of betterys do you recoomend

    • One of the hosts ...
      Sun Apr 21 14:36:53 EDT 2013

      One of the hosts looks like a fatter version of George W. Bush.

    • Nice and accurate ...
      Tue Apr 03 18:30:18 EDT 2012

      Nice and accurate with a good rate of fire

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