Air Venturi Pellet Pen and Pellet Seater - Airgun Reporter Episode #80

I ordered one ...
Tue Jun 17 00:19:55 EDT 2014

I ordered one yesterday, Looks very handy. The breech is tight on my gun, plus in the winter, ever try to load a pellet with gloves on? Nice vid. Thanks!

I didnt know they ...
Fri Jun 22 22:07:36 EDT 2012

I didnt know they still produce flathead screws, since Torx/Hex and Philips screws provide better grip and reduce the risk of slipping and causing damages and injuries. Looks like its not a problem in this case, though. Btw: Nice to see you, Paul :)
By Account3of7

Who else thought it ...
Sat Jun 23 10:55:40 EDT 2012

Who else thought it would be a pen that shot pellets?
By J.monk

Paul is Back!!!! ...
Fri Jun 22 20:57:02 EDT 2012

Paul is Back!!!! Yeah
By TheDigitalStig72

Sat Jun 23 06:41:15 EDT 2012

GLAD AGR IS BACK!!! Seriously, I love it :-)
By domentora

Perhaps a test ?
Sun Jun 24 12:58:06 EDT 2012

Perhaps a test ?
By Tony King

Thanks Paul, nice ...
Fri Jun 22 21:34:30 EDT 2012

Thanks Paul, nice review. Does "setting" pellets affect velocity in any way ? I know it may sound trivial but a deeply set pellet should allow an air "bubble" to form prior to initial pellet movement, or do I have this wrong.
By Tony King

Stupid waste of ...
Fri Jun 22 23:35:42 EDT 2012

Stupid waste of time ...lets make a simple process and make it as hard as possible!
By matthewXL

try to use your ...
Sun Jan 20 02:21:20 EST 2013

try to use your hands to load your pellet gun, u will save lots of good money! if u find it usefull to set your pellet, use a old pencil (bleistift) much cheaper much better! don´t let them fool u!
By slingshotdude

I'll just get the ...
Mon Dec 10 13:27:36 EST 2012

I'll just get the set, the breach on my GAMO is a little tight.
By tony montana

U live the life @ ...
Tue Oct 30 16:30:15 EDT 2012

U live the life @ Paul
By sickmike07

LoL..yes he IS... ...
Thu Jul 19 14:34:56 EDT 2012

LoL..yes he IS...and a good boy to boot. well trained, loving and ready to retrieve birds and small game :)
By Paul Capello

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