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    Browning Hi Power Mark III CO2 Pistol - Airgun Reporter Episode #81

    4.78000020980835(21,097 views)

    Nice review, thanks ...
    Wed May 14 14:20:16 EDT 2014

    Nice review, thanks !
    By Peter Mulder

    Nope. Just busy ...
    Fri Jun 29 10:45:01 EDT 2012

    Nope. Just busy shooting airguns ;)
    By Paul Capello

    Another boring bb ...
    Fri Mar 22 13:30:04 EDT 2013

    Another boring bb pistol...
    By Dennis Smith

    Very cool. Not many ...
    Thu Jun 28 22:24:18 EDT 2012

    Very cool. Not many people know about FN and Browning history. Well done!
    By Robocorps2

    no now fuck off
    Thu Jul 12 14:35:25 EDT 2012

    no now fuck off
    By jorge gomez

    Well i asked in ...
    Fri Jul 13 04:47:50 EDT 2012

    Well i asked in peace......... I'm sorry......
    By long19000

    Compared with the ...
    Sat Sep 15 05:03:27 EDT 2012

    Compared with the older Umarex replicas (the 1911, the CP88, etc) these plastic toys are seriously sub-par...
    By SparePartFilm an oddly ...
    Fri Jun 29 01:03:31 EDT 2012 an oddly specific and unneccessary law.
    By hornmonk3zit

    i totally agree
    Tue Aug 14 14:49:57 EDT 2012

    i totally agree
    By dasgilde

    its a plastic ...
    Tue Aug 14 14:54:41 EDT 2012

    its a plastic fantastic
    By dasgilde

    That would rock...I ...
    Thu Jun 28 21:55:54 EDT 2012

    That would rock...I agree !
    By Paul Capello

    The real thing is ...
    Sun Jul 29 13:35:37 EDT 2012

    The real thing is named the Browning Hi-Power. It is a 9X19mm P chambered pistol. The British Army and Royal Marines used to use it as their side arm. Our special forces still use it. It was made to be a semi auto 9mm for the Belgian Army. Designed by JM Browning. Designed in 1914 and released in 1935. They hold 13 rounds, in 1962 they had an extractor fitted to help prevent gumming and jams. They are excellent weapons. A friend of mine currently owns a blank firing 8mm version for reenactment.
    By Greataardvark

    Greataardvark,thank ...
    Sun Sep 09 14:42:48 EDT 2012

    Greataardvark,thank you for responding,iunderstand now.
    By Phil Richey

    No its isnt, i just ...
    Fri Jul 13 01:07:43 EDT 2012

    No its isnt, i just bought it last week now i have it and its not a piece of shit! the gun shoots great its seems nice in my collection! NO SHIT
    By rowan boertien

    Do you ship this ...
    Mon Jul 09 09:47:18 EDT 2012

    Do you ship this gun to Hong Kong??? It's seems great!
    By long19000

    according to the ...
    Thu Jun 28 22:34:43 EDT 2012

    according to the manufacturer it shoots around 300-315 but a freshly filled mag on a hot day might get it over that plus there might be some upgrade nozzles for it that can shoot harder
    By hornmonk3zit

    can the slide be " ...
    Thu Jun 28 20:58:50 EDT 2012

    can the slide be "racked" back?
    By Jim Bond

    Paul. I thought you ...
    Fri Jun 29 08:07:28 EDT 2012

    Paul. I thought you were dead. :P
    By Andre Gross

    Maybe people are ...
    Sat Jun 30 13:44:03 EDT 2012

    Maybe people are just pissed at the stupid Canadian laws ;)
    By Replica Airguns

    lol sorry that was ...
    Fri Jul 13 12:35:54 EDT 2012

    lol sorry that was my cusin but anyway i dont think they do that something youd have to see on there website
    By jorge gomez

    keep em up
    Thu Jun 28 20:32:09 EDT 2012

    keep em up
    By Funaki .Chidori

    Would love to see a ...
    Thu Jun 28 20:44:03 EDT 2012

    Would love to see a metal blowback version of this classic pistol, maybe one day?
    By Replica Airguns

    can you review the ...
    Thu Jun 28 21:29:16 EDT 2012

    can you review the Tanfoglio Witness 1911 CO2 BB Pistol?
    By karol9687

    So we can have it ...
    Thu Jun 28 21:05:54 EDT 2012

    So we can have it in Canada...
    By Replica Airguns

    That looks like one ...
    Thu Jun 28 22:08:04 EDT 2012

    That looks like one I'd like to check out
    By Paul Capello

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